Sunday, March 31, 2024

Lionel Messi sure was involved in MK Ultra since his early age, but his father Jorge since my early childhood

As for myself, it makes me extremely angry to go over photos you see here. 

There was no way/where no how to run/hide from what turned into INTERNATIONAL psychiatric violence - FOR 52 YEARS and this is how far I am willing to deal/negotiate with international psychiatric association as well as WHO. NOT OKAY AND YOU NEVER EVER WERE NOT EVER WILL ANY PART OF ME IN ABSOLUTELY ANY WAY !!!
What their respect was for Josip Broz Tito I do not know(there was for $$$ connections no doubt), but connection to Messi family arrived from Croatia - someone from Zagreb to exact when I was exactly 3 and half years old. 

You might recognize me - but I never ever will recognize any of you. World is firmly heading into abysses and not because of me - you the people have pulled one into and you will NOT USE ME to bail yourself out of one. The history you have written in respect to my case will remain as is without us handshaking with one another. When yo
u get another me, you will find the way to rationalize/apologize also my case, but only to your mirrors.

While I will use them, I never ever will recognize United Nations/European Court for Human Rights/ any psychiatric association/ as legitimate - trustworthy and LEGITIMATE. I already won, but you never ever will(not even 1%). EVER !!!

How I actually managed all this is a great question.

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