Thursday, June 22, 2017

Regarding my becoming spy for Western ZIO elites...Bastian Auser's economic plan for our existence !!!

According to CIA bosses involved in abductions as well as prominent politicians, I would serve them as a transfer weapon against Russia...those would simply introduce me somehow to Russia and I would create my own economic option to take one down via capital(corporation$$$) !!! is the plan since you all insisted on one so much:
Video can be also seen at: OR

My plan is for West to simply wide open doors to Russia and
treat one as equal member of white community. This can be only done by ensuring that Russia receives full membership within NATO(that entire military and other technology is given FREE OF CHARGES to Russia) and that West supplies other technology totally free to Russia as well(West should help Russia built modern cars and other technology FREE OF ANY CHARGES).

Russia should NOT under any circumstances accept any Western investments(capital) unless one is a give-out(free money as the case was/is with undeveloped 3rd world non white countries) used to build factories.

Why such plan !!??? Because Russia MUST stay independent from Rothschilds(incl. British Royals and other parasites that feast on humans). Secondary, because state borders assure competition and competition is meaning of life(not only are human rights protected that way, but also competition is assured - base for any evolution) !!!

What Russia should give in return:

Russia should in return accept option of mixed marriages(with white British, Scandinavians, Germans, Dutch, French etc.) with other whites from the West(West should grant Russians same in the West) as long as those are willing to strictly obey Russian laws and fully integrate in Russian society(Russian language and national customs should stay exactly where they are even after society becomes equalized/mixed with other Western nations). This is known as free flow of the people and ability to build the future.

Will post video on this subject to explain more in details why, who, and how...FOR THE PEOPLE AND NOT PARASITES !!!

Your Spy(Bastian Auser - Бостиан Авсец)  !!!

Extra note to Russia...Israel got for performing white genocide against white nations everything listed above and even much much more...DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS RUSSIA !!! You are unique as you are(beautiful is what you are and your resources are unlimited if compared to the West), but things listed above would bring us all a bit closer and in direction known as freedom for whites worldwide(end of conflicts, prosperity, and evolution)

United we stand; divided we fall !!! Europe needs Russia to survive...needs Russia to create counter balance toward by ZIONIST controlled USA(this way open free speech for American whites what would consequently liberate US from ZIO genocide) and Russia needs Europe to stay Russia(to keep white identity instead of turning itself into ChinoRussia and even worse - its what Russia just like other European countries were forced to become)...

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