Thursday, June 29, 2017

Residents are up - how not since I am releasing info as described, but there is no place to hide

In computer room(conference) are cameras as you know, outside children, in kitchen people, and in the room is with me my "roommate"(they got it covered all).  They(not only residents) get to watch what I do before release - everything(try real journalism and activism - try this) !!! As I was told under MKULTRA...if you will say too much we will stop you..what is too much !!????  What was done to me !!???? I agree !!! You are too much !!!
ZIOFASCIST Elites have already dispatched their freedom hunters to block me from posting what is taking place on what should have been otherwise social networking site known as Facebook - not allowed to post even in my own groups and pages WHICH  I HAVE CREATED !!!

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