Wednesday, August 24, 2016

FARM ATTACK: Skeerpoort - Elderly White Couple(he 70 and she 64) Brutally Assaulted by Black Terrorists on Their Farm !!!

This have happened on Friday(6 days ago) and is finally reported now by black regime...hey, white lives do not matter !!! I wonder just how many cases that pertain to deaths of our people never ever manage to leak to the public !!! DO NOT EXIT YOUR HOUSE(residence etc.) !!! Lock and arm yourself immediately !!! Turn off the lights and call police as well as security company !!! Stay away from the windows and wait for help to arrive....

Please pay attention how black press is using words "man", "men" the same for terrorists and victims(wife is titled as "woman") etc...this is NOT used by coincidence...note how throughout the entire article(including the description of the terrorists, word "black" doesn't appear). I encounter articles like this on and on !!! It is a well planned part of the genocide and this is why should read news from here where your lives are truly valued !!!

Translated and edited by Bastian Auser:

Skeerpoort - Elderly couple brutally assaulted

JP O'Donavan (70) and his wife (64) were on Friday's night attacked with a crowbar and knifes by four armed black terrorists(aka "robbers") on their farm located in Skeerpoort.

"The four terrorists(aka "robbers") have overpowered the couple at about 22:00 hours. The eldelry husband (aka "man") have already slept and the wife(aka "woman") was watching television when dogs started to bark. She attempted to investigate and as soon as she opened the door, the terrorists (aka "robbers") have grabbed her by the throat, " Romano van der Spuy stated(spokesman for the Hartbeespoort community policing forum).

One of the terrorists(aka "men") pointed a gun at her and have asked her where her husband was. "They beat her head with a crowbar and proceeded to the bedroom where her husband was. Husband was also hit in his head with the crowbar and the black terrorists have stabbed both with sharp object(possibly a knife). It looks as if the black terrorists(aka "robbers") knew that there was more than just one safe in the house. "

The couple were afterwards tied up with shoelaces and covered in a toilet. The terrorists(aka "robbers") ransacked the house. They, among others, fled with a shotgun and mobile phones.

The couple was admitted to the British Medi Clinic. The wife(aka "woman") sustained serious wounds to her face.

"The all three black terrorists were according to the couple medium height. They spoke English with a South African accent. One was wearing an earring on his left ear, and had a Unisa backpack. The other one have had a jacket with a hood."

Police is in a search for the terrorists(aka "robbers") and no one was arrested yet.


Skeerpoort – Bejaardes wreed aangerand

JP O’Donavan (70) en sy vrou (64) is Vrydagaand met ‘n koevoet en mes aangerand na hulle deur vier gewapende rowers op hul plaas in Skeerpoort oorval is.

“Die vier rowers het die egpaar ongeveer 22:00 oorval. Die man het reeds geslaap en die vrou het televisie gekyk toe die honde begin blaf. Sy het die deur oop gemaak om die honde uit te laat uitgaan en die rowers het haar aan die keel gegryp,”  het Romano van der Spuy, woordvoerder vir die Hartbeespoort gemeenskapspolisiëringsforum, gesê.

Een van die mans het ‘n vuurwapen op haar gerig en gevra waar haar man is. “Hulle het haar met ‘n koevoet oor die kop geslaan en haar man in die slaapkamer gaan haal. Hy is ook met die koevoet geslaan en albei is met ‘n skerp voorwerp, vermoedelik ‘n mes, gesteek. Dit wil voorkoms asof die rowers geweet het dat daar meer as een kluis in die huis was.”

Die egpaar is met skoenveters vasgebind en in ‘n toilet toegemaak. Die rowers het die huis geplunder. Hulle het later met ondermeer ‘n haelgeweer en selfone gevlug.
Die egpaar is na die voorval in die Brits Mediclinic opgeneem. Die vrou het ernstige wonde in haar gesig opgedoen.

“Volgens die slagoffers was al drie rowers medium in hoogte. Hulle het Engels met ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse aksent gepraat. Een het ‘n oorring in sy linkeroor gedra, en een het ‘n Unisa-rugsak gehad. Die ander het ‘n baadjie met ‘n kappie aangehad.
Die polisie soek na die rowers en teen druktyd is niemand nog in hegtenis geneem nie.




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