Thursday, August 25, 2016

Burgled 36 Times, But Only Reported 25 of Them !!! You Already Know Who, How, And Why !!!


Man says he’s been burgled 36 times

Cape Town - Former South African politician and diplomat Glenn Babb has been burgled so often he sometimes doesn’t report what he believes are “smaller incidents”.

Babb said he had been burgled 36 times, but only reported 25 of them, noting there had been an increase in housebreakings in the Muizenberg area recently.

The Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative (MSCI) said an increase in home invasions was due to “a huge number of criminals moving into the area”.

The latest attack took place at his home near Boyes Drive at the weekend where his wife, Tracey Babb, was stabbed and assaulted by a male assailant.

“I went to work in the back office and I left the back door open. I had just sat down when I noticed the shadow of a person crouching in the yard.”

She said the man approached and stabbed her, saying he was going to kill her. He grabbed her laptop and handbag and bit her rings off her fingers. "He was pricking me with the knife and said now we are going to get the money. He threatened to tie me up... I am not sure if he started getting scared, but he just left.”

Glenn said: “What the police is doing is not enough, they need to be more proactive than reactive. There should be patrols.”

MSCI chairman Trevor Snyders said gangs were trying to establish themselves in the area and some criminals were posing as homeless people.

“As the neighbourhood watch we are growing in numbers and have active patrols.”

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said the police were investigating a case of house robbery.




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