Sunday, August 21, 2016

WHO IS SAFE IN SOUTH AFRICA FROM BLACK TERRORISM !!? No Such Thing As "Unbelievable" in All New South Africa...Black Terrorists Rob Several Police Officers During Their Patrol Routine....Cops Have Managed to Dodge the Bullets And Somehow Flee From The Deadly Scene...

The burned out car of the suspects were found in Esselen Park

If they are not safe...if they get robbed(seems like on broad daylight) and flee desperately for their lives...then tell me who is safe in all new South Africa known also as a Rainbow' Nation !!?


Police robbed, shot at by three armed men in Esther Park

The robbers later burned the vehicle they were using in an open veld in Esselen Park

A case of attempted murder and armed robbery is being investigated after three men robbed and shot at police members in Esther Park on Saturday morning.

It is alleged that Sebenza SAPS members were patrolling in the suburb at about 11.40am when they stopped a white Ford Focus with three occupants on Amatungulu Street.

Police noticed the car did not have a licence disc on the windscreen. 
The crime scene in Esther Park.

“When they enquired about the disc, the driver of the Ford got out and told them the licence was in the boot,” police spokeswoman, Sgt Sharon Tsotsotso, explained.

The driver of the car and one of the police officials went to the back of the car.

“A few moments later the other two occupants jumped out of the car, grabbed the policeman’s firearm and hit him on the head with it.  The armed man then shot at the SAPS member.”

The officers managed to dodge the bullets and escaped from the scene, with one of them suffering only slight injuries to the head from being hit with his gun.
The crime scene in Esther Park.

After also stealing the keys from the police vehicle, the armed trio fled the scene in the Ford.

“It was later established the three attempted to hijack a BMW in Norkem Park. Failing, they drove to an open field in Esselen Park.”

They set the Ford on fire and fled on foot. Community members tried to chase after them but the trio managed to evade them.

Back at the scene in Esther Park, two cellphones and driver’s licences were found on the scene.

The injured cop was transported to hospital for treatment.




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