Saturday, June 3, 2017

All my Facebook accounts are blocked...

Why would they block me 6 Facebook accounts at once !!??? Any smart guesses :) ? 

My new "roommate" at asylum center loves Russia...his "only" minuses in my views(since he "loves" Russia so much) are that he hates Orthodox religion(how can you love Russia if you hate Orthodox religion !!???? He loves Catholicism do and will highly disagree if you suggest him that two are basically the same...Putin
is also not good according to him because he was a KGB agent = yet another funny fact about this ex "red army" officer on whom I have wasted lots of money and time due to his original story which, however, is more and more changing)...he loves new American colony known as Ukraine(funny since he claimed in his original story to be victim of new pro American Lithuanian government) where you are dead if you dare to state anything against US interests(due to corrupt government - billionaire president Poroshenko who pulled cards behind curtain in Russian/Ukrainian relations long before Crimean/Donetsk conflict went into full effect and who have with other corrupt elites brought Ukraine into situation to which we all witness today, so ZIOUSA can control yet another part of European territory where white US citizens or other white Europeans are subjected to very same treatment as I was....don't even think about seeking refuge from American iron ZIOcurtain of death in Ukraine if you are running from will be beyond dead), and he can talk days about how beautiful and wonderful Israel is(even after you tell him word "enough" repeatedly he will not stop...beautiful women and beautiful people according to him)....he was very very active today...he walked ongoingly back and forth in the room(in and out - in and out) since 3am this morning(very loud - he really didn't care or perhaps he cared too much in wrong sense of the sentence ;))...moving chair, playing with phone that had sound activated on keyboard, and associating with other "residents"(just wait to see videos and you will see with whom we are dealing with here)...what a playful and restful atmosphere...way to start the day and go about it(very productive)...perhaps it will be better tonight or will it be !!??? 

He even managed to avoid deportation from Belarus after already receiving deporting government order due to failed fingerprinting and residence registration status...last girl was fabulous too...she couldn't tell me enough about how wonderful Israel is and her online albums loaded with her vacation photos from Israel...she can hardly meet ends with her salary(poor thing complained me about her phone which can't accept sms emoticons = "can't afford to buy better one is what I was told") , but does have money for trips to Israel...looks like America is doing(via United Nations and corrupt dissidents) its best to make me feel in Belarus like it should be in Belarus(translated "White Russia" is what Belarus means)...don't get me wrong...Belarus is jewel in my eyes...truly is unique place with one of the most beautiful people(waw women) in the world, but you only get to see uglier than uggly at "home" if you know what I mean...

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