Saturday, August 20, 2016

DEADLY FOR WHITES SOUTH AFRICAN STATE HOSPITALS' REPORT: It is a Fun Thing For Blacks Employed By State Hospitals to Watch Our White People to Die in Unbearable Pain Right Before Their Eyes While Bagging For Help !!! Extremely Sadistic And More Than Anything Criminal !!!


This is NOT isolated incident against whites...numerous tragedies of our white South African people have taken place under new black South African regime in state hospitals(our people avoid them at all costs, but sometimes they just can't afford to avoid due to financial struggle) !!! It is a slaughtering that goes beyond anything known in modern history of human kind and have nothing to do with rules of civilization !!! WE MUST ACT NOW !!! LIVES OF OUR WHITE MINORITY IN SOUTH AFRICA DEPEND ON US !!!


Elderly woman dies while nurses chat and laugh

Visitors tell unaware nurses that patient is dead

Mrs Joey Badenhorst sadly passed away on Tuesday, August 9, at Ladysmith Provincial Hospital due to what is believed to have been a heart attack.

According to the Democratic Alliance (DA), who brought the story to the attention of the Ladysmith Gazette, family and friends believe that negligence by staff at the hospital contributed to Mrs Badenhorst’s death.

The 80-year-old was rushed to the Provincial Hospital by ambulance after complaining of chest pain and nausea. In casualty, the elderly woman waited for a doctor to attend to her. Her family and friends were evidently told that the doctor was busy and would see to her as soon as possible. Several hours later, a doctor arrived and her loved ones were asked to wait outside.

Mrs Badenhorst was attended to and placed in a ward, at which point her loved ones went home to fetch a few personal belongings for her. Later that day, when they returned, one of her friends gave her a hug and realised that Joey’s body was cold. The devastated friends turned to the nurses who were in the ward and asked whether they were aware that Joey had in fact passed away. According to them, the nurses were chatting and laughing among themselves and had not realised that a patient had died in their care.

Shocked Ward 12 DA councillor- elect Sharon Buys stressed her outrage at what she calls the shoddy treatment of the patient.

“It is indeed horrific that a critically ill senior citizen can be left to die, shivering with cold and alone, while waiting for attention. The ambulance responded immediately and got the dying patient to hospital quickly, which is to be applauded.

“However, the fact that this elderly person was left for four hours, cold and unattended, to pass away without the laughing, chattering and eating nurses all around her even noticing, until her caring friend returned with blankets, is despicable.

“How many other people have gone to this hospital, seeking healing and comfort in their last hours on earth, just to be left to die unattended, cold and lonely, because the people who have chosen the caring profession are too cynical, selfish, inattentive and downright hard-hearted to do the job they are paid handsomely by the taxpayer to perform? Shameful,” said Buys.

Ladysmith Provincial Hospital PRO Thabo Sithole confirmed that the matter is being investigated and official comment will only be made once they have finalised an internal investigation.

A comprehensive report will be compiled from all relevant departments.


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