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MK ULTRA - Mosley studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University, and became a banker after graduating. Michael Mosley didn't feel fulfilled by his choice of career, and became psychiatrist who acknowledged he shared some of the same traits as psychopaths - Slovak criminal Robert Fico, however, was involved in a car accident in 1998

I testify Michael Mosley who was hired fro crime against me by British royals was a and is a real psychopath. Not only one had a free hands to engage in the worst physical torture one can engage, but Michael Mosley further cheated his wife with a blonde(LONDON) for which one begun to death
threaten me with if I ever would reveal truth about one - Michael Mosley became increasingly anxious due to everything I witnessed about his life and his involvement in crime against me beginning 2010 - Michael Mosley became violent and contemplated on escape.

Michael Mosley for stated reason acknowledged by world of journalists who somehow had access to
his MK Ultra files as a criminal whom I should just skip on the list of royal SETUPS USED TO PROVE ME A CASE OF SCHIZOPHRENIA WITH WHICH BRITISH ROYALS LABELED ME IN 2012 

Michael Mosley almost never got his hands dirty during torture, but he participated on the side

whenever total bestialities would take place throughout London - observed crime from the side and then engaged in harassment directly in my face as per what he didn't liked about my responses to physical torture under MK Ultra - but always reported first to Charles and Andrew considered Andrew perhaps even as closer than Charles. SUPER DISGUSTING REPULSIVE BRITON WHO KNEW HOW TO POSE FOR NEWS OUTLETS AND MAKE BRAND FOR HIMSELF IN A WORLD THAT WASNT SO EASY TO GO ABOUT, BUT HE CROSSED EVERY LINE IN POLICE BOOK THAT EXISTS..


Eight things you didn't know about Michael Mosley

From the illness that almost killed him, to the phobia that plagues him, and the unexpected career he gave up before studying medicine and working on TV.

We probably all feel like we know Dr Michael Mosley. He's the 5:2 diet guy, a British science journalist, TV presenter, author and human guinea pig who has fronted some of your favourite medical and science shows with his winning smile and infectious enthusiasm. (His latest, Meet The Humans, is coming to  tonight, as Dr Mosley and his colleagues take a fascinating look at human behaviour.)

But here's a few things we bet you didn't know about the good doctor.

Doctor knows best

Mosley might be a doctor, but he doesn't always eat his vegetables.

"I'm still not crazy about Brussels sprouts," he tells SBS.

"I'm yet to convince myself. I've tried bacon and all sorts of things with it, but it's the one vegetable I can honestly say I do not greet with any enthusiasm at all."

But the most disgusting thing he's ever eaten is fermented fish: "I had some fermented shark in Iceland and it was vile," he says. 

Mosley has never smoked. Aside from being a "really, really square" teenager, Mosley says his father offered him "something like £100 when I was about 11 if I didn’t smoke before I was 18. It seemed like an inordinately large sum of money so I never felt particularly tempted," he told .

He does have a weakness for milk chocolate and donuts. And his other vice is caffeine - Mosley admits to drinking several cups of coffee every day.

But, as he revealed during a recent , it's not such a vice after all.

"I consume quite a lot of coffee, four or five cups a day," he says.

"It’s been linked in big studies to reduced risk of death, strangely enough. Particularly suicide, I don’t know why, but it seems to improve mood. So I’m very happy to consume caffeine, and my gut seems to be very happy with caffeine as well.

"Too much of anything is generally bad. Certainly more than four or five cups a day and the benefits begin to wear off."

He's not the only doctor in the family

Mosley met his wife, Clare Bailey, at medical college. As well as being a practicing GP, she is also a parenting expert and the founder of .

The couple have four children together, including a son who is currently studying medicine.

Mosley says his wife and kids are all naturally slim, so although they are supportive of his 5:2 diet, they don't do fasting days with him.

Before he was a doctor or a TV presenter he was ... a banker

Mosley studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford Univeristy, and became a banker after graduating.

But he didn't feel fulfilled by his choice of career, and after a couple of years he left and enrolled in a graduate medical training scheme with the aim of becoming a psychiatrist.

When he became disillusioned by "how little could really be done for people with mental illness" he left medicine, became a trainee producer with the BBC.

"I discussed it with people in the media before I jumped. And they all said: 'No, no, don’t do it. It’s a terrible thing to go into, you should stick with the noble art of medicine'," Mosley told.

"And most of the medics said: 'Go, go. It sounds much more fun.' So I flip-flopped quite a bit. I thought I would do it for a year or two and see if it suited me and I found that it did."

He worked behind the camera for 20 years on shows such as The Human Face and Pompeii: The Last Day, before it was suggested he have a go at presenting.

He has a fear of confined spaces

Mosley is known for putting his body on the line in the shows he makes, but he has only regretted it once. 

"[It was] when I was doing a program about fear, and I'm a bit claustrophobic and I told the producer this and so she said, 'great, let's go caving'," Mosley tells SBS.

"I went to the cave and it wasn't great, but I was fine. And then she said 'go down there' and it was a little crack and I got stuck in the ground and I absolutely freaked. It obviously made good television because there was a lot of screams. But after that when I went into a brain scanner for another documentary I couldn't stay there.

"So I can no longer do that stuff, because as soon as I'm there, particularly when they put the head clamp on, I just go, 'no, I can't', and then I feel unreasonable fear and panic and I have to get out. So it's not like it's triggered in lifts or airplanes, but I would have to have a lift-threatening condition now to want to go into a brain scanner ever again."

Mosley nearly died as a baby

Mosley was born in Calcutta, India in March 1957. When he was four months old he contracted a new deadly strain of influenza known as Asian flu which nearly killed him.

"My mother tells me that I was extremely ill and that for a while it was touch and go," Dr Mosley tells the.

"My blood ... still shows traces of antibodies, proof that young though I was, I was able to fight it off. But to this day I have slightly weakened lungs, and chest infections tend to linger."

He was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic

Five years ago Dr Mosley discovered he had become a type 2 diabetic.

His father also suffered from type 2 diabetes, and died at 72 from complications of diabetes including heart failure and dementia.

Desperate not to suffer the same fate as his father, he started researching ways to improve his blood-sugar levels and read about intermittent fasting and their potential beneficial effects on insulin levels.

He tried out various intermittent fasting diets, then made the documentary Eat, Fast and Live Longer, and wrote the book The Fast Diet, which became a best-seller.
As a result of the diet, Mosley lost nine kilograms and reversed his diabetes.

"The 5:2 diet has changed my life," he says.

It's since been embraced by celebrities including Beyonce, Benedict Cumberbatch, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel and Christie Turlington.

Not every self-experiment goes as he expects

Mosley once took an empathy test and found out that he shared some of the same traits as psychopaths.

The scientist conducting the test did point out that there are lots of people who are not psychopaths who have these traits.

"I'm reasonably confident I'm not a psychopath," Mosley told The Guardian.

"But I knew it was a risk. There's always an element of risk that [the tests] tell you something you don't want to know."

He enjoys meeting his fans

Whether it's bumping into people on the street or engaging in conversations online, Mosley says he likes the interactions he has with people who know his work.

"I like talking to people, I like having conversations with people, and people are really nice and respectful," Mosley tells SBS. 

"People come up and say, 'You absolutely transformed my life'. A lot of former diabetic people want to tell me about how much weight they've lost.

"I also have a couple of websites, and it's a great way of communicating with people, and it's a great way of forming communities. I think we are social animals and in the end that is also a hugely important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, is having support from other people.

"I've been really, really warmed on these websites by the sort of love and affection that people demonstrate towards each other. That really does make you feel good about humanity."

Pomáhal Ficovi z vraku: Robo, tento muž ti zachránil život!

Pomáhal Ficovi z vraku: Robo, tento muž ti zachránil život!
Jedenásť rokov o ňom nikto nevedel. V júni 1998 zachraňoval účastníkov ťažkej havárie v obci Jatov. Medzi zranenými bol aj vtedajší opozičný politik, dnes premiér Robert Fico.

Skončil s poranenou hlavou, krčnou chrbticou a tržnou ranou na kolene. Život mu zachránili bezpečnostné pásy a airbag. Od nehody ho bolesti krčnej chrbtice z času na čas úplne vyradia.

„Pri nehode som bol medzi prvými a po zhodnotení situácie som sa rozhodol vytiahnuť Roberta Fica z jeho nabúraného auta," povedal Novému Času podnikateľ Ján Kmeťo zo Šale. Haváriu v roku 1998 v obci Jatov (okr. Nové Zámky) spôsobil vodič Škody 1203, ktorý nedal prednosť. Ficova Honda Civic bola po náraze poriadne zdemolovaná. „Neviem, či až tak, ako to bolo vidieť na fotke, ale podľa mňa predpisovo nešiel. Druhé auto ležalo na boku a po náraze z neho vyletela zelenina," dodáva Kmeťo.

Najhoršie z celej zrážky však obišiel muž, ktorý sedel na terase pohostinstva. „Fico sa sťažoval na bolesti v hrudníku, jeden z mladíkov z dodávky mal natrhnuté ucho, ktoré mu na mieste ošetrila krčmárka, ale chlapcovi na terase vyletený akumulátor zo Škody 1203, čo si asi nevšimol nikto, riadne doráňal nohu. Podľa mňa mu v nej zlomilo obe kosti," spomína si Kmeťo.

Toho však najviac sklamali politikove slová v jednej televíznej diskusnej relácii dva dni po nehode. „Uviedol tam, že na mieste nehody niekto povedal, že aby sa tí politici na svojich autách aj pozabíjali, alebo niečo v tom zmysle. Bol som pri ňom neustále od vybratia z auta až do odvozu záchranármi, navyše medzitým ešte volal svojej manželke z môjho telefónu, ale nič také som nepočul," uzavrel Kmeťo.

29 Oct 2007 — Robert Fico dostane trikrát väčšiu rezervu, ktorú môže použiť podľa svojho uváženia, než mal jeho predchodca. Vraj ho o peniaze žiada viac ľudí.
15 Jan 2008 — Robert Fico. 3/45. Zdroj: Archív. Robert Fico a jeho manželka Svetlana Ficová. 4/45. Zdroj: ROBO HOMOLA.
15 Feb 2007 — Sú dve možnosti, prečo to urobil. Jedna je, že sa bojí rozsudku, a druhá, že ma začal mať rád, reagoval Shooty. BRATISLAVA. Premiér Robert Fico po štyroch ...
18 Jan 2008 — Predseda vlády Robert Fico označil predarbitrážnu výzvu akcionára zdravotnej poisťovne Dôvera, holandskej spoločnosti Health Insurance Companies of Eastern ...
8 Oct 2007 — Robert Fico Foto: Ľuboš Pilc. Premiér Robert Fico. debata 0 zdieľať zdieľať tweet. Premiér začiatkom augusta vyhlásil, že peniaze v druhom dôchodkovom pilieri ...
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3 Apr 2008 — Robert Fico · Peter Pellegrini ... Aj to priznal premiér Robert Fico vo svojom ... Opozícia premiéra žiada, aby zdokumentoval, odkiaľ mal peniaze na kúpu bytu.
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... peniaze a zneužije vaše citlivé údaje ako bonus ... preukaz". Táto ponuka vám však čarovne na počkanie vodičák nevybaví a maximálne vás ako švihnutím prútika ...
12 Jul 2007 — Informoval o tom vo štvrtok premiér Robert Fico po stretnutí s ministrom dopravy, pôšt a telekomunikácií Ľubomírom Vážnym. Podľa premiéra je potrebné, aby ...
5 Jan 2002 — Firma Port Service podala žalobu na FNM 11. decembra 2002, keď bol predsedom predstavenstva Pavol Pavlis. Len o niekoľko dní neskôr Robert Fico, predseda ...
19 Dec 2007 — Na Slovensku máme podstatne dôležitejšie témy, ako je partnerstvo homosexuálov, nazdáva sa predseda vlády Robert Fico. "Je to téma, ktorá sa umelo vtláča ...
1 Feb 2001 — Korčok vyhrá, len ak mlčiaca väčšina precitne a pochopí, že Fico to myslí vážne ... Hlas mu nemohol podľa zákona poslať peniaze, ktoré dostal od štátu.
3 Sept 2007 — Ekonomika a peniaze · Energetika · Doprava · Priemysel ... Ekonomika a peniaze ... Minister tieto tvrdenia nekomentoval, poprel ich však líder Smeru a vlády Robert ...
19 Oct 2007 — Takúto možnosť prevodu majetku štátu na samosprávu pripustil v marci tohto roka premiér Robert Fico, bývalý krajský úrad v Banskej Bystrici však žiadal za ...
13 Aug 2006 — Kniha FICO. Domov > Témy > Marta ... Premiér Robert Fico je už doma, potvrdila Rooseveltova nemocnica ... Varuje, že je pred kolapsom, nemá peniaze a prichádza o ...
boli zvedaví na prvú reakciu Roberta Fica. Robert Fico mal príležitosť prekročiť svoj tieň a svoju minulosť. Mohol ukázať veľkosť štátnika. Miesto pokusu o ...
5 Apr 2008 — ... Robert Fico – konajúci v dobrej viere – určite zmenili prístup. Lenže R ... peniaze postupne vracať aj s nejakým ziskom, veď bez zisku by to nikto nerobil. Robert ...
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29 Sept 2006 — Na tlačovej besede po rokovaní vlády o tom informoval premiér Robert Fico. Na ostatné tovary by mala aj naďalej platiť základná sadzba 19 %. "V prípade, že ...
15 Apr 2005 — Robert Fico fotka. „Priemerný dlh v rámci eurozóny je nad 90 %. Slovensko má jeden z najnižších dlhov v rámci eurozóny.“ — Robert Fico slovenský politik 1964.
14 Feb 2006 — Premiér Robert Fico sa prvýkrát od atentátu prihovoril národu. Premiér Fico prvýkrát od atentátu prehovoril: Útočníkovi odpúšťam! Premiér Fico prvýkrát od ...
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5 Feb 2007 — ... Robert Fico, minister vnútra Róbert Kaliňák a minister financií Ján Počiatek. TREND oslovil týchto politikov s otázkou, či môžu potvrdiť túto informáciu a ...

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