Saturday, March 9, 2024

FACT: Prince Charles was acknowledged(even in front of me) in his face by prince Edward and other family members due to cruelty against me as


The problem was that at my disappointment once asking them why don't they intervene for my sake, nobody answered me with we will. I did asked them for police assistance all to n/a. They twisted eyes and gestured me "don't worry, just do your job as we said" and what truly insulted me...I was trying to get police assistance, so I wouldn't have to step infront of Charles and Andrew again but it was always n/a. Beginning 1985(Phillip got one selected already in 1982/1983, but confronted to challenge with inheritance issue also others to keep them alive), Charles was deciding about absolutely everything and was the main advisor to queen Elisabeth.

Charles engaged in overwhelming torture procedure which really was a systematic killing. RELATED TO

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