Thursday, June 22, 2017

Next video(released today) will be on another resident(stationed now in same housing) who was involved in my abductions(MKULTRA) torture and is now even playing MKULTRA victim infront of me - all audio recorded...beyond and beyond bizarre...

This is a ZIO FASCIST from Donetsk who have habit to call me these days a spy and even nazi collaborator(even after he was told/explained repeatedly in details that I oppose John McCain and Israeli creation of Nazism...that I pledge to fight one and do whatever it takes to stop insanity which I
have previously promoted....I have even dedicated him hour long documentary on who/how creates nazis to clear his mind as man sees nazis everywhere in everything, but nothing helps...individual previously involved straight in my overseas abductions per US/EU/ISRAELI governments is now claiming how his girlfriend was a victim of gang raping by nazis who have subjected her to MKULTRAS - similar methods were used previously against me by others individuals involved in my abductions who would approach me and verbally imitate my situation by embedding one in sick fiction stories with which they would afterwards harass/terrorize...this one, however, went into extreme and I will respond to one promptly !!!)...this ZIO fascist(could relate one very well with ANTIFA) from Donetsk is also using misfortune of others(his fellow citizens from same town) to create his tragic fable and use one to apologize criminality(criminal involvement) against me and white race. Same with other residents here...I will now take on everyone !!!

Here is the previous note from United Nations to those who are willing to promote white genocide(ZIO fascists):

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