Thursday, June 13, 2024

Joe Biden sold more weaponry to Russians than any other politician involved in MK Ultra

MORE EVEN THAN DONALD TRUMP. UKRAINE(Zelensky involved in the background all along was confirmed as the one who would ran war affairs in case of the Russian waron Ukraine by Ukraine in 2013 - and for Russians who learned about Ukrainian retardation as they referred to their defense strategy and what empowered Putin into attack on Crimea as well as Donetsk in 2014, Putin learned about Zelensky's future presidency at the same time as Zelensky - Putin felt super empowered with Lavrov/Medvedev claimed will ran them over before Ukraine even elects its most familiarized with the background crime a Ukrainian president Zelensky) APPEARED DIDN'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MENTIONED FACT. WHEN I MENTIONED STATED TO THE BIDEN, HE WOULD STATE ME BACK WITH I CITE, "THATS RIGHT AND THIS IS WHY I AM THE MOST FAMILIARIZED WITH RUSSIANS". CLEARLY ENTIRE EXTERMINATION PROCEDURE AGAINST ME WAS BASED ON MY OWN LIBERATION OF UKRAINE AND JOE BIDEN WAS THE ONE TO COMPLETE ONE - I GOT PUNISHED EVEN MORE IN RETURN FOR EVERYTHING THEY EARNED THROUGH ME AND THEY DIDN'T EARN ANYTHING WITHOUT ME AND WOULD NEXT TO MILITARY TRADE USE ME FOR CONTINUATION OF REMINDER OF WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE IN COMPANY OF RUSSIANS AFTER THE FALL OF THE USSR/YUGO SERBIA. THE FINAL PAYMENT WAS TO COME IN A FORM OF DEATH - CANCER.

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