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2008'S CHARLES AUTOPSY IN LJUBLJANA AGREEMENT: Anyhow, I don't think I have 5 minutes left when it comes to colon and neck area cancer - its exactly what I was told by local police, nurse Janko, psychiatrist Kapš, MILAN KUČAN PRINCE CHARLES , AND OTHER GREAT HUMANS CASE WILL BE

Final words to me were during MK Ultra in Slovenia(in our house) always given by Borut Pahor and Aleksandar Vućić whom Pahor addressed as a president in presence of Janko,

Kapš, local police investigators...I cite, "you will die exactly at age when Tito came on power and his hardship ended"...

Now "mighty"(PERVERTED LUNATIC) British king Charles who ongoing death threatened and also shook in anger whenever brought to greater than Great Britain also was certain I cite, "there is no way you will live past your age, we have made all arraignments" also listing me cancerous problems they created in a Slovenian police presence and whose behalf he would repeatedly give his anger speeches. Kate and William hated idea about my being alive and have day dreamed my death as a form of liberation - when royals finally set their lives free from hell I created to them.

I was born on December 9th, 1971 and was fortunate enough to VIEW AND EXPERIENCE(drugged up do - under MK Ultra torture) Josip Broz Tito falling apart in rage/madness in front of my eyes during his last year of presidency. Criminal was full of anger and resentment and have obviously saw me at 8 years of age as a full adult who ruined one and who expressed no regret for his departure. 

Josip Broz Tito became in my eyes viewed as a pure evil once he managed to accumulate  enough resentment in me what most likely was at about my age 5 - 6. Once it became evident to me he was up to nothing else than violence and how one obviously hated me. Even for his death as FAJON, KUČAN, PAHOR AND OTHERS claimed me I must express remorse, I have refused to deal one face to face till Milan Kučan begun to death threaten me and was compelled to see mumbling bubbling beast one more time to blah blah me his frustrations - I was compelled to listed old raged shit who barely barked at me promising me death, but had no choice. For I do not know how this will end, but I am pleased with the work done also demonstrating NO REMORSE NO REGRET AND MUST ADD IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO ACCOMPLISH MORE FOR MANY I MANAGED TO BURY IT WAS NOT ENOUGH - NEW PAHOR/KUČAN/ TITO DUNG/SHIT IS BORN EVERY DAY - EVEN REAL WAR CRIMINALS MILOŠEVIĆ, MLADIĆ, KARAĐIĆ, ŠEŠELJ AS WELL AS MANY OTHERS FOUND AND FIND THEIR WAY OUT FROM BEHIND EUROPEAN JUSTICE WITH FULL ASSISTANCE OF BRITISH ROYALS AND AUTOCRATS - WITH FULL ASSISTANCE OF US GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND IN COMPLETE AGREEMENT WITH RUSSIANS.

Whatever Josip Broz Tito bubbled about(claimed had nothing on this world but two hands), I actually realized through nightmares which commenced at my age 1. I destroyed Soviet beast and did same with the greater Serbian chetniks state Yugoslavia for am proud never became part of those who ended as mentally ill behind walls of facilities for people with special needs or psychiatric asylums or even as I see it disgusting homes for elderly people. I was the one who have proven for Brussels and Washington DC to be even greater evil than those they partnered with in Belgrade, Ljubljana, and Moscow - and in Warsaw and Prague and Zagreb who all rushed to assist their new partners.

Josip Broz Tito saw me in his face my expressing for him nothing just as one would for a worthless piece of shit - zero emotions for a nobody. A regular dung others who feat sorry for themselves tried to also pull on me here and then whenever they rottened away including Borut Pahor for whom I have begun to even demand from medical staff in front of beast once he was hospitalized for heart problems to get him killed - quite a show if one considers took place in the hospital infront of so many great wishers(it was all filth from Yugoslavia - Slovenian pro Belgrade scum which accumulated and was certain I would bow down infront of violent thug). Alone without anyone in this world, but did found myself in those critical moments to ensure their dirty paedo secret was each time to them even more sacred. I never ever backed down from their questions as per why I hate them so much after denying them the right in what should have been my home, but was used instead a torture answer always was a chetnik scum that didnt and dont and never ever will belong to Slovenia. They never ever managed to convince anyone as much as they were dyeing for how I am them and they are I. Kučan failed at absolutely everything except poisoning/physical part of his so called MK Ultra(regular bestiality) and to whom no one helped more than what should have been family of my own. After 41 years of torture, they all relied on psychiatry and their courts to handle poisoning issues even further making themselves visible to every individual involved in this genocide worldwide for everyone to have witnessed about who they truly are and were...nobody ever succeeded in anything like this. They were so pathetic, they had to involve even Jeannette Charles to pose next to me to somehow correct WORLD OF VIOLENT BRITISH ROYAL LIES with what could be lies if not revealed on my part. Must be the most pathetic criminal creatures world have ever seen. Prince Charles dreamed

about how one will do abduction on me in his life time(doubted about claims Slovenian physicians made about me in respect to childhood - Charles wanted proof for growth hormone play out of my bones and it was other issues that also burdened one for one made appointment with William for future visit at abductions site in Ljubljana to personally wittiness what would be autopsy done on me - Charles had a list of his interests he was demonstrating me and I was delivered drugged up in Ljubljana to a sight where autopsies are done on dead corpses - it was examined by Charles and agreed by Slovenian physicians infront of Pahor/Kučan/ Janpša/ Peterle/ Rupel to assist one) and you know what that means - probably his favorite
 final part of what they referred to as MK Ultra.

They were busy with hijackings from Miami Beach, torture, poisoning and guessing what I have truly gone through in my life...

@Charles - remember the sight you had INFRONT OF ME with William in Ljubljana back in 2008 !!???? MEMORY STILL SERVES YOU ENOUGH YOU LITTLE BRITISH CADAVER KING !!????

Charles who went on with his family to push against me a psychiatry through extreme violence and denial of the right to file political asylum in Canada and across Western Europe accomplished his goal at the end of 2012. 5 years latter. EVERYBODY INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA, HOWEVER, LEARNED ABOUT PRINCE WILLIAM AND PRINCE CHARLES'S WHEREABOUTS AT AUTOPSY LOCATION IN LJUBLJANA - EXPRESSING ME DURING MK ULTRA DOUBTS ABOUT MY BRITISH FRIENDS WITH SOME ACKNOWLEDGING THEM AS UTERLY INSANE.

55 minutes ago — Catherine, Princess of Wales is a member of the British royal family. She is married to William, Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the British throne.

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