Monday, August 22, 2016

Black Terrorist Have Manged To Kill Two at Once !!! First Her Unborn Baby in Her And Just a Week After, She Also Passed Due to Physical Injuries And a Horrible Agony Due to Loss of The Unborn !!!

If you know any additional details about the incident that were not mentioned or if you were told not to mention them, I do love to hear from you...

What I resent the most is that newspapers didn't write about just how heavily Belinda's body injuries were...IT WAS NOT ANY FREAK ACCIDENT !!! TRANSMISSION WAS AUTOMATIC AND THE BLACK TERRORIST DID AIMED AT(in her) HER WITH ENORMOUS SIZED SUV !!!

Translated and edited by Bastian Auser:

Woman died a week latter after her unborn baby died in terrorist attack(aka "freak accident")... 

Police have on Monday confirmed that a case of culpable homicide is under the investigation.... 

A young white woman of the Moot that have suffered during black terrorist attack on her and her unborn child at the car wash just a week ago, have passed on Sunday's night.

A heavily pregnant Belinda Louw who was on Saturday, the 13th of August, seriously injured after a car smashed in her at the business located at the corner of Johan Heyns and Ben Swart Street in the Moot, have died on Sunday's evening....

Her baby would be born last week.

An informed source told to the Record(newspaper) that at about 23:50 hours on Sunday's night, Belinda died in a hospital.

"The case have now changed from a case of reckless and negligent driving into a manslaughter's case," have stated police spokesperson Captain Coba Brits on Monday....

"It seems as if the worker did not know how to manage automatic car. The car shot forward - over the woman stuck in a Wendy house on the property, " source have stated(really !!? I WANT A VIDEO TAPE OF THIS INCIDENT RELEASED !!! Are you saying that a terrorist managed to avoid everything at the car wash except her !!? Was this his first time that he have driven the vehicle at this car wash !!? If so, what I doubt, how come that he decided to drive one now !!? And if he have driven them before, how come he didn't know how to drive this CLASSIC automatic transmission's equipped vehicle which is identical to all others out there !!? Every car wash has a video 24/7 monitoring/surveillance service system on their premises, so this one is no exemption !!! Video tape now !!! STOP PROTECTING THE BLACK TERRORIST FOR THE SAKE OF THE CAR WASH'S OWNER !!!).

Family could not immediately talk about Louw's recent death record.


Vrou dood ’n week na ongebore baba in fratsongeluk sterf

Die polisie het Maandag aan Rekord bevestig dat ‘n saak van strafbare manslag ondersoek word.

‘n Jong vrou van die Moot wat ’n week gelede haar ongebore baba verloor het in ’n fratsongeluk by ’n motorwassery is Sondagaand oorlede.

‘n Hoogswanger Belinda Louw is Saterdag, die 13de Augustus, ernstig beseer na ’n motor haar getref het by dié onderneming op die hoek van Johan Heyns en Ben Swartstraat in die Moot.

Haar baba sou verlede week gebore word.

’n Ingeligde bron het aan Rekord gesê dat Belinda omstreeks 23:50 Sondagaand in die hospitaal oorlede is.

“Die saak word nou verander na strafbare manslag,” het polisiewoordvoerder, Kaptein Coba Brits Maandagoggend aan Rekord gesê.

’n Saak van roekelose en nalatige bestuur is vroeër teen die bestuurder, van die motor wat Louw getref het, ondersoek.

Corné Hitge, Louw se verloofde, het vroeër aan Rekord vertel hoe Louw by ’n tafeltjie gesit het by die motorwassery toe ’n werker in een van die motors op perseel “bo-oor” haar gery het.

“Dit wil voorkom of die werker nie geweet het hoe om ’n automatiese motor te bestuur nie. Die motor het vorentoe geskiet – bo-oor die vrou en vas in ’n Wendyhuis op die perseel,” het ’n bron vertel.

Familie kon nie onmiddelik met Rekord oor Louw se onlangse dood praat nie.




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