Sunday, August 21, 2016

Black Terrorist Beats Elderly Pensioner With His Own Iron Sheets And On His Own Smallholding...


Pensioner attacked with roof plates in Bela-Bela

Johan Rossouw, a pensioner from Bela-Bela, was attacked on his smallholding in the Buyskop area on Friday, August 12. A suspected thief was trying to carry away sheets of corrugated iron on his own and was caught in the act.

When Rossouw confronted the man, the thief attacked him and beat with iron sheeting before he made a dash to get away. He apparently left the sheet metal and disappeared in the direction of the Bela-Bela Township.

Bela-Bela Crime Support Group (BBCS) and the police were called to the scene and within minutes, a man was arrested.

COL. Abel Phetla, head of detective, said the man arrested, so far is not connected to the crime. The police, however, suspect that more than one person was involved in the incident.

Rossouw had received medical treatment and stitches in his head.

His wife, Leonie, said that if her husband turned his face when the suspect hit him, he could have been hurt badly.

Leonie, who is in a wheelchair, said theft cases are happening almost every week at their place. She is very concerned about the township that appears to be expanding closer to their property.

“We really have a problem with crime. When the intruders enter our property, they are arrogant towards me. This incident will ensure the police are more visible in the area. A tavern recently opened barely 500 meters away is also a problem,” she said.

Leonie said that they are both pensioners and could not afford to find another home.

Elri Arlow, chairman of the BBCS, said that people must ensure protection against crime and not be negligent, as crime is a reality.

Anyone with information about theft cases in the Bospoort and Buyskop area can call the Bela-Bela police on telephone numbers – (014) 736 9760 or tel. 072 839 5587. Telephone number for Arlow- 084 651 3605.




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