Sunday, March 31, 2024

I do not recognize any wealthy or well known people as people that would make positive difference of any kind in my case

and I frankly believe you all are dung. Wealth and fame were in it only to push worse of the worst. It can also be seen consequently today what the world looks like because of all these wealth famous - its really not only about myself, but those who gave their lives 80 years ago to keep world on track. I don't have any role models. Related to West is pushing not only individuals like myself over the edge, but entire nations to afterwards rationalize("liberate") totally unnecessary at expense of victims they alone create - rationalize AS THE WAY FORWARD TOWARD SOMETHING BETTER AND IN REALITY SHAPE WORLD IN DESIRED FOR THEM DIRECTION THIS WAY. Its not help, but killing. Its my job to ensure it will be also seen as such.

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