Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Taiwan is utterly bullying China into war AND WORLD SHOULD TAKE NOTE OF IT

I hope Kinmen and Penghu(I sure hope) will soon be gone from Taiwan back in hands of China. From https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2024/02/10/gidn-f10.html 55.000 Taiwanese soldiers stationed on Kinmen appears are not enough - now Biden will drag his Green

Berets into action what for if not for as stated in title - attack on China. Taiwan is correct about maintaining its national sovereignty despite its Chinese human DNA also on Kinmen Islands, but not correct about delivering on tiny islands located on Chinese soil(granted to Taiwan by China as a form of neighborly goodwill) the military from nuclear superpower such is USA and which ALREADY caused in area Mount Everest of human devastation(from Vietnam to nuclear bombs detonated on Japan - US has done it already). America is creating Cuban missile crises equivalent in doorsteps of China. Taiwanese issue as such is not issue concentrated on issue of its national sovereignty, but expansion of crises which are rapidly consuming world from all possible directions. WHITE PLAGUE HUNTED ASIAN CONTINENT SINCE BEGINNING OF THE TIME(bloodsucking went on from India to China throughout Indonesia and Philippines) FOR AM SURPRISED THAT WEST CONTINUES TO MAKE ON ASIAN PART OF THE CONTINENT MORE AND MORE ADVANCES TOWARD ITS OPIUM PAST RATHER THAN SERVE POST WW2 TREATIES - SECURITY PEACE/STABILITY WITH THEIR PARTNERS.

Joe Biden who did this knows precisely what is about to take next and why http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2024/03/americans-and-and-britishagain-royal.html. GETTING KILLED FOR FUNERAL FLOWERS FROM LONDON.

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