Saturday, March 30, 2024

As a baby when delivered to USA, the closest to me was George H. W. Bush(father of George Bush)

Barbara Bush facially even reminded of my mother, but I was proven wrong about it all once I
completed age 14 and it became evident was tortured just so I could seem myself as much as possible in George H. W. Bush. During MK Ultra, it was a torture that produced "friends". George H. W. Bush who, however, did certainly somewhat sympathized with me, transferred his curse of "saving me" based on which he rode political wave to his son George Bush with whom I was also close till it became evident in 2016 such friends wasted my entire life. George H. W. Bush must have been involved with his family in my case since day 1. Ford sent one to China as he claimed, to help me out - I sure got to visit George H. W. Bush in China on quite few occasions even as a baby...That boy behind one probably is not me. I stated probably even that I was younger than what you see there behind Bush when I paid visits to him.

"Friends in need"(when you get beaten up) are friends indeed and once you realize here stated is already far too late - thats MK Ultra.

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