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MK ULTRA - Hungarian Zoltan Sztojka whose family dates in Hungary to 1601 was involved with his Roma community in MK Ultra - really bad stuff is what CIA/FBI/ Orban/ London/ Berlin used them for AND WHAT ZOLTAN REFUSED FURTHER IN THE FACE OF HIS OWN ROMA COMMUNITY

But that doesn't matter now. Thats how wealthiest of the wealthiest were making their fortunes and its what made Vladimir Putin - Milošević - Trump.

Very few Roma people date with its origins to 1601 - obviously he survived even Hitler for good portion of his family didn't was told - I think he told me also has a sister. Zoltan is as original in his national costume as it gets when it comes to Roma culture in Hungary and also respected. Very beautiful Darcia Lee also told me belongs to Hungarian Roma community. I didn't really noticed for Hungarian community to isolate their Roma community and that makes in my eyes the strongest case for the benefit of the Hungarian community - I really didn't noticed during MK Ultra for Hungarians to be discriminatory toward Roma community. Something that despite everything, I appreciate.
I was warned about posting message like this by Germans and others claiming me that Roma community cashed big time through my case in Hungary and that they would cash big even twice if I would, but I accept full responsibility for rejecting miserable Brussels LONDON and unfortunately even Washington DC backstabbing neonazi divide and conquer politics. Obviously, I alone(myself) CLEARLY was classified same as to whatever applied to Roma community under nazi laws already at age 1. They worked together with Josip Broz Tito and whatever developed in Moscow, Belgrade, Ljubljana even after fall of the USSR/Yu and not because they couldn't help as they claimed in my face - they had a strategy indifferent from Adolf Hitler using me to deliver Hitler back on the stage.

I will not accept Hungarian people as people without involving in life also their Roma community which part they are. Hungarian origins date to Huns and Huns were nomadic Asiatic peoples who do traditionally welcome others in their kingdom as long as those were willing to become part of one. 

AMERICAN NEONAZI BEAST(state) MUST BE STOPPED IN ITS "FREE SPEECH" TRACKS BEFORE IT DESTROYS WORLD: American politics pertaining to Donald Trump just goes to show US government willingness about further sickening


Serbia has purchased a fleet of 26 BTR-80A armored infantry fighting vehicles from Hungary. The sold Soviet/Russian-made equipment does not meet Hungary's ...
According to Srbija Danas on January 17, 2024, Serbia has recently finalized the purchase of 26 BTR-80A armored infantry fighting vehicles ...
BREAKING #Hungary #Serbia JUST IN: Hungary has given Serbia 50 BTR-80A Armored Personnel Carriers. Twenty vehicles will be transferred today ...
A similar deal between Hungary and Serbia has already been concluded in recent months, when Serbia purchased 26 BTR-80A armored infantry fighting vehicles from ...
BTR-80 kerekes páncélozott szállítójárműveket 1979-1989 között Afganisztánban, majd 1989 után az Orosz Föderáció kaukázusi háborúiban használták. A BTR-80-at ...
HUF 8,816.00

Serbia Purchases Essential Air Defense Equipment from Hungary

Hungary Today 2024.03.18.

Serbia has purchased air defense system elements from Hungary. The 2K12 KUB was developed in the Soviet Union in the 1960s, but was modernized jointly by the Hungarian and Polish defense industries in the 2000s. A similar deal between Hungary and Serbia has been concluded in recent months, reports Magyar Nemzet, based on the Serbian website Srbija Danas.

Serbia is buying components for its 2K12 KUB air defense system from Hungary. According to the newspaper, it is about the RStON 1S91M target detection and tracking radar stations, which suffered the most from the mass strikes of AGM-88 HARM high-speed anti-radar missiles during the NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999. Their procurement is necessary to activate the missile systems of the existing 2K12 KUB missile classes of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defense. The Serbian Armed Forces maintain three KUB-M classes in the framework of the 250th Air Defense Missile Brigade, deployed in Novi Sad (Újvidék), Kragujevac, and Niš.

The army is planning to set up a new sub-unit in Kraljevo, also requiring the purchase of second-hand radio-electronic vehicles.

2K12 KUB mobile surface-to-air missile system is designed to protect ground forces from air attacks. Photo via Wikipedia

The KUB was the first Soviet-developed, semi-active, self-guided air defense missile system to be developed on a regular basis and was intended to protect mechanized divisions in close cooperation with them. According to the Serbian portal, the air defense system excelled in destroying low-flying fighter aircraft in the Middle East in 1973, and was placed on the Yugoslav People’s Army’s procurement list, with the first units arriving in the country in 1975.

The KUB weapon system has been in use in Hungary since the late 1970s, and some of the equipment was modernized jointly by the Hungarian and Polish defense industries between 2001 and 2002. The self-propelled target detection and tracking stations and the launchers have undergone life extension and upgrading.

A similar deal between Hungary and Serbia has already been concluded in recent months, when Serbia purchased 26 BTR-80A armored infantry fighting vehicles from Hungary.

It turned out then that Hungary had acquired more than half a dozen of these combat vehicles in the 1990s, but they no longer meet Hungary’s long-term defense needs, which is why the leadership has sold a small number of them.

The BTR-80. Photo via Wikipedia

The modernization of the Hungarian Defense Forces is also behind the sale of the equipment.

In October last year, the first two batteries of the NASAMS air defense system were handed over in Győr (northwestern Hungary), in the barracks of the Tibor Dánielfy 205th Air Defense Missile Regiment. The manufacturer will deliver another four NASAMS batteries and the technical equipment for a reserve sub-unit by summer 2024. In addition, the delivery and installation of the Israeli ELM 2084 multifunction radars, representing the “eyes” of the well-known Israeli Iron Dome system, is underway. Hungary is also involved in the acquisition of Hero loitering munitions (better known as ‘kamikaze drones’), designed by the Israeli company UVision and manufactured by the German company, Rheinmetall.

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