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British ROYAL TERRORIST - television journalist, producer and presenter guru DOCTOR Michael Mosley (broadcaster) who went missing in Greece

Mosley (broadcaster) not only was involved to have experimented on me, but begun to brainwash me with what I see was a sheer lunacy. I don't think would last with 5 + 2 or whatever with my lymphatic bowel/intestine problems. You don't need no head scan to know what pain in abdomen means and what British royals also played with gesturing me exactly as seen at

If you ever get yourself with bowel cancer, DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING THAT MIGHT AGITATE INTESTINE TRACT - Once you feel pain in one, its time to cut off whatever might be there on menu that is agitating one including and specially coffee(anything acid) so agitated area can calm down somehow. Sweets, coffee, bread, oily, anything fat incl. oil frying/chocolate/cream etc.(even walnuts),  or whatever that potentially causes inflammation of one just needs to go. Reducing food might help for sure, but its unhealthy on a long term. Coffee rottens/eats mucosa and submucosa. It was prince William who interrogated me in Slovenia on issue of bowel cancer pain in my abdomen area during MK Ultra based on which he suggested solutions to which I alone came to.

+ British criminal Michael Mosley got identically lost in Greece during 2013(REPEATED CRIME) with wife having police search for one days just as is again the case - barely saved criminal who went on to repeat crime to protect his owner from Buckingham palace desperate to get attention as far as possible from one. Was found all red sun burned along the rocky coastline for no one understood how he got himself into situation which possibly was even engineered by himself - Greek British police. Day after one engaged in violent brainwash infront of his wife in Greece - obviously had to pay plane ticket whatever.

Missing Briton terrorist goes into the same category as Slovak Robert Fico whom Charles also hired clearly pointing a terrorist network composed of public personalities Charles wanted to use to support his SLOVENIAN PSYCHIATRIC PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA GENOCIDE AGAINST ME WHICH ONE COMMENCED EVEN SIGNED AGREEMENT WITH GOLOB/PAHOR/ KUČAN IN Ljubljana in 2008

Here is what you should know about coffee, but is not listed as an advice they give if suffering from colon cancer:

All bellow if from GoogleCoffee stimulates colon contractions(Medical lingo: Peristalsis is the name of this wave-like muscle movement.) Coffee contains acids shown to boost levels of the hormone gastrin, which stimulates these involuntary muscle contractions in your stomach to get your bowels moving.
23 Jan 2023
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