Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why Was She Killed !!? Well...This is Easy to Answer...She Was Killed Because She Was White !!! She Was Killed For Fun !!! She Was Not The First And Not The Last Victim of The Black Terrorism in South Africa !!! Black Regime Fears to Release Even Her Age...

Yes, she was white despite black regime's censoring her name or providing the do I know !!? Because her son's name is Riaan Botha !!!

Just unbelievable, but factual for South South African government refuses to release in this very case victim's photo or(and) to declare her race...was/is assassin a black terrorist !!? I would say so !!! I am 99% positive about it !!! However, we may or we may never ever find out for sure since this is the country where over 55 people are killed on average per day by black terrorists and where criminally insane South African government as well as its “free press” still continue (despite previously mentioned facts) to deliberately decline disclosing victims' racial identities or even their names due to fear that whites would revolt against black tyranny !!! Simple as that.... 


Questions about woman’s murder

“I don’t know what they wanted from her because none of her cash was stolen.”

Some questions remained on Monday about the murder of an elderly woman in her Meyerspark home at the weekend.

The woman’s body was found with her hands tied behind her back on Saturday afternoon.

A sliding door was open.

Silverton police spokesperson Captain Jan Sepato said it was not clear how many men made it into the residence.

Her son Riaan Botha no money was taken.

“I don’t know what they wanted from her because none of her cash was stolen.”

The woman’s Nissan Sentra, a cellphone, and TV were, however, taken from the property.

A receipt in the yard indicating that the woman had been to the shop to buy groceries around 14:00 was found by police.

Sepato said the woman lived alone and her neighbours became concerned after she failed to leave for her regular trip to a local shop around 16:00.

Botha said a resident’s daughter told her father she saw a few men walk into his mother’s house.

“She immediately told her father, who called the police.”

An investigation was underway.

The police urged anyone with information on the matter to contact the Silverton police station.

Sepato advised residents with elderly parents to have a caretaker or consider a facility where they did not have to be alone.

Criminals preyed on elderly people living alone as they were vulnerable.

Botha said his mother’s burial was scheduled for Friday at the NG Church in Meyerspark at 11:00.

“This is a difficult time for the family,” he said.




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