Monday, June 26, 2017

2 of 3 About ZIO FASCIST Obama lover from Donetsk who was involved in my abductions and is now in same Belarus immigration center with me

Video can be also seen at: OR In video, I also explain issue(dilemma) of Israeli attempt to use MKULTRA torture against me(beside unemployment and all other issues) as an attempt for Israel to become recognized as legitimate state...NON OF THOSE WHO HAVE REACHED AND BECOME PART OF "END OF THE TUNNEL" PICTURE IS I WANT TO MEET OR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH...THEY ARE ALL
TRAITORS(murderers of white race on behalf of Israel) TO OUR RACE !!! 

People at the "end of the tunnel"(those who might have gone through same route as I did in search for freedom) possibly don't even exist, but might have been a bunch of ZIO FASCISTS who have attempted to use me via MKULTRA to represent how Israel was good for those who have reached "end of the tunnel"(how Israel was good to them in the end and should as such be spared for everything one have performed on us). ZIO FASCIST USA KILLS MUCH MORE THAN WHAT STALIN DID(I use Stalin as an example only because US loves to point at Stalin)...STALIN KILLED FOR HOMELAND(for Russian people), ZIO FASCISTS KILL WHITE AMERICANS(and other whites worldwide) FOR ISRAEL !!!

Netanyahu and murderous "alternative right" which was established for whites to serve through white genocide his bloody ZIO FASCIST ELITES are therefore revealed entirely  !!!

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