Monday, June 12, 2017

Every resident here have had specific tasks concerning my political asylum situation in Belarus...

No different(perhaps even deadlier) from Hebrew speaking Yazidi family(, tasks per Mossad carried out by my roommate Ludvik(supposedly ex red officer from Lithuania) were very much the same...almost identical tactics if not totally identical(with admixture of "help me...I am handicapped and financially broke...don't even have for food or bus") ...without any doubt, Ludvikas(Ludvick) is Mossad servant !!! Mossad was determined to show me on what I should get used to it even prior to my arrival in Israel...
His regular(daily) whereabouts in our room have started regularly
throughout our acquaintance at 1am/3am(thats when he would start to walk back and forth in the room, move chair and deliberately make noise, so I wouldn't get sleep...sleeplessness would then leave me throughout the day at mercy to other situations which I have encountered and there were too many to count) and he employed tactics that would drove any person totally insane(entire video will be released about him tomorrow)....Here is a little excerpt from Ludvik whom I have treated with highest respect possible due to what he claimed was his two year career in red army and due to injuries which supposedly Lithuanian doctors have inflicted him(very very possible, but from what you will witness on video and audio recordings, its something else that is much more likely - he himself have even denied latter own discrimination claims against Lithuania when I attempted to get him legal aid in Vitebsk in the lawyer's office) due to his red army career.

Belarus state doesn't care about what is taking place here...I was asked to instead remove criminal charges against UN lawyer that were submitted to police infront of the laptop that had webcam(MINSK) pointing at me about week ago :)

Belarus state have throughout my stay in Vitebsk insisted on my having excellent interpersonal relations with torturers and those were conditioned via some other issues($$$$$) as well...I was quiet about one despite most sever violations that took place against me till Dmitrievna(Vitebsk's region immigration director) have even declined my political asylum application in English(first demanded from me to write one in detail what costed me 7 days of tireless work and then declined one because I used English language) and was suggested to pay 500 Euros for translation...this is when our "love" ended officially !!!

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