Saturday, June 29, 2024

Milan Kučan groomed Robert Golob together with Pahor and Danilo Turk to become top part of their team due his intellectual abilities is what they claimed me

and explained me how they were all trained to be extremely handy in case of emergencies whenever abroad. Milan Kučan had Robert Golob work with Slovenian police for many years apart from his luxurious visits abroad - vacations in which Kučan engaged with his top leadership. And used Robert Golob as a undercover individual with police whoever he travelled in case of emergency. This is how Robert Golob's political career took off. In case of emergency, Slovenian government would immediately send signal to undercover police and Golob who had to intervene as if regular people abroad on vacations concerned for their fellow Slovenian citizens 

I will provide photo of my father when young in which Charles insisted have even seen himself facially somewhat. Claimed me I destroyed one. No worries...

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