Friday, August 19, 2016

The Question is What or Rather Who is The Source of Such Weapons For Black Terrorists in South Africa !!!???? Obviously a South African Military....

Symbolic - for illustration purposes only.....

I probably don't have to explain to you why this is a very important issue for our white people - specially white farmers who are located in remote areas of the country and are under contact terrorist attack !!!

Translated and edited by Bastian Auser:

Two black terrorists owned a bazooka

Cape Town. - Two terrorists(aka "men") were on arrested on Wednesday in the area of ​​Kuils River on charges of illegal weapon in possession...police confiscated from them a bazooka or what is a rocket launcher.

Const. Noloyiso Rwexana, a provincial police spokesman, described the confiscated bazooka as a part of heavy military artillery equipment.

The two terrorists(aka "men") will appear on the Blue Downs' Magistrate Court on charges of an illegal weapon in possession. - Malherbe Nienaber stated....


Twee vas wat glo bazoeka besit

Kaapstad. – Twee mans is Woensdagaand in die omgewing van Kuilsrivier in hegtenis geneem toe ’n bazoeka, of vuurpyllanseerder, in hul besit gevind is.

Konst. Noloyiso Rwexana, ’n provinsiale polisiewoordvoerder, het die bazoeka as swaar militêre grofgeskut beskryf.

Die mans sal vandag in die Blue Downs-landdroshof verskyn op ’n aanklag van die besit van ’n onwettige wapen. – Malherbe Nienaber


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