Sunday, March 17, 2024

Third politician that is about to disappear from stage is Chuck Schumer

A little Jewish cry baby whom I have even fixed date with a dirty sexy blonde or two(I deemed he was very good looking is why, so I repeatedly started to make requests about getting him a hot girl with whom he could father kids - I went on to even solicit women for Chuck under MK Ultra what I haven't done for many) just to be screwed in the back by none other than Chuck alone - he went on to inform his wife that I got him a top model or two for new wife and she went on to infrom her kids about it and soon I felt on my skin entire New York not only his wife and daughters were out there to lynch me - they did make no mistake. It is possible that Chucky has a daughter outside of his official marriage and that my deal somehow did go through.

Chuck was very tactica to not perform torture in his home residential area, but would have people instead drive for bestiality all the way to New York. Very very tactical...mentioned house out of New York even hour or two from New York could be from his daughter.

Unapologetic ZIOFASCIST who was certain my destiny will depend on one 

For Gaza extermination procedure, top US Government neonazi officials and 1800 LONDON CABAL have selected Jewish politicians whom I have liked with certainty I would at least keep my mouths shut


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