Wednesday, March 6, 2024

I was AGAIN at the postal office as advised to do(requested already before by sellers and Aliexpress management itself) and found nothing - they refused to give any letter which would present never received merchandise and what normal procedure should be

This were the issues which British paedo crown involved in MK Ultra thus easily is to conclude they all collided against me with Slovenian police. Here is the letter with audio recording I sent to Aliexpress against which company I WILL PRESS CRIMINAL CHARGES. I don't think you should treat cancer or cancer alike patients like this. Its a systematic murder procedure used to cause as much harm as possible from all sides involved. My legter was response to letter which I received from Aliexpress yesterday at 0324am.

Update about AliExpress order 8183298762777223


AliExpress Customer Service *******

Tue, Mar 5, 3:24 AM (1 day ago)
to me
Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting AliExpress regarding your order.
tracking information shows it has been in your post office waiting for your collection since date 2024-01-18 . You can track the number 158271900242646458608000 in website :

First please contact your post office and get your item soon.

If  there is no item there please ask for official documents from your post office to proof the parcel  was lost within 2 days.

Please note the official documents should contain tracking number and postmark on it, only can be original copy one.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation which is
highly appreciated and we hope you have a great experience shopping with AliExpress.

Best regards,
AliExpress Customer Care

Bostjan Avsec

Attachments8:54 AM (9 hours ago)
to AliExpress
AliExpress Customer Care

Boštjan Avsec/Avsec Ana
Krka 1
8000 Novo mesto

I was at the mentioned government postal office(as listed at Aliexpress) where hours 
are 8am to 7pm every day except Saturday and Sunday.and ma here to let you know
there was no package delivery for me awaiting anywhere according to customer 
service workers - I hereby attach you also an audio recording in Slovenian language
which you may verify my visit at the postal office today on March 6th, 2024 at 0800

I have documented every visit postal office with also camera(audio and video), so
proving my point won't be a difficult thing to do.

I am here at your disposal should you have any questions/concerns or for further 
investigation matters which I alone initiated. Postal workers didn't recognise numbers
nor would they issue me written document which would state how such package
 never arrived and/or is n/a.

Best regards to Aliexpress,
Boštjan Avsec

ps. check audio attached to email.
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