Saturday, March 2, 2024

Nikki Haley you should know have(throughout entire MK Ultra) and is campaigning at present for

for individual who should have been long long incarcerated - Donald Trump. His 2024 campaign was

based on "competition" with Haley. Trump and Nikki Haley coordinated during MK Ultra "news" about attacks on one another with Nikki Haley during her coming campaign to utterly pointing and ridiculing Trump's "strengths"(next to organised crime whatever it means). Nikki Haley is yet another fraud. This is last news related to organised White House "election" crime. Will not trash my blog with trash(its what paedo American ZIO FASCIST trash gets to be paid for). Life is a matter of priorities and if Americans priorities elections from Bill of Rights and Constitutions, so be it PAEDO AMERIKKA. Have it your way.

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