Monday, June 5, 2017

Who creates "NAZIS", how, and, why....

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What they have done to Palestine is what they are doing to United States of America and Europe(exactly as seen in documentary) today !!!

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    In Russia as well as in the West, research has been under way
    for many years in biological synthesis--that is, artificial life
    forms; and according to high intelligence, a stunning
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    refer to this break-through as a "providential discovery",
    something they learned almost by accident. They discovered the
    key to creating what are known as "organic robotoids." An
    organic robotoid is an artificial robot-like creature, it looks
    and acts exactly like a human being and yet it is not human. A
    robotoid is alive in the biological sense but it is an artificial
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    tests in the same way as humans do; they eat, they drink, they
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    thinks. Like any other computer, the brain of a robotoid has to
    be programmed for each assignment it is given; but unlike many
    electronic computers, the biological computer brain of a robotoid
    possesses an enormous memory. As a result, robotoids can be
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