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Mentioned Q&Q watch was sold for some $30+ Dollars in Miami in year 2000 - 2001(also manufactured)

Indian man entered our store all excited insisting me how Q&Q will from now on produce high quality

products such as those of Citizen etc. A local criminal from Slovenia who used genocide against me to penetrate on markets arrived to Miami and bought good number of watches straight from Indian neighbor in Miami Downtown. Slovenian career criminals such as Lojze Peterle / Bavčar and others who next to Kučan wouldn't allow me to exist, opened one road just as to other Slovenian self employed criminals lucrative deals abroad.

I was against purchasing Q&Q watch due to cost which in my eyes was exceeding costs of Casio/Citizen at the time  and because Indian guy inflated costs associated with one for probably at least $10. Was extremely disrespectful. Chosen by my Ex wife to whom one gave discount, watch was sent to Slovenia. All the girls involved in MK Ultra, however, begun to investigate...original name for mentioned watch produced by Citizen as was told by Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha was Mother Of Pearl watch as seen above. Pollacks involved in watch issue a poster as seen bellow etc. Watch became a passion of many and one more curse on my way to freedom. Selling watches inside of the ex wife's store, I wouldn't even wear any due to being traumatized with degree of crime which went on via MK Ultra specially back in Slovenia and due to stress in daily life. Slovenian police officers harassed also inside of the ex wife's store with our products which at times I would purchase with entire salaries so wife could have something for sale...I will be fortunate if I manage to survive this murderous British corruption ordeal $$$$ as was nothing about other than getting one systematically murdered.


When package was ready in 2001 - 2002, ex wife brought watch perhaps even two(possibly also for sister I have no clue), and we send one to Europe with other gifts. Mother, however, sent to Miami repeatedly Dollar banknotes as how pathetic whole situation was...certainly some $300 in cash over the years.

This watch is not worth to me shit - it was a replica of what I wanted of watch for myself that resulted in robbery of life. Shit watch



A NEWSFIELD PUBLICATION No.8 2 NOVEMBE R 199 0 MAGAZINE AND CASSETTE £1.85 f, * . - mmm TRUM GAMES W MMnnM 1 iTY SLICKER gflLPIT g ATLANTIS MANGO JONES E SOLARI S POWERTAPE HEDGEHOG QPOKEMANI A Check with your friendly newsagent! i f i l i 6 e t a I li p o m J f l if/M i T m I O' J'j ' J j i ITH DIZZY. IN MORE! 9 , , W^ t OUUU.H 4 I STARS IN THE MOVIE - NO W Y O i M ; £ A iV AS DOU G QUAI D YO U HAVE BEEN A HAUNTE D BY RECURRING DREAM S #4O F ANOTHE R LIFE O N MARS. YO U ARE DRAW N TO REKALL INCORPORATED , A UNIQUE TRAVEL SERVICE SPECIALIZING IN IMPLANTIN G FANTASIES. INTO THE MIND S OF THOSE WH O DESIRE T O TURN THEIR DREAM S INTO REALITY. PHE FGOTRI P O F A | IFETIME • M i i ARR A Y ' O U MUST TRAVEL TO YOU R TRUE IDENTITY A JOURNEY O F NO N MUTANTS , FUTURISTIC ARRAY O F WEAPONR Y ALL V EXECUTED GRAPHIC S COMPLIMENT S THE IIEAR' S 1 Jt*: 1*1. V . V v • A ' • '" Jti : M OCEA N SOFTWAR E LIMITED • 6 CENTRAL STREET - MANC H 1 1 i & A I OU STAR IN THE GAME.. . E XPERIENC E THE HORRO R AS YOU R DREAM S TURN INTO HIDEOUS NIGHTMARES. ' SUDDENLY YOU'RE EVERY MOV E IS MONITORE D BY WOULD-BE ASSASINS, Y O U DISCOVE R IEU SURREAL TRUTEJ YOU'R E NO T YO U - UOU'R E ftflF MARS TO DISCOVE R • /OU R MISSION IS NO W STOP ACTION . SI RANG E VEI IICLES AN D A STARTLING CAPTURE D IN SUPERBLY AND A GAM E PLAY THAT SUCCESS OF THE OVIE BlMWy r ©198 9 CAROLC O PICTURES, INC ESTER • M 2 5N S - TEL: 06 1 83 2 663 3 • FAX: 06 1 83 4 065 0 THE HEROES I F SHELL™ ARE COMING! Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Spectrum, Amstrad and PC imog t Mutant Here M^'W ' Shudder - Heroes to » Half SWT feus*-Mop,' MmhJy " are ail rngmrtd trad. n larks of Mln>}e Vvdxn. USA. M l RIGHTS IBUVID lhriwi*p«m!uiM lnwd M riwnrtm awl tomic boob rad by Krnn Fstrmw a d PM»r la d CW O Mmg> Shrfct, USA. Publtsiitd by Mirror ^ LM und«r IksMe (twb Itwrnn g^gi ^ tub-lkmir»nMn«itStv«M.IRA. tooomi' itorvgntetsdttrnJ«noHtofKeaomiInrfiHtrfCo.Ifl& I9tfKsacmi iOIWUkGrronofrltd Image Wwk y Irwin Hww, IMtSoulhwtkSirwt. landot&l OSW W 071971 M R fat: 071 S»3 JI H / KONAMf CRASH 0 CONTENTS thrills i i r i l l : SOLARI S MANGOJONES II o 5 SAINT POWERTAP E c m q , DRftG0 N 6 P0KEMANI A Cewobungo , dude* ! Welcom e t o anothe r radica l Issue o f CRASH — t h e ma g tha t make s yo u wan t t o ea t you r shorts ! We though t we' d giv e yo u a surpris e extr a freeoi e thi s mont h an d it' s ther e stuc k t o th e cove r alon g wit h th e Powertape ! The CRASH Guid e t o Christmas Biggie s is you r happenin ' m a p to the games tha t are goin g t o 100 m u p th e chart s i n December! Place you r bets, 'cos th e race is o n ! Bu t don' t wav e th e finishin g fla g jus t ye t — hol d o n unti l nex t month , t h e Christma s Plus issue , whe n we'l l tel l yo u whic h of th e Speccy hot shots are goin g to reall y mak e it ! THRILLS ON TAPE Where to find the action! SIDE A CITY SLICKER THE COLDITZ STORY • SIDE B LIBERATOR GUNHEAD POKEMANIA Check the inlay for loading instructions. Should your tape bo faulty send it, in its box. to NEWSFIELD, CRASH TAPE CLINIC (82), LUDLOW. SHROPSHIRE SYS t JW A healthy tape will be returned to you! GAME THRILLS Action alt Ihe way with City Slicker (Hewson)l The Co/ditt Story (Atlantis)' Liberator (PHSJI Qunhead (Powertape)1 Plus another game kilting dose of Pokemama'. JOYSTICK JUGGUNGI What's ihe best icywcfc to buy itit$ Christmas? Nick and Mark give il some waggle!1 LIVETHCUIT All the action in one easy to swallow tablet1 Cures boredom tack ol information and lotlessnoss as prescribed by Or Uoy d Mangram! ST DRAGON COMPO Win one of 7S brilliant limited-edition t-shirts lestLKing this month s covet artwork'! PREVIEW The best of the games coming your way soon' Everything from killing drug-pushing psychos to saving Otzzy's I amity11 DJ NICKO'S TIPS! Mot SO much a tipsbop. more a ruddy great warehouse of lips and tucks to neto you beat the toughest games around! REVIEWS A Hood of games ints month which leaves Mick. Mark and Richard a tut soggy! Thts month's Smothers are Saint Dragon and Super Off Road Racer* BACKPAGE Nice to see you to see you meet And on the almost legendary Backpage conveyor be« this month we hove a Wasting HHi system and a slack of US Gold goodies to be won' Plus news on next month's fab issue' SPECIAL GUY FAWKES GAME FOR I NOVEMBE R 5«h ! SUCKER rVs l ISE D • • • • Bombing around London wit h Hewson's arcade adventure! • Continuing Its 10th birthday celebrations, fab software house Hewson has lined up another great game for you — and here it is! In City Slicker you have to prevent Abru Cadabbra, an evil terrorist, from planting a bomb in the Houses of Parliament, emulating the action of Fawkes from years ago! T he game is played against the clock, you. playing Slick", begin at eight in the morning and have to defuse Abru's bomb before it explodes at midnight! Your task is to locate parts of the Bomb Disposal Unit and take each bit — in turn — back to the the hide-out underneath the Houses of Parliament Apart from the pieces of BDU, other useful objects litter the playing area — best collect anything you thing may come in handy! London is packed with odd characters. There are marauding Beefeaters, bottle lobbing Skin Heads and more, and they're all there to hamper Slick in his mission! Each character has a different pattern in the game. They can open doors, throw objects, steal objects, follow Slick and generally hassle him every inch of the way. Touching a character decreases your energy, which can lead to being unable to jump as high or as CRASH NOVEMBER • 5 N)W AVAILABLE ON SAM COUPE THE IOLLOW UP TO FOOTBALL DIRECTOR VARA vrt«i tit por*owucNi* HMAaparTxicNTv pcxxe AWL VAT RE MI M VOTE OIlONfOfNCf IfUJAT E S 1 N C L u D E n « i nrrwctKH T • trtn A thawin g SAflhSORrlACKMOS FOURtfAOUC l lUMTrrvnoN S HJU.REBULTS 70 TEAMS EACH tENtmoo** * U U O TOOT * M GAME SEASON UiCWEEKOAMES TV CAMEHAt HOME * AWAY FREE THANWfHft UWW O VIOLENCE f * • LEAGUE COPS SELL A SJY SHARES APPROACHES BOPlATt •IIU.RIES RETWCWNTE TESTIMONIALS EuWEANCO * INTERNATONALS WEEKS MtOFITt UEF A CUP tuft O TOURS NALC • TEAMEDTOT UAflAGCRRATWO LMT O COUNTER 1LEG5 'PENALTIES • P«KTt S O^TXX LEAGUE TITLES AUACOOATE'ftAViai • RESERVES MORAL! WILL pnOUOTKW »«UJPO»mo K DELEGATION .MUC H MOR E SCORED' CONCEDED WEEKLY PVAVEO' COACH ttOBHOWlWJ PM*VQ I 1 LEVELS MORTGAGE • FEATURES MOT OM R «TuR£U » T SAVE GAME THE .1 (TAPE) • WLDF A RR» INTEREST R TAX TO OBTAI N A FREE CATALOGU E OF AL L OU R STRATEG Y GAMES JUST ENCLOS E A LARG E S.A.E . OTHE R GAME S STIL L AVAILABL E BY MAI L ORDE R FOOTBALL DIRECTOR I MULTI-PLAYER SOCCER MANAGER CRICKET CAPTAIN THE NATIONAL BOXING MANAGER A ft • A + • • + • A + X • £19.99 £9.99 /£24.99 £9.99/£24.99 £9.99 £9.99 SPECTRUM • SPECTRUM 128K • AMSTRAD CPC A AMIGA • SAM COUPE * COMMODORE 64 + ATARI ST • IBM * BBC ft PLAYING TIPS FOR ALL OUR GAMES £1.00 Cheque. P.O. made oul to D & H Games plus a large S.A.E. with 25p stamp attached. Please state clearly which game or games you require & for which computer. Also write your name & address on the reverse side ol any cheques. Overseas orders ptease include £1.50 Postage & Packaging. v 'GAMES DEPT C, 114 CLIFTON ROAD SHEFFORD, BEDFORDSHIRE SG17 5AN ENGLAND TT (0462) 816103 thrills far as before, and some characters even send you back to the start of the current screen! Falling from a great height also isn't recommended, The energy level is kept up by scoffing food along the way. At the start of the game there are three pep pills at the bottom of the screen so if Slicks energy gets too low and there's no food in sight then one of these pills can be taken to keep him going a bit longer. Abru makes appearances throughout the game and is always causing trouble for Slick. Thankfully, you'll know when he's approaching as an alarm sounds as he enters your current screen. But if Abru catches you then it's the graveyard for you — and the bomb automatically detonates. Get going. Slick guy! SLICK CONTROLS Get the hang of city life playing City Slicker on keys, which are: Q.E,T,U,0/Leftr W,R,Y,!,P/Right, CAPS SHIFT,Z,X,C,V,B,N,M, SPACE/Jump H,J,K,L/Pick up. S,D,F.G/Drop, A/Pause, Sound {toggle on/off)/Enter, BREAK/Break. Or plug a joystick into a Kempston or Sinclair interface! O It scored 96% O 'Truly amazing, truly wonderful' O 'A definite musK O Addictivity: 97% O A CRASH Smash THE SPECCY'S BEST PLATFORM GAM E HEWSON'S TECHNICIAN TED CRASH CHRISTMAS PLUS NOVEMBER 1 5 1 99 0 THE COLDITZ STORY • Escapis t arcad e adventur e fro m Atlantis ! • World War II — the action) The danger! The heroism! The being shot down over Germany and imprisoned inside Castle Colditz! Oh dear. Trapped as prisoner of war In Coldtiz, your one thought is escape. Overpowering a guard, you grab his gun and set out on your quest for freedom! T he Colditz Story is a huge arcade adventure game, and begins with you in the top room of the Castle. You have three options — move, take or drop. To move, simply hit one of the directional keys — if you want to take or drop hit T or D. Some rooms have nothing in them, but often, upon entering a room, you'll find yourself at the beginning of a mini-game. You may have to swing across a rope, blow up-a German guard, sneak past a patrol, answer questions — each one requiring a different skill to complete. Complete a screen and you can move again — fail and the dawn shooting party awaits!! As you move around the castle, your position is shown on the right of the screen. The top display shows available exits, and the whole castle map is shown below: the window of your current location lights up as you enter a room. Can you find the right escape route before being caught?! COLOITZ KEYS The ultimate prize for any prisoner — the keys! And they are: Q/up, A/down, O/left, P/right, l/inventory. T/take, D/drop. Other keys are indicated throughout the game. CCTF K T: MJWK&TJG OMECTOR MH J DC SAL DIVE! DIVE! DIVE! HERE COMES A SUB!! PHWEEEEEEPPP! THAR SHE BLOWS! • Super shoot-'•m-op from Psychaectolic Hedgehog Software • The planet Bane is being attacked by a race of demons known as the Great Red Gods. They are tearing the landscape apart and have to be stopped. Inside the Robofighter combat vehicle, Mango Jones — that's you — takes to the controls and prepares for his mission! Action stations! Flying over Bane to begin with, take the Robofighter craft into the bowels of the planet to locate and destroy the Great Red God's control centre. To achieve this nine access Keys must be obtained, then the Robofighter has to detonate the destruct reactor. Now, Mango Jones is not averse to collecting a bit of gold to further his own wealth and love of exotic fruits — so Keep your eyes peeled tor any handy treasures on each screen. Oh, and like most shootem-ups, rejuvenation lives are collected by picKing up sugar mice {??!!!! —Ed). Your score is shown in the top-left box, across from that is your fuel and at the top-right are the pass Keys. The status panel on the right shows the amount of treasure collected and the number of lives remaining. CONTROLS You can liberate the planet Bane using the control Keys (sorry joystick junkies) which are redefinable. OF HEDGEHOGS... Psychaedelic Hedgehog Software is a software house currently operating on a mail order basis. Details on its games are on the loading screen and you can contact PHS by writing to: 55 Stanley Street, Ramsbottom, Bury BLO 9JG. O Brilliant futuristic game! O Four part arcade adventure! O Huge graphics! O 100 screens of blasting action! O Mega monsters! SHURIKEN BY MATT WILKINSON A N D TONY VICK CRASH CHRISTMAS PLUS NOVEMBER 1 5 1 99 0 SAVE £5! ON A CRASH SUBSCRIPTION! 12 months of action-packed thrill power is yours when you take out a subscription to CRASH for just £17.20 (Mainland UK only)! By subbing, compared to the shop price of 12 issues at £22.20 you'll be saving yourself £51 Ana you're really be saving yourself even more because special issues cost £1.95 or more — Dut you don't pay extra when you're a subber! Go on — |oin the subs dub!! out! I M S CRASH: IT'S GOT THE LOT!! O BRILLO GAMES EVERY MONTH ON THE POWERTAPE Q All THE LATEST SPECCY GAMES! G THE HOTTEST HINTS, TIPS, POKES AND MAPS! O SMASHING TOP PRIZE COMPOS O THE NATION'S PlAYiNG OUR GAMES! ir- 4 " ^ 12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION: MAINLAND UK: £17.20 EUROPE: £24.00 OUTSIDE EUROPE* £37.00 •Air mail IT would like to subscribe to CRASH for 12 issues. I wanlt: • MAINLAND UK SUB: £17.20 • EUROPE SUB: £24.00 • OUTSIDE EUROPE AIR MAIL SUB: £37.00 Method of payment: (please tick) Access • Visa • Postal Order • Cheque • Credit card number. Expiry date Signature Make cheques and postal orders payable to CRASH Ltcd Send this form to: Newsfield, CRASH Subscriptions, Ludlow, Shropshire SYS 1JW. Subscripts ns will begin witlth the first available issue. SPECTRUM & COMMODORE REPAIRS & SPECTRUM 48Ks REPAIRED FOR £22.00 HOUR HOUR FOR AN EXPRESS REPAIR FOR YOUR COMPUTER SPECTRUM 48K £22.00 SPECTRUM 128Ks £25.00 CBM 64 £35.00 OUR PRICES INCLUSIVE OF OVERHAUL REPLACEMENT PARTS VAT + INSURED POST BACK TO YOU HARDWARE BARGAINS NEW AMIGA FLIGHT OF FANTASY PACK £379.00 AMIGA BAT PACK £379.00 CBM 64C LIGHT PACKS £139.00 ALL OF THE ABOVE, SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY KEYBOARD MEMBRANES 48K+ £8.50 48K £6.00 TELEPHONE HOTLINE BENTLEYS COMPUTER SALES AND REPAIRS, DEPT CRASH 251 NEWCASTLE STREET BURSLEM STOKE ON TRENT ST6 3QW TEL: 0782 810485 T thrills wwwwC smsKKa m &53ES mmsmm SCOR E A BFST j y s r ili iiii i GUNHEAD solaris 2 • More space blasting actio n from Theo Develegas! • Solaris, which was on the September Powertape, was a fab space blaster wasn't it? Yayyy! And here's the sequel — packed with even more rootin' tootin' shootin' action! It's called Gunhead and it's full of mindless violence!! (A nation cheers!) aving failed geography at schoot it's no wonder you're hopeless at navigating, which probably explains why you've piloted your space fighter into the middle of a hostile alien system. And now you're stuck. There's only one escape route — blast your way through the swarms of alien fighters until you reach the end of the galaxy! Each level works on a time basis — if you can survive until the timer has counted down to zero you face the end-of-level mothership. Set your lasers to kill and blast it! Destroy that and another level awaits! CONTROLS Shoot down alien slime balls using keys Q/up, A/down. 0/left. P/right. N/fire. O A greot Powertape star returns! O It's a brilliant platform game! O Wild 'n' wacky oction! O Perfectly playable! O Amazingly addictive! C Bigger and better than before! EGGHEAD 2 BY JONATHAN CAULDWELL CRASH CHRISTMAS PLUS NOVEMBER 1 5 199 0 THEO DEVELEGAS: THE FACTS He's 23! He lives in Athens, Greece! He studies at the Polytechnic of Athens! First had a Speccy five years ago! He writes for a Greek computer magazine! He's Graham Pokemania' Mason's pen-pal! He loves kebabs!! POKEMANIA! TIPS ON TAPE! Find out what Graham "Turbo' Mason has in store for you this month by turning to DJ Nicko's Tips pages! GET ON THE If you think you've written a completely brill game and want to share it with the Speccy world, send it to us on cassette or disk with a letter explaining the game. If it passes the reviewers' test we'l l put it on the Power Tape for thousands to enjoy! It could be your first step into the software publishing world!!! Check out the coupon on page 23! It must accompany all entries! Monsters, aliens and supcrhcroes Pick up a GX4000console and you'll really have your hands full Imagine all the characters from your favourite computer games suddenly invading your TV. It's like having your own private arcade. All you have to do is plug in and you're off The graphics alone are out of this world, with a palette of 4096 colours and stereo sound. And you'll be plavtng top-rated games from Europe's best software houses, all on easy to use instant loading ROM cartridges The console comes complete with a mains adaptor and two paddle control units designed to put you in the driving seat Which is where you'll need to be with the ROM cartridge that comes free: the highspeed car game "Burnin' Rubber'' But perhaps the most exciting thing about the AmstradGX4000 is the price, a very down to earth £99.00. THE NEW GX4000 GAMES CONSOLE. £99. FOR FURTHER DETAILS RING 0277 262326 OR FILL IN THE COUPON BELOW Plnur tend me druili about tht Amurtd Cum Cockotr Njrw _ AddmtLr M o l»4|l i »b<> ) I I i I • mmuM^ m a j ft ft Pi (including UIT) £99 * 18 9 90 Miy twig* witncul not** Product tubfKt to nvueuity Aimtud ind Amstnd GX4000 n IK* tntrkl til AimKM pt Q Sepwmtw 1990 Amnisa Wc. All nstrncd femaOM Inm wiectea CnncMct o> Ums wa XJ. *iKjwv Ciyowa**, Ccmnt. Ctmys. Darn »nd atlw Miflitamt rrr r r 1 A rl A A ft A rl i l / f hfi l 7Ii & Fleetway PubllcaUons 1989/90 p Virgin Masvenronic i990 J: I AM THE LAW AldO A . £19.99 I ATARI ST • £19.99 AMSTBAD • DISK £14.99 AMSTHAD • CASS £9.99 SPECTRUM 43 • DISK £14.99 SPECTRUM • CASS £9.99 CBM 64 • DISK £14.99 CBM 64 • CASS £9.99 a Whateve r J V happene d to the C > ays of al l \ Y joy$H(k l being a Y smal l hasp wit h a slick In Hi t middle an d a fir* butto n that never worked ? Today they look mor e lik e something fro m th e control panel of an F-1 6 an d V ;,•<)<.- a n d sillier al l th£ while . Nick Robert s arid Mar k Caswel l dctlve.into the < P A 5H joystick bin to discover whether the Joystick reall y is a gamcsplaiper'f bej t friend... QUICKJOY III Spectravide o CIO.9 5 MARK s I m not fond of Quickshot sticks I owned a Quicksho l II many moons ago and that busted within a couple of months. This looks a first glance just like it but its trendy red body sets it out from the crowd Agam two buttons are present and each gives a solid click with each depression, (hough one problem is the uncomfortabe hand grip With a fairly long shaft the Quickjoy III works best on a table top. but with my shovel-sized hands t found holding the stick quite easy. A relatively cheap stick that should be given serious consideration Response it it it Feel it it it Look it Overal l iririr an d a half. PRO 9000 Euroma x £14.9 5 NICK : Th s joystick has a classic design that has oeen copied so many times The rectangular base with its two fire buttons on the end is comfortable to use both on a table and in the hand The handle is quite short and has a ball at the top The two fire buttons are not too good though as they re not microswitched and th>s lets the stick down Not bad Response it it it Feel frit* ^ ^ Look Overal l V T m j f WW r i j A good looker but the long travel of the stick lets the Jetfighter down QUICKJOY JET FIGHTER Spectravide o £14.9 5 MARK s Sadly the Jet Fighter costs too much for what it delivers At first glanc§ the stick ". Look ** * Overal l 4 ^kJ^ W ^ N f The 9000 Deluxe has a classic design and performs well I h RL^Vont o i r - It's a biggie! Looks a bit daft but the Command Module is responsive QUICKJOY V — SUPERBOARD Spectravide o C 1 9.9 5 MARK : It looks lik< this stick-contains everything taut the kitchen sink" With si/ fire buttons (foui on the base, two on the shaft) top or base lire button selector ,ind a rhyiUil tim<:r (what for I ve no idea} it's a big mutha' On Ihe table is the only practical way to use the Superboard Travel is fairly short and thus responsive A tough stick that should stand up to punishment prelty well hut twenty quid ts serious dosh Response it it it Feel > it ir it Look it it it Overal l it-nit y WICO COMMAN D CONTROL Sunco m £24.9 9 NICK : fhe Command Contro l t as 1 * classi c joystickdesign a sturdy ^ase with a long stick comma frorrf the centre and fire' buttons on both tfoe base and the top of the stick Unfortunately the sizeand shape of the base make it very uncomfortable to hold m jou t hand A good feature isjthe inclusion of three nterchangeablo grip^; thai s(ide onto the siir> to suit all ^ ^ gamesplayers There are^fatTi© bad laults though The grip- do not come far enough down stick thus leaving a gap at the .bottom This can easily pinch a SJ ' Chunk out of your hand while you re playinq making the baddy who s torturing you on screen seem more rfeausttc1 The top fire button ft also annbvna as it needs a hard push lo make it wofk Response Feel it it it Look it it it Overal l >it it SURESHOT COMMAND MODULE Son max £17.95 JVIARK : If you want tr> know what big means ypu 1 ',<:': tt f Command Module With fw •. large microswitched buttons you don t need to move your hand far to fire that laser though I m not overly fond of the gaudy slicker on the base Stick travel is -.hort rnak ng the Command Module very responsive and so are the microswitched fire buttons. I d ad; se you to wear sunglasses | when usng th-s joystick (due to I the slicken but it's a good all I rounder Response v ui.- Feel Look it it it I Overal l it it-bit CRASH NOVEMBER • 11 • J THE ARCADE Euroma x E 1 7.9 5 standar d C 19.9 5 turb o NICK : With a triangular base, a lire button on the end and a short handle this joystick is very comfortable to use Euromax claim it's been the best selling |oyslick for nine years The turbo version of the stick comes with an autofire and a Pro 9000 type handle to support a fire button The fire buttons are no! loo hot though Using a single leaf switch they need a bit of prodding to get them to work Response it it it Feel iti>* Loo k iri * Overal l itirit COMPETITION PRO Dynamic s C I 4.9 5 MARK : Tho Compettion Pro is another distinctive sti:k with its red shatt and fire bulons The ball shaped handle is comfortable to hold, though table top use is hampered by the lack of suckered feet The mediim travel of Ihe stick makes it responsive, but I find the us? of leaf switches in ihe fire buttons very silly Overall a rugged, comfortable stick that should be considered Response it a Feel ft £ -fr Look liiriff t y Overal l 6 tin Cruiser . rtiggedness legendary we CRASH out'iits have been abusing Cruiser r sticks for years without complaint Unreservedly recommended Response it it Feel v it i.- is Look s it -it i; -Or Overal l it it it it it UNDERNEATH THIS COMPUTER IS AH ARCADE FIGHTING T06ET OUT. Underneath the respectable exterior of the new Amstrad Plus range of computers, lurks a monster. And a few robots. And stacks of superheroes. tn fact, a whole arcade full of games just waiting to be played.* Because even though the 6128 Plus and 464 Plus are both serious computers {with free 'BASI C programming language) they're both ready for fun whenever you are. Whether you choose the advanced, disk driven 6128 Plus or the cassette drive 464 Plus, you'll love the superb graphics palette, the stereo sound and your own paddle for total playing control. Both computers also take instant loading R O M cartridges, so you get instant access to top rated games from the best software houses in Europe. And they're both compatible with hundreds of CPC titles on disk and cassette. You'll also get straight into the great high speed car game 'Burnin Rubber ' because it comes free with your computer. Both models come complete with a choice of stereo monochrome or stereo colour monitor and a full sized keyboard. So if your Amstrad starts acting like an arcade, don't worry. Just plav along. THE NEW AMSTRAD 6128 PUIS - ROM £329. THE NEW AMSTRAD 464 PLUS - ROM £229. FOR FURTHER DETAILS RING 0277 262326 r™Mea*c send me details about ihe Amnrad 4W Plu» »nd I I lhcAmstnd612SPhu C 11/40 • ! Same | I Addrc«_ I Lr Mu AMmli^t h)btUi i ijnciwcf w (umitua u "The PLUS range comes with the game 'Burnin Rubber' tree on carriage Software subject to licence. Product subject toavasiabiiity RRP may change without notice Amstrad. Amstred 464 Plus arid Amttrad 6128 Plus are (ride marts of Arotrad ptc. © Sept 1990 Amstrad ptc. All rights reserved. Available from selected branches of Adams War W. Alkjers, Clydesdale. Comet, Currys. Draons and other leading stores. QUICKJOY JUNIOR Spectr a vide o C5.9 5 MARK : This a cheap slick and unforlunaiely t easy to hold and tabte top players are well catered (Or with tour strong suckers With such a short stick response is fa^iy good l found diagonals easy to obtain and the Junior is atmosi > lent when the stick s moved (no metal grinding on metal sounds here, matey)1 At six quid the Ouickjoy Junior )ka\, as- i first buy. but I d personally save my pennies Response ft ft Feel ftftft Look ft ft t Overal l V: »v It s the stick with rubber appeal! You can get a (irfp grip on the The Wico Ergostick C " J => > - - I ^ co O I i Useful only to posers — the Challenger Remote Control is not the best stick for performance 14 • CRASH NOVEMBER SINCLAIR STICK Amstro d Fre e wit h Specc y NICK i This is oiu of the easiest joysticks to break' I ve lost count ot how many I've destroyed over the years' It responds /quite well although you feel e^. f you re hittng against pla^ all{the time instead-pt ^nifcrf micro switch The main probl'"-! 'S the shape of the base Tri>- rectangular box design has^ounded off cornets Itnr'can still be verv pamlul it you lean on them Supplied with aH -2 -2A and «3 computerstheie can t he many people who haven t seen one of these sticks Not the best 111 the galaxy, but how can you complain when it s free7 Response ft ft Feel ft ft Look ft a Overal l fr* CHALLENGER REMOTE CONTROL Eur o ma x C29.9 5 MAR K : Let s fa - I remote control sticks ate a very expensive gimmicks that serve tittle purpose Although this one works pretty well there seems to be a flight delay between you pressing the button and on scraen response The stick a rather natty grey colour w ith two tirebuttons both on the shaft, though the handle isn't moulded and t found that prolonged use cramped my hand There are plenty of cheaper normal sticks on the market, and in my opinion the Challenger w only b • bought by people interested in gimmicks Response Feel i loo k ft ft ft Overal l SPEEDKING Koni x C9.9 9 Standar d C I 0.9 9 Autofir e # ' NICK : Thi Speedking one fat the better joysticks when it comes to the left right waggle Ypu can get vcty high speeds on sports games using it The only problem is that Allonge can tx> iy r Response ft it 1 j r Feel * ft ft ft / Look / Overal l ftft^y y " x WICO ERGOSTICK Supcom CI 8.99 NICK : This is a real winner with me .If similar in size. Shape arid design to the Konix Speedking turt important diflerence instead of be»ng made from hard plastic, the Ergostick has a rubber covering which ma^es it much eaUier on your hijnds The rubber also stopWthe stick slipping and si d»ng aiiout The only problem is 1 kncbr.iy bit on the end it realty begfiMo hurl atler a long playing st>sS»oa! An excellent joystick I would recommend to all byte banSns oui there1 Response ft ft ft ft Feel ft ft ft ft ft Look ft ft ft ft Overal l ft ft ft ft NAVIGATOR Koni x C I 4.9 9 IVl ARK s B* tm me up • Scotty' Th( Navigator is somewhat akin to a Sfar Trek Phaser Due to Ihe handle table top use is impossible lor at least very improbable) and prolonged use can lead to hand cramping The stick is physically very short (no more than an inch or so high) so people with big hands a ill tmd holding the handle very difficult Response is fa-rly good due to the short travel, but I must say this is one of my least lavounte sticks Response i ft ft Feel ft ft Look ft ftft Overal l • • : ft Right, ther e yo u have iit: the professionals ' vie w of the joystick world . Choose you r stick carefull y — it can mak e or brea k your Speccy gamin g fun ! b y Bondwel l THE NEXT GENERATION QS-12 7 universal infrared QuickShot offers the most complete selection of video game controllers in the market. Models are available to suit all the most popular video game machines and just about any playing style. And no matter which model you choose, you can be sure you're getting the kind of performance and value for the money that have made QuickShot the biggest name in the business. QyickShat 20,000,000 JOYSTICKS SOLO WORLDWIDE QS-130N/F DELUXE DIGITAL QS-128 UNIVERSAL AHCAOESrviE QS-131 NEW BASIC QuickShot ^^^^•MMHVb ) Bondwel l BONOWELL UNITED KINGDOM LTD Bondwell House, Unit D1 Tariff Road, London N17 EOHTel: 01 3651993 Fax: 01 808 7553 AVAILABLE FROM LEADING COMPUTER & TOY SHOPS • N lor UnUmat. tfierturmeni Sirsitm Alar. ArwraO JTO Ccmtvocn ijjme tfUGm, £> 1909 Spectra wlao. Mcmatonel Ltd Quick Snot a » regupe, but i b'ish. Mir the big Christmos compilation for the Coupe and contains another four S imes to stretch your grey matter! e pack consists of more traditional E s, which are: Poker, 3D hts and Crosses, a sliding 5 gome and a version ofthe lough board game Othello. Look out for the review next issue! FAIR PRICE FOR SOFTWARE Prices for SAM Coupe software look set to stay at the price initiated by Enigma Variations when it released Defenders ofthe Earth, that's £11.99 on cassette and £14.99 on disk. 'It would be easy to charge a lot more for SAM Software,' commented an Enigma spokesman, 'but we feel that people who b * It's Pfpe Mania! This is a screen from the Atari ST version • Enigma Variations reckon the Coupe version will look identical. Probably. 0 SC O R-E : *ith Coupe software as yet but CMiS PD is willing to take a look at any games, demos or utilities Coupe owners send in. At the moment three pieces of software are available, amd they are: Soccer Challenge — a soccer management gome featuring full colour made four graphics, sound fx ond music; Satellite '90 is a space target shoot-'em up, similar to Operation Wolf, ogain with mode four graphics, music and sound fx. The third piece of software is Sprite Editor which features easy editing facilities Two demo disks are also available. The PD disks cost £1.50 each and you can get full details and o catalogue, if you enclose o stamped addressed envelope, by writing to: CMS SAM Coupe PD, 70 Donald Drive, Chadwe-li Heoth, Romford, Essex RM6 5DU. • Q: What exactly is a public domain library? A: Right ho, first of all you need to understand what public domain software is. It's software, which can be a game, a utility or simply a graphics and sonix demo, whicf au trior has given up their copyright on. This means that anyone is free to bought the Coupe were | ooking for 16-bit computing power and graphics without tne high cost of software at £25 a shot — we have to offer them power ond performance at a fair price.' Bravo! The only known exception to the £11,99/£14.99 price rule is Trivial Pursuit which has always sold at £15 on cassette and £ 2 0 on disk*. You can contact Enigmo Variations at: 13 North Park Rood, Harrogate HG1 GPD. SAM PD A public domain library cotering specially for Sam Coupe software has been set up by David Cowell of CMS PD, As the library has just got going, CMS's shelves are not exactly bulging copy and distribute it, without profiting from it. A PD library basicalfy keeps a stock of software from which you can choose what you want. Cost is very low — you simply pay the price of a disk post and packaging and a small handling charge. In CMS's cose it's just £1.50. Often it's the best way of getting softwore and if you're a programmer if II get you noticed. Check it out! QUICKSHOT TIP EB Evans from Mansfield, Notts dropped the SAM desk a line to on this tip: If you're having pri with software when using o Quickshot II joystick on tne SAM Coupe try disconnecting the red wire in the joystick. The red wire is the autofire connection but Mr Evans found it was simply causing chaos and games continually crashed So you'll be without autorire, but the crashing problem should be cured. The outputs on the 'stick ore 0 for fire and 6789 for directional control. WHO DREW THAT? The screen shot published here lost month of a spiffy sports car was created by DA tattersall from Barnsley. The caption fell off somewhere imewne , but he deserves a big hurrah for his efforts! HURRAH! SAM's aliv e an d well , so kee p your letter s coming! Send the m t o Newsfleld, UN's SA M Forum, CRASH, Ludlow, Shropshire SYS 1 JW. CRASH NOVEMBER 17 Birr! November. Any day now bashing out words on the Hermes typewriter will become very difficult as the keys begin to seize up due to freezing temperatures. I ll be hunting down that can of WD-40 before the month's out! It's the e key that usually goes first: bit of a pain as it's th most usd ittr in the nglish alphabt. And it's typical, isn't it, you nvr notic that it's missing until you rach the nd of a hug documnt and thn you've got to go and retyp it all ovr again! Anyway, on with th forum and a big thanks for your Ittrs one again — a ral bulging mail sack! Lttr of th Month gos to Richard Cordn who has a good solution to a rathr boring problm. The addrss to snd your mail is: NWSFILD, LLOYD MANGRAM'S FORUM. CRASH. LUDLOW. SHROPSHIR SYS 1JW And don't forgt thr's a £40 softwar vouchr for the bst Ittr vry month!! f cortoon strip in the C He's the craziest spoce hero1 C Loony adventures throughout Hie galaxy! O Ifs the best, c galaxy! G Double trouble with Loony Jetman! O Where is the Eye of Oktup?! TWO-PACE JET MA N EXTRAVAGANZA CRASH CHRISTMAS PLUS NOVEMBER 1 5 199 0 BRILLIANT IDEA Dear Lloyd I've got a brilliant idea. I own a Spectrum +2A and waiting for games like Batman to load takes years. My idea will make this time fly! Software houses could do a bit of advertising instead of showing a loading picture. Providing a service like Ceefax: they advertise different games giving a review of each, and if I wanted to read about a different game I could just press the space bar to turn over a page'. This would help the company sell more g^mes and keep me happy while the game loads. When the game has loaded I could come out of the service and play the game. Is this brilliant, or is this brilliant?! Why don't companies do this? Richard Corden, Leek ST13 6EP. What a grea t idea! The reason games don't already have this service is because you've only just thought of it! Here, have a $40 software voucher and a gold star for being so clever!! LM FAIR OR FOUL? Dear Lloyd My son is always on the look out for combat, rniartial arts and boxing games for his computer. Recently he spotted a new release fromi CodeMasters called Pro Boxing Simulator. The screens hots on the back of the game looked! impressive and so my son eagerly spent £2.99 of his hard earned I pocket money and 18 • CRASH NOVEMBER [ excitedly took the game home. Imagine his disappointment on loading up to find that it was only By Fair Means Or Foul originally from Superior Software under a different guise, which he has had I for over a year and was released around January of 1989. The only I change in the game appears to be the main title screen where | ]ust the name has been changed. I felt strongly that this game was being promoted unfairly. The | packaging falsely described the product as a new release. I am writing to you with the I hope that you might publish this i letter and warn your readers. Roy Acland. Maidstone ME20 6TY. | Yes. it is quite unfair to promote a product as a new release when the actual game had been | published before. This case calls j for a bit of Mangram | investigation and so I've been on the blower to Richard Darling at CodeMasters who had this to I say. Pro Boxing Simulator was a I new release from CodeMasters. | but it was really unfortunate I and a mistake not to indicate that the game had been originally published with a different name. The cassette inlay has since been reprinted and now includes the information on the cover' CodeMasters is also offering to recompense anyone who bought the original By Fair Means Or Foul game and has since also bought Pro Boxing Simulator believing it to be a different product. LM aPip ^ 4 —- l # r W ! J p • ' ^ * © Hurl Hurl Creche! Geddit?! Eomonn Creen from Belfast certainly does! A £10 software voucher, that is. POETIC PRAISE Dear Lloyd Here's a poem. I love the games that we get free. And the comps really score tops with me. The time has come for me to speak, And praise the mag I get every four weeks CRASH is rad! CRASH is cool In my eyes CRASH really does RULE!!! Well what do you think? good eh* I! Mia Beresford, Morayshire 1V36 OYN Very nice. LM Titter! Lee Storey from Ipswich sent in this chortlesome item showing DJ Niclco getting it oil wrong ogoin! £10 worth of software is on ifs way) {/»Rt fOJ W l 1 yt?a OiAv CrtAsfc GCJNF IGHTER USE YOUR VOICE 0 0UTDRAW THE GUNFIGHTER OR CASH PRIZES 0898 31 3 5 6 »9 | INF0CMAL P06ox 36 LSI 4TN Col Charges 33P/Mr Cheap 44P/Mn Al Other rmee| Haw I Haw! Here's o cartoon from Brian Eyre from Limerick that, once again, extracts the Michael from DJ Nicko! £10 worth of software is on it's way! Have you drawn a wicked cartoon that prompts giggles, snickers ana snorties from all who see it? You have?! Bravo! Send it to: Newsfleld , Bu g Box , CRASH, Ludlow , Shropshir e SY8 1 i W and you could win a £10 software voucher! COVER STORY Dear Lloyd I've been buying CRASH for ages now and never once have my parents commented on CRASH However, when I bought my last issue my mother said, 'Nick, the illustrations on these magazines are always very good ' I suppose I'd never really noticed how excellent they were. I then went and looked through all my back issues and noticed how good they all were. So, could you answer a few questions for me: Who draws these pictures? Does he draw them on a computer? Was he once a professional artist? Does he do the CRASH posters as well? Has he been at CRASH from issue one? Please help me Lloyd! Nicholas Watters, Manchester M28 4TN. Right then Nick, answers ahoy! CRASH covers are designed and illustrated by none other than Oliver Frey who also edits the magazine. The illustrations are first sketched out in pencil, the major colours are airbrushed in and finally the details are hand painted using inks. Oli still is a professional artist, and has illustrated for many magazines in his career and currently illustrates for our sister magazines ZZAP! and FEAR. He has also drawn Dan Dare and drew the Superman comic that features at the beginning of the original film. Oli not only painted the very first CRASH cover but actually created CRASH in 1984. For that ultimate Oli experience you can't do better than the giant A1 Oli posters now available through the mail order pages (plug!). LM RADIO SPECCY FM! Dear Lloyd The other day I was bopping away on my computer when I had this sudden urge to turn on my radio. So I turned it on and to my amazement the sound from my computer was coming from my radio (100 -101 FM). I don't know if it's already been discovered but if it hasn't 1 think this discovery is well worth C40 HmtrJ® 6 ' Games**® samcssp * r a HOTLIN E »bhk« 089 8 299380°° ^ ' L( It. Kimt«a.W*rvMk.WIS Ml. Comehorgedai 2So par rrwvite cheap 'ote ond 36p pe« mmuie at all o w t*nej ( whoeve r pcv» pneme o* ) CRASH NOVEMBER • 19 ^ aEcufi worth of softwaxe, don't you? Neil Stafford, Southwick SR5 2ES. No it isn't worth £40 of software. It's actually interference. LM WHY LONDON? Dear Lloyd Could you please tell me why everybody who organises a computer fail always stages tt in London Why can't it be in different places around Britain every year like the National Garden Festival7 If something doesn't change soon I shall abandon the idea altogether. N Salt. Bishop Auckland DL74 ODS For the answer to that, please give a big CRASH welcome to the organiser of the All Formats Computer Fail, Bruce Evenss!! "The thing is, 60-70% of people in Britain live within a suitable commuting distance from London. People have tried to organise regional fairs, but have always been unsuccessful. This is because it's more difficult for most people to get to a regional venue than travel to London.' There you have it. It's a case of not being able to please all of the people all of the time, but pleasing most of the people all the time. Erm.. or something like that. LM STCOCI, MOM57tKS FRo n Heel Heel Poor DJ Nicko comes in for some more stick in this Nick breed cortoon from Keith Darlington from Ogwell who wins £10 worth of software! BASIC LIST Dear Lloyd Are there any programs on the market which can' simply provide a BASIC listing of a game? A Johnson, Goole DN14 6TL. No, not really, as most games are written in machine code and not BASIC. LM FAVE RAVES! Keep sending in your Fave Raves — simply list your five favourite games and tell us why you think each one is so skill! This month s hit parade comes from Glynn Jones from Stockton! 1. CHASE HQ The most playable driving game on the Spectrum. 2. PACMANIA Simple idea but very addictive. 3. TARGET RENEGADE Brilliant graphics and so addictive. 4. CHUCKIE EGG Graphics are not stunning but is addictive. 5 TECHNICIAN TED It will drive you mad but good fun. HELP!! If you need help! or can offer someone help! this is just the place for you. Send in your problems or answers to the usual address. First bit of help! comes in the form of this handy tip from Steven Warner from Wolverhampton. Tell all, Steven! 'I have found an easy way to get my +2A and +3 to load many old games which wouldn't load before. Enter 48K mode and type OUT 32765, 48: LOAD "" (press enter). Start the offending tape, and the game should now load. These games now load with the command, whereas they didn't before: Monty on the Run, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Lunar Jetman and Marsport.' Good stuff. Next up is Scott Murphy from Stirling who offers help! to Robert Davies from Cardigan (issue 80 September 1990) who asked if anyone knew any mouse driven software. Well Scott, what's your answer? Carrier Command (128K only) will work with a mouse!' Super! Scott also says Cheeseplant!!'. Hummm. Spiderplant! OOOO! JUST WHAT WE ALWAYS WANTED! • The superb solid-3D graphics system Freescape, developed by Incentive Software, is a fab gadgi, isn't it?! Without it there wouldn't have been such smash hit games as Driller, Dark Side, Total Eclipse or Castle Master. Next year Domark are publishing Incentive's 3D Construction Kit which allows you to create your own Freescape games! T'riff. eh?! Domark claim that using the kit is like building with an unlimited amount of Lego bricks! You can stretch them, squash them and build whatever you like! Then enter your creations and interact with the surroundings and marvel at the animated objects you've created! The system sounds very promising, and we'll be giving it the full run through in a few months PLUS keep your peepers peeled for a special CRASH Freescape game, created with the system, appearing on the Powertape! AMSTRAD KILLS PLUS 3 • The Spectrum +3 is dead. The top of the range computer is no longer to be manufactured by Amstrad The company made the shock decision last month, leaving only the Plus 2 in production. Launched three years ago the Plus 3 was aimed towards more serious computer users. A variety of business packages were written for it in a hope that it would be see* as a business rather than pleasure machine. Of course the people vho bought it were not all interested in the latest data base or spreadsheet available, they wanted to play games, and software companies started to produce disk as well as tape versions of all their producs. So what went wrong? With 15% of all Spectrum owners owning a Plus 3 and disks being produced all fie time why scrap such a success story? The mam reason seems to be the new disk-based Amstrad CPC 6128 Plus machine. Amstrad does not want potential buyers lo have to make the decision between its new computer and the much cheaper Plus 3: the best way to ensure the new machine takes off is, of course, to get rid of the competition. This doesn't mean the end though, far from it The Plus 2 is still a sizzling success and coupled with the Sam Coupe will take Spectrum computing into the future. Gotta high score? We want to know about it! This is Hi-fire where you can announce your high score to the Speccy universe! We II be pulling a name from the Hi-fire hat each month and awarding the lucky scorer £40 worth of software!! So, play mean and get yourself a high score and send it, with a photo of yourself if possible, to: NEWSFIELD: HI-FIRE, CRASH. LUDLOW. SHROPSHIRE SY8 1JW!! OPERATION THUNDERBOLT 81903290 Craig McNeil. Stranraer DG9 8TN 6996295 Richard Haslam, Lincoln LN6 8DP INDIANA JONIS AND THt LAST CRUSADE 15150 Mathew Cross. Scunthorpe DN16 3NP GHOSTS AND GOBUNS 78900 GR Williams. Worthmgton CAM 2QD TWIN TURBO VB 4632416 Paul L'Alliet, Crowthorne RG11 6DX 194 3 486580 Gavm Sunon, Chelmsford CMt 4DZ GHOSTBUSTERS 43500 GR Williams. Worthmgton CA14 200 ROBOCOP 484630 Chris Green, Cledthorpes ON35 7SA 396680 RuSSdH Johnston. Glasgow G14 0BA 268350 Andrew Dungey. Penryn TRIO 8QJ 97600 Lee walson. CMheroe BB7 1LG 93840 Toby Rutland, Stroud GL5 408 92350 Richard Lester. Porthmadog LL49 9UA 84470 Matthew Davies. Redditch B98 0JU RAINBOW ISLANDS 55109050 Phillip Lock. Leamington Spa CV32 5QN 2608600 Robert Evans. Abbots Lartgley WD5 0BL 2358830 Aiex Noone, Stockport SK7 3JW 1333610 Gary Green. Bedford MK41 7QJ JOE BLADE III 789278 Craig McNeil. Stranraer DG9 8TN PAPERBOY 95461715 Michael Huliand, Stapteford NG97AP 108670 Andrew Thomas. Weymouth DT4 9RB 72600 Robert Evans. Abbots Langtey WD5 0BL 44600 Matthew Davies Redditch B98 0JU 44340 Mark Williams. Cambridge CB4 SON SOLARIS 3983000 Paul White, Lincoln LN5 9BQ 1118000 Richard Keel, Staines TW18 3DF DEJA-VU 155350 Matthew Gamblm. York Y03 62 KLAX 1725900 Scott Wright, Wrexham LL11 4ED 198960 Dean Wnghl, Wrexham LL11 4ED STRIDES 59100 Gavin Sutton. CHelmstord CMi 40Z VENDETTA 262200 Dean Wright, Wrexham LL11 4ED MASTER BLASTfR 2983000 Paul LAIIter. Crowthorne RGll 6DX RENEGADE 539202900 Christopher Spence. Inverness IV2 4EH OPERATION WOLF 795779 Richard Haslam. Uncotn LN6 6DP 696554 Richard Lester. Portmadog LL49 9UA 617382 Richard Amey, Warwick CV35 8SQ 566832 Toby Rultand. Siroud GL5 4QB 504562 James Anness. Eastry CT13 0LB CONTINENTAL CIRCUS 4005890 Peter Ireland. Norwich NR9 4BS OUTRUN 31446180 Andrew Tyers. Leicester L£6 4GR 261060 Gary Green. Bedford MK41 7GJ NEW ZEALAND STORY 21388335 Andrew Dungey. Penryn TRIO aOJ Who's this month's lucky Hi-flire winner? Blimey! It s Gary Green from Bedford! Hurrah! If U think U know all about GIRLS... 000 WHO 18 YOUR IDEAL GIRL? Find out exactly which girl would be your perfect partner!! CALL 089 8 40 4 601 ARE YOU A SNOGGING 8UPER8TAR! Find out if you're hot stuff at tonsil tickling? CALL 089 8 40 4 60 3 HOW 2 TELL IF A GIRL FANCIES U! CALL 089 8 40 4 60 2 HOW 2 GET THAT GIRL 2 FANCY U! CALL 089 8 40 4 60 8 THE GIRLFRIEND GAME! Find out what girls really think of YOU!! CALL 089 8 40 4 60 7 \ YWJTM T MADNESS ! r TURTLE FIGURES 2 B WON ON 0898 664315! Yup, we've got all your favourite Turtle figures to give awayt The first prize winner gets a complete set of Michaelangelo. Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael - plus a couple of vilKans tool Then 25 lucky runnersup gel the Turtle figure of their choice, so donl forget to tell us who your fave mutant is when you enter) MUTANT MOVIE TICKETS ON 0898 664316! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie is coming soon, and you could be one of the first to see it if you win our shell shock of a oompll WeVe got 100 tickets to give away to a special show later this year, so call now!!! TURTLE TRANSPORT 2 B WON ON 0898 664317! This is wild! 5 of you mutants out there could soon own the Turtle tank, Turtle party wagon, Turtle air ship, and of course the Turtle sewer motorcycle! We're giving away these ultimate sets of Turtle transport, complete with all 4 Turtle figures, to the winners of this turtlely brilliant competition! Call 0898 664317 right now ninjas!! \TS A PIZZA CAKE TO WIN IN OUR TASTY TURTLE COMPS! r Calls cost 33p (cheap rate) and 44p (at all other times) per minute including VAT. Voiceline, PO Box 1640, London, NW1 8NG. Please ask your parents permission before you call. These services are unofficial end have no connection with the featured characters or business organisation. SPECTRUM COMPUTER REPAIRS THETFORD MICROS offer you • On the Spot Repairs * Same Day Repairs * Three Month Warranty on all repairs • All Computers returned post paid and insured in the UK. SPECTRUM 48K £20.00 SPECTRUM + REPAIRS £20.00 SPECTRUM + 2 REPAIRS £24.95 SPECTRUM + 3 REPAIRS £24.95 (excluding disks mechanism) MICRODRIVE REPAIRS £24.95 INTERFACE 1 REPAIRS £24.95 Replacement Spectrum Power Supply £12.95 FOR FAST DELIVERY SERVICE - CARRIAGE £10.00 • VAT. Payment can be made by cheque, portal order, barclaycard or access. TRADE ENQUIRIES ALWAYS WELCOME. THETFORD MICROS, M CASTLE STREET. THETFORD. NORFOLK. TEL:(0842) 761645. K0BRAHS0FT SPECTRUM AND SAM COUPE UTILITIES CT2 SAM ADVANCED TAPS UTILITY:- NEW! MafcftS your essential tape backups of your Spectrum AND Sam tap**. Hand!** normal >pn d Sam tape* and normal speed Pulsed. Countdown and Multlf small MockSpectrum tap**. Makes a RELIABLY LOADING backup ot the above Spectrum tapes to reload EASILY Into Sam Ideal tor Sam without a disc drive. Price:- C9.95 on Tap* CD2 TAPe TO SAM DISC TRANSFER UTILITY:- NEW! Transfer the VAST MAJORITY of your Spectrum Upas to Sam drive. Chang** Sam Into a Spectrum - gives SUPERB Speccy tap* cotnpatablllty ALL types or programs can now be transferred lo Sam disc - Fast Loaders,Pulsed, Countdown. Mutt! Block, most of the very latest programs- VERY EASY to use. CD2 HAS BEEN APPROVED AS A SAM UTILITY BY MGT - MAKERS OF SAMI Price:- CI 0.95 on DISC. SPA TAPS +3 DISC UTILITY: NEW Transfer Up** lo *3 disc. NOW transfers the LATEST Pulsing, Countdown and Muttl Block program*. FREE superb DISC CATALOGUER. Now handles FULL128K PROGRAMS. INCLUDES SP« COMPANION which shows how lo transfer many games. Supplied on DISC at>- £14.95. SP« COMPANION VOL 2:- TRANSFERS FOR OVER 100 GAMES. Needs SP6 - C4.SS DMS +3 DISC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:- NEW Now you can organise ALL your disc files. Ha* INDEX and easy to use DOS routines. Gives Hi* list on disc and PRINT OUT. Large database: FAST search for Individual 111**. Menu programs for your discs for easy program selection Easy lo us*:- CI 2.S5 on Disc. D.I.C.C.i- NEW Version 2.1 .3 disc utility. Modify and read sectors. Back up diacs: FULL DiRactory: Recover erased fll*s: Lock out faulty files: NEW Print Option: Easy to use 'An excellent package". CRASH October 88:- CI2.95 on disc. SPECTRUM MACHINE DODE COURSE:- FULL course from beginner to advanced l*v*l. Applies to ALL Spectrum* Suitable for al l Free Disassembler AND Editor. Assembler:- C20.00 OB2 +3 DISC BACKUP UTILITY:- NEW Backup +3 PROTECTED disc* to DISC or TAPE: Easy to uaa: Handles Multi-Loads and now even more disc*:- CI4.95 on Disc PLUS 3 DIARY AND FILING SYSTEM:- NEW A complete diary note pad-filing system database for the • 3. with LARGE database and diary to 2089, fast search retrieve and biorttythms for 4 people: - C12.95 on Disc ALSO AVAILABLE:- SD5 TAPE TO M/D; SOS TAPE TO OPUS DRIVE; MT1.M/D TOOLKIT) SC6 TAPE UTILITY; SW1 TAPE TO WAFADRIVE. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - BUY WITH CONFIDENCE Sand cheque P. to:- "KOBRAHSOFT, DEPT CR, "Pleasant View' Hulme Lane Hulme. Longton. Stoke-on-Trent, Staff*. ST3 5BH (Overseas:- Europe add £1 P*P PER ITEM, others C2> Send SAE {9* a 5") for detailed Catalogue - mark envelop* "ENQUIRY" For more information please phone:- 078 130 5244 Access. Visa welcome - please phone above number. ^HHHI^ H (24 Hour, 7 Day Service for FAST Mall Order) VIS A AT LAST SPECTRUM SPARES AT REALISTIC PRICES All prices include post/packing, handling and VAT ULA6C001 128K ROM Z80A 7805 REG 4116 RAM SPEC PSU £14.99 £11.99 £2.99 £1.49 £1.99 £10.49 SPECTRUM K/BOARD MEMBRANE £7.99 SPECTRUM K/BOARD MAT £8.99 SPECTRUM K/BOARD TEMPI^ATE £6.49 SPECTRUM + MEMBRANE £9.99 MODUIJVTOR £9.99 S/MANUAL £22.99 Remember alt prices include P&P, handling and VAT Full spares list available/Trade enquiries welcome Accena/Viiia or Postal Order Cheques. SPECTRUM REPAIRS £9.99 + PARTS + CARRIAGE + V.A.T. ELECTRONIC SERVICES 176 VICTORIA ROAD WEST. CLEVELEYS. BLACKPOOL FYS 3NE TEL- (0253) 822708 I SINCLAIR Spectrum 48k, • £16.00 Spectrum 128k +2 £22.00 Ql £27.00 Spectrum +2 Action Pack £155.00 Spectrum +3 Action Pack £190.00 Many spares and leads in stock. ACE REPAIRS Depl CR1, Outways Farm. Pelynt, Looe, Cornwall, PL13 2NW Tel: (0503) 20282 "HACK PACK" • £7.99 The ullma(* hacking package created by a professional hacker Six programs which anabis you to hack or cradi any (roMCSon on any gam*. Find WWte llvtt. dlsassembie code - r e scope Is kmlSess. Complete wth special Instruction booHet huuing expert hints W tip! and example hacks. SPEEDY LOAD-SAVE • C3 W Convert your own prognurt* to bat load .. 20 CHARACTER SET FONTS - C3.99 INTERRUPT SOUNO EFFECTS • C3.M Create amazing Interrupt driven sound enacts that run without stoppng program execution PROGRAM PROTECTION TOOLKIT - E4.» Expert routines tor yov programs to protect them from prying eyes. Devstoped over years DRUM BEAT MACHINE - £3 99 Add your own mythms to you programs. GAMES AIO < C3 9» Toolkit ol rou»nes and *ps to help creating games POKES GALORE t2.99 MESSAGE SCROLLER - C2 99 DOUBLE HEIGHT PRINT • C2.50 SPIDROID - £2 » LASER WAR - E2.99 Send 22p stamp tor FREE Ul catalogue Pleas* add 50p PAP when ordering SIGMASOF T DEPT CR11.6 Pm* Dal*. RaWord, Merseyside WAII eDP / Your computer is the only teacher which YOU CONTROL! I Whatever your age, whatever your subject - let your computer help you learn. Subjects Include... French, German, Spanish, Italian, English History, Geography, Science, General Knowledge, Football, First Aid, Sport, England. Scotland, Natural History, Junior Spelling and Arithmetic Available for most popular home & business computers Kosmos are specialist producers ot Educational Software designed to help you enjoy learning from your computer. Our programs even allow you to add your own lesson material. Write or telephone for a FREE 20-page BROCHURE of our Educational & Leisure software Please state your computer type Kosmos Software Ltd. FREEPOST (no stamp needed) DUNSTABLE. Beds. LU5 6BR Telephone 05255 3942 or 5406 Kosm M i s r—r . „ r r—:— i MICRPSOXf T COMPUTER SERVICES 68 Chalmers Street, Dunfermline, Fife. KYI2 8DG Tel: (0383)620708 COMPUTER REPAIRS SPECTRUM 48K £14.00 SPECTRUM 128K + 2, +2A £22.00 SPECTRUM 128K +3 ASK PRICES INCLUDE VAT, RETURN POSTAGE AND PARCEL INSURANCE. n ^V LIVE K aftcuv r NOT DEAD YET • Despite declaring the firm is to cease publishing Speccy games, Activision has announced two coin-op conversions planned for early next year Beast Busters is an obvious Operation Wolf clone with its bolt on guns and blasting action. Three heroes, Johnny. Sammy and Paul (could it be Big Fun in disguise?!) pit their battle skills against an army of zombies. Through the ruined city streets our heroes trudge blasting all that moves, and if you're too slow on that trigger you'll end up in the same state as the villains! R-Type II is the second release and it's another mega space blaster. Like the original, your craft is initially armed with a laser gun, but bolt on extra weapons can be collected. R Type gained a CRASH Smash two years ago — will its sequel do as well? Stay tuned! Jonny, Sammy and Paul, looking a lot like big Fun, rough if up with a load zombies in Beast Busters n c i JUDE! • A big warm, soft, cuddly welcome to the latest member of the CRASH team — it's a GIRL (y'know, them things what are different from blokes)! Big' Judith Bamford joined the team in September and is Group Advertisement Manager, which means she rings up software houses and hollers 'Give us your money!!!', What does this mean to you lot though? Well, it you have a problem with an advertiser drop Big Jude a line and she'll try to sort it out! Remember though folks, she's a busy lady so before you approach her there's a few things you should know: • Jude lives in 'sunny' Birmingham. She wanted to move to Ludlow but isn't allowed because she worries sheep!! • Jude's very talkative. In fact, her mouth doubles as a steam turbine1 • Jude's favourite Speccy game is Chase HO which she reckons is a real simulation of her driving!! • Jude used to be a dancer six years ago and invented the disco craze for wearing white .high-heels and dancing around a collection of handbags!! • Jude's favourite food is Tangy bars! • Jude has a friend who's not very good at keeping secrets!! GET YOUR GAME ONTO THE CRASH POWERTAPE! Oct • MM * th' m written and w*« M Ilk* urn to <«iul4*F for I m I h I h m M m CRASH lover cumIHY Than tend l» to u. with H»U tonal Wo'II ovoloalo It nod lot yoo know whether tt'i •wltablo and how aw h you'll got lor year at«atorplo«e M AAW . ..Postcode.. WWphooe IDoytime)........ (tvoningil IMPORTANT1 •i| n this j» ii«i«ii m ftii program a '^l j far fmUaUM* by CtASH * a • •» mini**) C*ASH Udl/NawdMd ltd DQJ • II ony powUt im i ocftox i M Ksynglw pnibhmi a m Dm gm it RM bona mniijood lor ptitfcoticn by amy inoyconr or wfcw fcwii and t/w mil nJomi ymu In wXiag w *rt ft *H banning. $ipwd HcwsraiD. cIasmVjsvt r f sv ^JJ ^ i ' /w ' r I — SINCLAIR SUPPLIES Spectrum +2 Computer..£124.99 Spectrum +3 Computer ..£169.99 Spectrum 48 Membrane £6.75 Spectrum + Membrane £9.99 Spectrum Power Supply ..£10.99 Spectrum 128/+2 PSU £14.99 Spectrum +3/+2A PSU £24.99 +3 Cassette Lead ....£4.99 +2/+3 Scart Lead ..£12.99 Cheetah Ughtgun £27.99 C12 Data Cassettes (x10) ..£22.99 Spectrum Datacorder E19J.99 Cheetah 125+ Joystick £7r.99 Spectrum+ User Manual ....£41.99 Spectrum +2 User Manual .£9).99 Spectrum +3 User Manual .£9).99 "SPECTRUM REPAIRS Only £13 inclusive tor Spec 418/+ repair, phone for +2/+3 pricess. Send machine only." Prices include VAT & P&P. Payment by Chq/PO to; Omnidale Supplies (Dept Q) 23 Curzon Street. Derby DE1 2ES Tel (0332) 291219 ZX81 SOFTWARE - SAE FOR LIST. Useful source New rewritten STEVE'S SOFTWARE NEW SC-ASSKMBLEB 5 1 2K (For Sum Coupe with extra 256k Chip fitted only). Hot all the features of ihe 256k version, but uses all 512k memory so that three tirrnes as much source con be stored (288k). thats almost enough to Assemble 64 K of object icode, files to oet you started, there ore 32 Character Editor sets to choose from and a i Manual using Desk Top Publishing written by Carol Brooksbonk. NEW SC-ASSEMBLES 236K (For Sam Coupe 236K only] This is on improved version, with better keyscanning and other bits and bobs and o choice of 32 Editor Character sets. For those new to my assembler here is a summery of the Feotiures:- Powerful easy to use Editor like no other Spectrum/Sam Coupe Assemblers, 64 ond 80 column text. All Opcodes recognised. Friendly error checking, Disassembler, My Assembler uses no ROM at all ensuring compatibility. An two programs come with a FREt Utility SCSAMSPEC, You can turn your Sam into a Spectrum and oil those Grey Keys etc. ore sconned and Lprint Works to Printer, Load in Plus D Snapshots, Switch from Spectrum to Sam ond Vice Versa so you con poke and save and lood to Disc etc. ftut you need a copy of the Spectrum 48K ROM (not suppliedl. All software comes on 3.5" Disc which will bock up to another disc. Price SC Assembler 256K £10 (FREE Upgrade send Original Disc, Customer no & SAE] SC/Assembler 512K CI2.50 (Upgrade send Original Disc, Customer no & C2.50) Overseas please odd CI.00, Please make cheques payable to MR.S.J.NUTTING STEVE'S SOFTWARE, 7 NARROW CLOSE, NISTON, CAMBRIDGE, CB4 4XX SPECTRUM REPAIRS 48K PLUS REPAIR £16.50 48K RUBBER REPAIR £15,50 48K PLUS MEMBRANES £11.00 48K RUBBER MEMBRANES £6.00 41/6 MEMORY 1c £0.70 4164/4532 MEMORY 1c £2.60 280 CPU 1c £2.60 MINIMUM ORDER £5 PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND POSTAGE R.A.ELECTRONICS ?. •. WOtlWBV ... . J smcnaiiow . GREAT ESCAPE . WHKKJCT.l GREG LOSES CLOCK Gflomi . GUAROWIi ANGELS «€AO WALS WWYCKTHEMAGOL O N j *CJNG PKXJEV n MYFErePORTS _.. KARI WARRIORS mposs&e mission 2 I»IANA JONES TBWIE OF DOOM KTEflNATlOKALfOOTBAU. KTERNATTOMmAHAOEJl JACK TW NPPER 1 Oft 2 jaws sew JET JOE BLADE 'WI . JGtBAOEl KENTUCKY RAONO . n o boxing KMGHTWM IEAQUECHAUEMGE UTTLEPLFF UVEAWvETWE MACADAM BLWER FWMil T«E MANAGER MAMCUNEA . . MATOOAY 1002 MWRESBPOP OUB MICE UN OFFICE «c*>teca«.ccas>no MONTY ON TWffc* HOW CYCLE TO WW -2M NIG&MAKSElLCfiAICPfiiK MHJAMASTW KOBWSTW •LUEAWLSA] ON TW BENCH OPERATION GLHSHP 0PWATS0NHAWI NEW OUT FOR TW COUNT O-.WLAXOtK PAAAACADEVY. .] PENALTY SOCCER "HSAL. SM POWERPLAY • POSTMAN PAT pro go cart sim PRO GCX/ lOCOEMASTERS) p«oM»MW scoosvooo SHOftTORCWT HOOLOttt «ATE CRAZY. SLAPfCMT . 90CKER WNAGEMEJT SHOCKER MANAGE". SOCCER? SOCCER BOGS SOCCER DBIECTOR SOCCERO SOCCER STAR SPACE HAflWEP SPMWTti AfSTO* erwxziy SP* HUNTER 8PYVSPYIOR21 I STAR WARS WW STREET FKWTIR _ strppoksu.. BTRKER SUMNER GAMES SLPER CYCLE ^ B SUPER NLOOEMQO SLPERSTAR SOCCER S^FIR STOCK CAAS ftlERTAAKSM SUFERTRUX TSBO TETR6 TMEATRE RjBCPE TVMCERCATS TOPOUH TRAPDOOR 1 Oft 2 TREASLRE GLAND WTr tla&O CLP Challenge turf form U 5 BASKET MASTtP VCEO CAW ARCADE VtOCATOR WEMLEY WHEELE WWTERGAtCS woal l TVtWDMBLES NEW . WOWEMOY , WOULD CLASS LEAOERSOARO WOMI GAMES VESPWMEMWT YE Aft KUNG Rj YOGI BEAR'S GREAT ESCAPf ZYKX SOFTWARE CITY SPECIALS wacoou) - ,.1M ...2M im ...TIB 2» 3m 1» 2 » 2 » 2 » m IM 2» m 2» 2K 2» IBB It» IBB 2 » 2» 2M 239 33» 1JB 2 » 2M 2» IM in 2 » 294 . 2 » 2B* 2 » BRMN CLOUGH M BSC OW.Y1. CAPTW FIZZ — — cfloeswis 2» SPACEHARMRJ. SPORTS ICFIO ADVENTURE STMBTWET12 IJffER TEWEST TEMPLE OF WAN TKMGR8LA0E WWFfBCE nGERROAC TtCSCAM«R TUM9L. COMPILATIONS 3M l JB . IJB '» 2M 2» OOATROADVEWTIME MZY.WHPAE OHOSTHLNTERS. ROflBt HCCO CASS2BB IWNTER GAMES IWOIUI. . M B 1J . MB FULL PRICE (OOS DYNAMITE AFTER»J*t£ m - a « na AKaEKTBAmiS- 0W HA BAiXTOn • nOWHFWEOOY BBB -B4B FCHTERBOMBEft BBB MA FOOTBALL WECTCtt .... 6M.. MA fOOTSAaWflECTOfi2{>2BK) .. T3BB 13SB FOQTBAL. UANMjCR _29» MA axumimmwiehi-EIMSCN .MA RXTMIMMi£E1IWM£aPa R« >M QHOASANOGHOSTS . . BJB. . I N GUNSHf fir/ )W WMMEHFIST tr> HA HOSTAGES WW 699 IJB How* joneslast crusade esc ma KTERNATOML K TEWS CM I M KICK OFF I M KLAX. UB. BM LO®OF£>«OS WW . BM.. >M man urn bm b n UtCttWOSt SOCCER BM «M MCNCHT«SSTANCE WW »M » » tEWYOntWAPROft WW BM... HA WWZEAUWOSTOB* BM-. BIB OPERATION THJIOERBOLT B» » » ORKMMQMES WW BBS—4 * tWWECY STEALTH flOfTBt MOTBMBIML d^ B nwaowisland u b i m IKKQANGEROUS ..... BM I M WSOCOft JtM 1M SCRABBLE MONOPaYicwEDO >sm VA SWOCW WARRIORS BM BM SBtCffY NB».. SM 11 M STARGU0CR i.... JM ISM ST« WARS muwir „,..S M IXM n i p sib wa STUMTCAR 6M I M TIE BREAK - U B SM r«CMMXW SM MA tnesoflo k tolkentrbjmy.. TSACKSi.1! MANAGER TREBLE CHAAPCNS TURSOOUTHJN PJRRlCAN J THE UNTOUCHABLES VEMJETTA VKNQS EDITION OME DOUBLE OMGOK HVON. SEX WCM ( KMINIWMCASSIN THHILLT1ME GOLD 1 fVkPEJWOY, GHOSTS AW GOBUW B0MUUX BATTY. TVflBO ESPMT CASS 6M THRILLTTME OOLO ] COMMANDO 1»«. SPITTfif COMBAT LYKX. D6EP STRIKE CASS BM S PLAT 1 BUGCY8QY, SPACE HAtfllER UVEJAC LC CC OVERLANOER WAjCKS LA«. THUWDEftCATS, 9EYOW THE C I PALACE. GREATOURWIOS. HOPPING MAD K M WARRIORS CASSBtt BM. IM STOBV SO FAR VOL 4 GHOSTBUSTl«S.Ai.eNS ym)€fi93Y.EIOOCN. BACK TO T « FUTURE. OWWETCASSBSB -UB A BM I ..AM.. ...BM. HEWSON COLLECTION ELWWATDR. HYDROFOOL. CYBEFH0© t UOKmmCE. URiDtUM S EXUW CASS «4B KARATE ACE WAY CF THE EJTLOOWG FIST BRUCE IS. KLHG FU MASTER. AVENOER. SA»MlAI;TFHOGY LCHIMATA. WAY OF TW T«RCASS SS0 BM 4M « M ™ HA .. BM . VA WORLD BO)MGMWAGBI «M VA XOUT BM MB WW BM BM Twsa R-TYK. OPERATION WOLF. DOUOE DRAOON KATUAN TW CAPED CRflACCR CM BM DAMWC FOREST AC-ENTJUE •ECACTIMTCRS oyhmnc ouo EAPTHJGHT EMGMAFORCE ESLOPENMEMTDRUIOa. FAT WOW BLOWS A SPMOi FEDERATCNMJVENTUflE FINAL MtSSCN FRAMlStSTEM GALAXY FORCE GAMES SUMMER EWT0N GARY LMEKERS *Ct»Q!S.. | GOLOSL'.tfl BRONtt HARDDRWW . .... WARTUW) WWPRCE HEli/WE ATTACK WNPRCE HWASAU nrw»«CE MPLOSON WWPfDCE . ... INTERNATIONAL MATCH DAY (TV) INTENSITY WW PRICE JACK AW) TW BEANSTALK KAYLETH ICWPRCE WflYSSlA I MAGWTWN WWfWCE ICGA APOCAJ.VPSE momtamsofket • M(SfRYC»ITHEI«LE MlflH WWPRK3E NMAMMBTO J QUESTION OF SPORT QUESTION OF SPORT (.3 WO. . . realohostsustbw ! » TW REALM I M SAKTAWXJRBWIE 2M StACKLED I M .OM IM I B9 1M 2M 2M 2» .SM 4ti an I M ,0JS , 07S 2» —an ..2M on IM o n . ..1M ..IM o n . J M .DM HMT BOOKS 0R20RJ .SOD ?se carhassEOEs r I H CURSEOFAZlflEKIMS . ... TM CARGCNS OF ADO OUNGEOfc MASTER BM MB40ES OF TW LANCE A 00 HERiJES QUEST I M MILSFAR TM «IANA XWES TW AOVEWTWE. *M .C«2Cfi3. ew VtG^A)f)kWiC2 . SM PCUCE0UE5T2. 1M FOOLOFFWMNCE . TM SECRET OF SEVER BUCES T» SSF»a0UESTl0R20fi5™ BM FMOCSFrjEONTWASUflEBUWDSM I M F0CHMJ.0W-CT0R2 .—tUB. !)M fvturebwjSamstrbssout.. bm. j m BLMBt 3* DOCS AMSCFT MAXELL 1 . 2,n OM 22X NUIfACElWiSfnUhllMIMCCE SUE MUTwaiaAwsFtciMM-iNwrMooe u» lUTVNXJwrsKnuB'KMiL urn lumavTxvuCHnn « » •tar*) OUATRO SPORTS GRAND PROC SM. PRO 9(1 SM. SNOOKER AND EMXSMCASS2M OUATRO POWER 1CTC CROSS SHTWTi^Feo« KOWERBOC RACWGIATV SJU CASS 2M STORY SO FAR VOL a SPACE HARRER, LNE1 LET DC. OAflUftDEft. BETOO TW ICE RMACE. HOPPMG MAO CASS BM TAITO COtN OPS RASTAfi.FLYMSSWW. ARKA^CID I AND 7 SLAPFXXT euefiLE 906BLE. R£NEGA0t LEGEND Of KA0E CASS! M HEROES UC8CE TO KLL RUWNG MAM. BAR8AAAN 2 (STAR WARS CASSSMDGC ISM CHARTBUSTERS GK5STBUSTERS FACU". AGENT XL KANE, LA SWAT MNJA MASTER W6PUTK0UJE AM) USA RJCCCWT. ZOLYX, WAY OF THE EXUONi FIST- DAN OAflE FORMlIA OK BRIAN JACKS TAUCET1. IBALI. RW* RATROL THRUST. HARVEY WACSANGER 4 WAR CARS CASSSS0 SUPREME CHALLENGE SOCCER SPECTACULAR PETEfl BEAKOSLEVS M FOOTBALL SOCCER.SUPREMC, FOOTBALL MMACER WOUDCHAMPICKS. PETER SWLWS HAMWALL MARADCW CASS 4M THRILLTME GOLD 2 «maf . sccceY doo. battlesmps, SABOTEUR FRAMC BRLMO CASS BM FRANK BRUNO S BIO BOX FRANK BRUNO'S BOXING BATTY COMMAXOO BOM8JACK. SCO0SY DOO-SATTLESHtPS SABOTEUR 19*2. GHC6TS AW) OOflLRS AFWOtFCASSSW SUMMERTIME SPECIALS WORLD CLASS LEADERBOARD SOUWCHTS KEY. SftlMSTAflR TTHWTOfl. RYGAR CAP! A* AMERICA CASS 5 50 COMPLETE GAMES CENTRE MAN CLJDUGKS FOOTBAU PORTUCS WIZAflOSUURHiQOUZ IC£TEMF\E.STEW WMS SHOOm. VWXfMCK. SYNTAX. CASTIE 8UCKSTAR POOL 1PW6AU. CASS I» OUATTRO COMBAT THUNOeWGLT. SAS COMBAT. MKIA MASSACRE B ARCADE RJGHT SM CASS2.M SUPREME CHALLENGE EUTE. SENTWCL ACE 2 TETRJS. StARGUOEd CASSSK CECCO COLLECTION STORBtOPO EXOLONCYBERNOOI42 CASSBM D6CMM SOCCER SOUAD FOOTBAU. OF « YEAR. GARY LiCttRS SiWStf l SOCCER-SLPERaOLLS AW ROY OF TW ROVERS WW PRCE CASS ORDER FORM AND INFORMATION AO ortui MM F1NST CLASS iuA(e of game Computer Value 1 Postage TOTAL Ptrntt UQ • Rmm b« Jm mtm cs. sm met mmmm m n.» tm I RM IK OBMAIM B 05ft* 8760*4 Editor Oliver Frey Feature* Editor Richard Eddy Stan Writer* Mark Cawww, Nrc* Roberts, Uoyd Mangram Art Editor Mvk Kandncfc Photography MIchMl Parkinson Production and Circulation Director Jonathan Ranat System* Operator Paul (Chafle) CttjDO Reprographic* Matthew UfflncMI (Supervttor), Root) Hwirton. Rabun Mffichamp. Tim Morris. Janl Reddaid. u*a McCoun Group Advertisement Manager JucHlh Bamtord Advertl*m«nl Saiat ExkuiIv i Georje Keenan Advertisement Production Jackie Word* (Supervisor], Jo Lewi* Mall Order Carol Kkntey Subscription* Carotin* Edwards. CRASH, NewslWd, Ludlow. SnropatWe, SY8 tJW Typesetting Ap(to Madrtoth Computers using Ouark XPrtst and BflitTMm fonts Syalama Manager lan CJxjOC Colour Origination S«ao Stuckot. IsRngton. London Prlntad In Engfend by BPCC Business Mag*Una* (Carflala) Lid Newtown Trading Estate. Carttle. Cunbrta, CA2 7NR DUtrtbutor Comag. Taviwoc* Road. W M Drayton. Mdfltatta Vearty subscription ram : UK £17.20 Europe £24.00. Air Man overran £37. US-Canada subtcrtpflons and back ) M < enquiries Barry Katcftar. British Magazine Dtstrtbutors Lid, S M Durham Crescent. Woodstock. Ontario N4» Sit. Canada Tat 519 421 1265. tax S19 421 1285 Yearly sutoscrtpecn rates. US S*7.00. Canada S57.00 Back issue*: US S5.20, Canada CANS6.20 (inclusive ol pottag*), COMPETITION RULES; The editor s dedtion n unal in an mabar* ratting to mudcito n and we offer prizes m I good tami. be4«vtng them to be available: II icmethmg untoward happens we reserve r e ngnt to subacute pnte* ol | comparable value We * do our very beat to despatch prize* at toon a* pocafble after the pubtshed doting date Winner* name* win appear In a later Hu e oI CRASH No correspondence can be entered mto regarding the competitions (unless we've wrtnan to you stalng you ha w won a prize and It doatnl turn up. In which case drop ua I a bne). No person who l i related, no matter how remotely, to anyone who work* kx tttntr New*lteU or any ol the | Companies ottering prUat, may enter one ol our compenon* No material may be reproduced In pan or In whole without Via written content ol the copyright-holders We cannot undertake to return anything tent to CRASH — including written and photographic material, hardware or software — untoa* l k accompanied by a suitably stamped, addressed envelope unsolicited wrman or photographic material on 35mm transparence* is welcome, and f used In the magazine is paid lor at ow current rates. Copy pubuihed in CRASH w4t be edited a* teen m and payment will be caiculaMd according to ti e current printed word rate The vmws expressed In CRASH are not necessarily those of the pubkshar* Copyright CRASH Lid 1090 A NewstMd PuMcaflon Cover design and Ruwatton by Culver Fray ISSN oes*-86ei ABC rrmo ! ITCD OCOOIOC^MCOODCC LUi it Uit k KcrniK D ^QT I IKED SINCLAIR QUALITY AUTHORISED REPAIR CENTRE HOW TO GET YOUR 48K SPECTRUM REPAIRED FOR ONLY £24.95 TEN * REPAIR SERVICE j M PRICES f 7 "ARE YOU ANOTHER CUSTOMER - fed up waiting weeks for your repair? NMd your computer repaired fast? Then send It now to the video vault 24hr Repair Serv ice We are able to repair your 48K spectrum using an the latest in test equipment for only £24 as (Spectrum 16K/4SK and Plus models only) we also nave a while you wait department i please call for an appointment i for same day repairs Commodore 64 computers repaired for only £40.00 including vat & P+P (Power supplies and Tape Recorders excluded) Please note we give you 3 lOOMow flied price of CMS whicn includes return post and packing plus VAT Don't forget we are Amstrad authorised for Quality and speed don t risk your computer to any other unauthorised repair centre we don t|ust repair the fault and send your computer back, we give your computer a free overhaul included in the price we check sound, loading, memory, colour and ear/mike sockets to make sure your computer win give you years of service • KiHorotrrepHrvlptctmmandlpactnmi.iotVY IHtt Spectrum. 2 (40.OS Commodore H (40 00. including pim. labour »nd P • r ieow«r luodm >nd Tips KtconNri vitrei • u computtrs fun* ovtmawed »nd hjlit tstttd tatore return • fully mured tor tltt return tourney • Wti»»Ouwjltr«pjW (54 i Spectrum jnd Spectrum • i spectrum tlrtpwri U0.M. Commodore M U). W. (MptKtmerK Tip* fSCOHMrl and K» K fuppHts art it an tddltionii clurgti • Spare parts avaim* by maaordtr or merthtcourrttr • in top g»m*i wortnQt 00 ft* wuhrvtnrspectrum repair tMlKludMMtt memory keyboard t*tt • wtattorepircommodortMt wr 50. Commodore H •4 Spectn*n •!**!• 5 • mfmoettetodat*t*tt«qulpmentdev«ioo*ebyu$ to locatt faults wtttvn yiwt computer • overiyeartofiervKekieompuMrt • Jmonoiwimnnrtueitcttboiawmioftridng wMcb ire avHMbl* on reautft Mt tand 31 Mp ttampi ntie txtra wirrerttv by ui K addKHnal to my ctfier nghttvouHreadvhtv*! tvwMt ameunr Of cussedk wiph m Out to onv^werntrbtioeioomimMctrrientcirtuitKaniie Motion* cost tfwuid « e ot una* to nor wwnimcit^^rouTOwingmfreawwf ^ fccucemem JConvncocrtW I SWW5WY Irtssm C5S.OO i + E2.55 p+p SOMDUItl H W • SJWi v«Vt5 Hid •"lOWMStsCen Kug Onh £1495 + £3.55 p+p We now have available a Oisc Drive and Printer System for the Spectrum call us for details. r .A * l i \ r , r:jiv/;i i Send your computer to VMkvaiit Ltd, Railway Street. HadfWd. Oiesnire S*14 aw M57 e66SSS^67761/PS»«99 Wain Office engines and orders only Manchester telephone 061-2J6 (B76 ttn« you wit centre only Ltd. FOR 0URN( [CATAL0 h t ^ [fyocarfl «en»nnes SptCtrumtK I9.B5 + £2 35 p+p SOKiniffl- £16 9S + £2.35 p+p Now over 6 years, repairing home micro s throughout the world. 1st class service and fast turnaround All computers j are soak tested before return URGENT NOTICE Oon t oe misled oy adverts showing oetween prices A recent complaint against a Manchester repair firm. Mancomp was upheld by thej Advertising standards Authority on two counts, "it had stated BBC repairs oetween £14 and £45 then charged the customer £85 Their guarantee policy was misleading as it did not make clear that an repairs were not covered THE VIDEOVAULT COMPUTER COMPANION EDITION NOW HOT OFF THE PRESS a new bigger catalogue now awtiaoie containing owr J 500 wns indiomj toftwjre for» computers lovsocts soar* tarts business software, books, phis many more Just send J • tst Class stamps for your free copy Over 21 pages M of top quality products de*vereo to your door by return post a ' A FAX NO. 0457 868946 c COPYRIGHT VIDEOVAULT NO 092032 j&r_cutme out mon_ • Brrrr! Dragons, eh? Big spooky creatures with big gnashing teeth, sharp claws and always up to no good! Bit like kittens really. Anyway, If you've never been a dragon before (pretty unlikely) here's your chance with Storm's new coin-op conversion Saint Dragonl Saint Dragon is part of the Cyborg Monster army, an attacking force of monster machines causing hell throughout the galaxy! None before had the strength to stand against the power of the Cyborgs, but Saint Dragon rebels against the Cyborg Masters and begins its fight against the tyrants! The Dragonship is under your control as it enters five levels of non-stop mayhem and destruction! There's a host of weaponry to turn the Dragonship Into the ultimate fighting machine! Look at this lot: the lethal armoured tall, fireballs, bouncing bombs, ling lasers and turret weapons, all useful to destroy the swarm of mechanoid bulls, punas and cobras that are your opponents! SOUNDS PRETTY HOT! It's a rollicking arcade blast and a game worthy of a mega CRASH cover illustration — which leads us onto the great prizes on offer in this Saint Dragon compo! On offer are 75 — 75!!! — exclusive Saint Dragon t-shlrts featuring this month's cover illustration by Oliver Prey, reproduced in full colour! This is a real limited edition prize — only 75 will ever be made available to the public and winning one in this compo is the only way you'll ever be able to get one!! Destined to be a collectors item, the Saint Dragon t-shirt will bring you fame, fortune and make you look dead sexy, probably. To be in with a chance of winning get your glasses out, squint a bit, hold the magazine at a funny angle and look closely at the two dragon pictures on this page. Look identical, don't they? Ah ha! They're not! It's what we call in the biz' a Spot the Difference Compo! Hurrah! There are ten differences between picture A and picture B — can you spot them? If you can, ring each difference, fill in the name and address coupon, snip it out of the mag (or make a photocopy) and send it to: NEWSFIELD, DRAGON T-SHIRT COMPO, CRASH. LUDLOW, SHROPSHIRE SY8 1JW. Entries here by November 15 cos that's prize-picking day, and follow the compo rules or face the wrath of the Cyborg Monsters! BleeH * 75 CRASH ST. DRAGON T-SHIRTS UP FOR GRABS!! * WEAR THE COVER!! * A STORMING GREAT COMPO!! ' 4 * * 1 / - ' « W ' '.t - I "TToioa ^ I " © 1 '^bfil 1 w • J 1 i D R A O N THE SALES CUR SO LOMBARD RO LONDON SW11 3 w m oi momler mathim- h risen lo conquer I O n by one tlx* peaceful ucr» of the Cjljx y h*ve Iteen attacfce VHlAivd by |JH- CyncHft No rare ha!, the «rw«th It. fx** * ot the C\bofji-. One Ion,' rohel r»*s from within Ibr» oi the m-< hamx-d monuers. Part dragon, part Machine, Vnrrnii light: b,n t jftjintt ihc Ivunt majteo,. Tin- *' o. Hrjjx- relutn% lo the beam of the ftedpJc a n. >jme Silk*urm pragrimmeri (hat could thtlli »}:>• iHemighh M-hpe »,«.//• <7em fWf/t SV.202/3 £17-95 1 1 1 SV.20 1 i^riHflf l QUICKJOY JOYSTICKS. Leading in design, technology and choice Check out the range and features. Buy with contidence. *Now available from Selected Branches of..., W H SMITH • Mi . i llW-J.lJ!-! ! • BOOT S • Software PLUS XiinCf f Unit 27 Northfield Industrial Estate,Beresford Avenue,Wembley, Middlesex HA01NU England. IfiUCLf Telephone:081'900 0024 Facimile:081 903 6625 % comin g soo n PRE V • If you've Hipped through your free CRASH guide to the Christmas biggies you already know what a bonanza awaits. Take a closer look at some of the goodies to come: the team's been ferreting around tor the real lowdown... BLAST THOSE CARS! • SPECIAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION: Chase HQ 2 It's tougher1 It's foster! It's Ocean's new coin-op conversion, S.C.I Chase HO 2, the game that's burning up the road to the number one slot! But how do you improve on a gome that's reckoned to be the best arcade driving game around?! Simple, sling in a bit more violence1 Yes sirree, remember when playing Chase HQ you had to ram me criminals' cars off the rood® Yup2! You thought os the entire nation did, 'wouldn't it be a whole lot easier just to blast 'em with o lethal weapon? Well, now you con' SCI sees Tony Gibson and Roy Brady back on the streets. Gone are through the traffic and stop an end of level Mr Big Roy can take pot shots with his Colt automatic and a bazooka dropped from a friendly chopper n • a s n n n -TJ* I E W S * ma m FIRE IN SPACE! s C u promises to be a lot speedier than Chase HQ ond you'll need that extra burst of power because there are a lot of criminals on the roods trying to bring a premature end to your missions. Watch out for grenade fobbing motorcyclists, helicopters which swoop in and attack you, and a host of other vehicles which shoot bock or throw debris at you Help is ot hand as motorbiking squads can roar up beside your car providing extra protection And villains are not continually changes throughout the game which lakes you from the bright fights of Paris to the rough terrain of ' Do review next month!!! • DRAGON BREED Activision isn't to be left out of the Chrimble coin op race 'cos Dragon Breed is nearly here. November sees the release of this Irem arcade hit where you ploy young king Kayos, who with his trusty steed fights wave after wave of alien creatures in space Koyas' mount isn't a horse, it's o huge fire breathing dragon' A useful friend, because apart from barbecueing anyone stupid enough fo come too close, it can use its tail to shield your frail body Don't leave all the fighting to the dragon though — you're armed with a crossbow loaded * „ o e e a with unlimited ammo so you can aid in the destruction of the invading hordes Looks a bit on the corky side — check out the review next issue! Pont! Wheeze! Phew! Just ron oil the woy bock from Ocean HO in Manchester with this piccy of Navy S£AiS. The game, which is nearly finished, is looking completely skill and features brilliont graphics and animation! You con find more details in the Christmas Biggies book on the cover! I YOGI'S BACK! O YOGI BEAR AND FRIENDS IN THE GREED MONSTER ADVENTURE Oh no! Disoster has struck. All the toys in the world have been stolen! Yogi's Treosure Hunters decide to find out whot's happened to them They set out to solve the mystery but don't reckon on meeting the Greed Monster an ugly green ihing with o hunger for cartoon characters. All characters but Yogi are captured and turned into toys' Eek1 Yogi needs your help to rescue his mates — which means putting the toy machine into reverse and pusniraq i ii i i i * them all through it, returning them to normal! Plus, all the missing toys'have to be found too! Yogi Bear and Frinds in the Greed Monster Adventure* is available in November from Hi-tec Software CRASH NOVEMBER I comin g NARC DRUG BUSTERS! NARC ts looks like being one of the most violent shoot em ups around ond you're going lo be doing most of the blasting! You alone, or with a pal control two COpS who, wilh their kevlar body suits, assault rifles and rocket launchers travel the eleven levels packed with seedy slreetlife and kick oss1 The villains, which include drug pushers in dirty raincoats, clown mask wearing psychos and cool shade wearing brothers , ore all armed and willing lo send you back lo base in a body bag. Along with the human attackers animals see you DIZZY'S MUNCH • KWIK SNAX Everybody s favourite breakfast is here again ready to cheer you up! Hurrah1 And what's he up to ihis time2 Read on Dizzy s family, the yolk folk, have been captured by the evil wizard Zoks and you. controlling Dizzy, have to free them from thetr separate prisons Dylan was sent to ice land because he was so cool Grand Dizzy lo cuckoo land because he was a bit dotty Denzil to cloud land because his head was always up in them and poor Daisy was sent to the wizard s dungeon for bemg so sweet This game rings a change on the usual Dizzy games as it's not an arcade adventure it's more like a Pengo game Dizzy has to waddle aroundeoch of the screens collecting the fruit and squashing the nasties by pushing them into deadlv walls Kwik Snax ts available from CodeMasters on a Spectrum near you any time 3k ft ft I J - yi'*ff t ftnrf f t t tt ^ * * * f t m m ft ftftft ftft I ft f t ft ft / ' ft BOSSY PUSSY! • TOP CAT It's Top Cat, the indisputable leader of tl»_- gong, in his vory own computer gurrx - fro m Hi tec Software, th e fifth i^^^HBnH n in dir.- Hanno Barbera cartoon J^^^^^^^^H H p •Ru £ Alt the Top Cat ga'i' j ore l< matured fjut it'*, Benny The Ball who'1, thcentre ol attention 'An old fady ha-, left him all her worldly fortune because Amy th" oi.l/ rightful heir, . missmg Bonny, Top Cot and the gang Irjlre th<- money 'tnrl v/h.// off to Beverly Hills to lue in the of luxury But their butler t i not as fcind and honest as he seems. /'see he's next m line to the fortune after Benny and plans to qet rid of hirn iO CRASH NOVEMBER Wi Fffl ±lJ l I ru t ternm f crciuts K K I r/yj L m r^-r r pirrr r tnr m rr~.rr f-r- r r t», r n kvr< ietr*r> err tt nr ^r» rr r* tj—-TT rr rr r* n rS T B tm wrrmr r y T rrf ^— *T~ rfir fir FT- ry ' r s t i r r v r rr ^y j •-» mhu w wn n r / V r 9 1 yrr r r t*j r r y • m / yrr r-i ~rr~ rr rrr FT T / /5( r-~ — / /r ^ r/ / >• / r r c r » x»r r » T r w r»J t as a threat giant beelles. dogs and more give chose and try to knock your energy level down As you either blast the criminal scum to pieces or bust them (depending on your mood), they drop several items. These include money, drugs and rockets, picking these up is vitalas the drugs and money are used as evidence on the end of level bonus screen, and rockets are used to create fireworks Often a level is split into several scenes: each one is entered by walking through a highlighted door. These take you off the streets and into restaurants, tube stations, warehouses and even private houses (the word search warrant means nothing to you) Each hord foutjht battle takes you nearer to Mr Big s mansion and your ultimate battle1 NARC is out in November from Ocean IP I BORN TO DRIVE! • BADLANDS From tlie creators of the arcade racing game Super Sprint comes Can Top Cat and the gong save Benny The Brill and find thir missing A m / before tf •• butler has his wicked h n d out in I November' Badlands, a mean piece of action where only the most suiodal drivers survive (which is a bit odd when you think about it1) Split into eight Irar ks the game plan it simple beat the other cars round the rubble ttrewn courses Tilings aren't thai simple of course, natural obvlar le-. include collapsing buildings, moving barrier, and light corners, and the Other meets try to kill /out Of courstt you can return tin- favour, but not unlil you earn enough points to purclnivs missiles, turbo chargess and shields And lilt© Super Sprtnl, the higher your placing after cjr h race the more points you receive Hadlamli only tor the '.uk idol ^BSSk f, I K 3 0 11 3 a ^f Genius Mouse is a high resolution two button mouse featuring optical counting, teflon guides, microswitches, rubber coated ball and high quality interface. ^When combined with OCP Art Studio this graphics package is quite simply the best system available. The features are unmatched... '•J Create an Image - ahrlnk It, expand It, more It. rotate It. copy It, colour it etc., etc. ^ Spray pattern* or abide*, make elaatic Unea - atretch and manipulate shspes. f Zoom In to add detail in fine mode. Pulldown/Icon driven menu* for esse of use. ; Mouse operation, plus joystick and keyboard control. 16 pens. 8 apraya. 16 bruabca - ao flexible anyone c m create auperb graphic* easily, \/ Full cut and paste facilities plus excellent printer support. ^ Pixel edit, font editor. Oip, Invert, rotate, solid or textured Oil and professional manual make Ait Studio simply the best graphics package ART STUDIO"' ONLY £49.99 TOTAL PACKAGE INCLUDES MOUSE, INTERFACE, ART STUDIO, MOUSE MAT AND HOLDER PLUS BUILT-IN JOYSTICK INTERFACE The Genius Mouse system even comes with a built-In joystick Interface - so there's no need to unplug U when you want to play games. Accepts any standard 9 pin joystick Including rapid fire models. Work* on CN31 (Kempaton) system. MOUSE MAT AND MOUSE HOLDER (WORTH C 12.99) WIT H EAC H PACKAG E ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST WITH CUSTOM MOUSE IC ^ The Genius Mouse/Joystick taterafce feature* a custom made I.C. *peclfically designed to five the auperamooth operation needed for graphic* use. By utilising the latest chip technology It has been possible to produce a combined mouse and joystick Interface that I* half the *Ue of the older type unit*. * No other system can olTer this power at Ibis Incredible pricel! BY PHONE BY POST FAX 0782 744292 O f ? 2 0782 744707 24 br Credit Card Line [.-... • ] FAX 0782 744292 O f ? 2 0782 744707 24 br Credit Card Line Send rbeques/POs made payable to "Datel Electronics UK ORDERS POST FREE EUROPE ADD £1 OVERSEAS ADD £3 WHAT THE MAGAZINES HAD TO SAY... ALL ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48 KRS HOW TO ORDER • • • PRICES AND SPECIFICATIONS CORRECT AT TIME OF PRESS AND SUBJECT TO CHANCE WITHOUT NOTICE CALLERS WELCOME - Please reserve goods by telephone prior to visit. 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NO SOFTWARE TAPES TO LOADIl • Works with most any full size Centronics printer. • Huge range of printer driver options for maximum compatibility. • Software on ROM - just power up A go! • Even has built-in Joystick Interface (Kempston). • Comes complete with printer cable - no more to buy. PLUS A SUPERB WORD PROCESSOR... • Not only are the printer drivers In ROM - the Ram Print even has a word processor bulli-lnl! Just power up & type. • Full range of wordprocrssor commands without the need to load anything. ONLY £34.99 NO MORE TO BUYII HOW TO GET YOUR ORDER rJM* I ... TELEPHONE (24 Hrs) - CE3EC2EGH * CREDIT CARD ORDERS WE WILL 0€S PATCH YOUR ORDER QUICKLY 1 EFFICIENTLY TO ENABLE YOU TO START RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR PURCHASE WTTHIN DAYS. 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Well it's time to suffer no more: I've got a bumper package of maps, tips and POKEs for you to devour at your leisure. I finally got my holiday snaps back from the photo company this morning, and pretty brill they were too. Would you care to take a peep at them? Tough if you said no, 'cos I've stuck a few around these glorious pages of mine. After you've finished having a good giggle at me in rainy Wales I'll tell you what tips I've on offer this month. There's a great map of Night Hunter from Ubi Soft, tips on Shadow Warriors and Zombi, plus the low-down on all the latest re-releases to hit the Spectrum for those of you who're strapped for cash (like me!). The £40 of software goes to Jason Smallwood for his Shadow Warriors tips. I know what it's like to play this game, I work with a Zombi all the time! Old Corky Caswell! Haw! Haw! Kevin Dewsbury from Leicester doesn't have that trouble though, he s a dab hand at the game and has sent in these tips. 1. When fighting a Zombi Barehanded. always aim for the brain as the body can't be harmed You need to hit a Zombi five times unless you have a gun 2. Before you do anything you should equip each man with a gun from Ihe weapon store on (he second floor (the woman cannot use a gun) 3. The following lists show all the locations of equipment Top Floor: Helicopter 4th Floor: (can only be accessed using the keys in the Irft) commune cations room keys 3rd Floor; electronics Store fuse-plug sports shop — rope, cupboard gloye fuel canmster, medi cal room first aid kit. video shop video cassette 2nd Floor: MacGtopak (fast food) — burger/fries, hardware store — screwdrivertorcti'axe/hamrner t weapon store pistol/fuger/shotgun. computer store computer, office — radio/keys to floor 4 Ground Floor: butchers meat'drink, book shop - book On Zom£?/es . flower shop — hosepipe hi-fi store — video TV. furniture shop — beds/cabinet, opticians binoculars Basement: various corridor fuse bOK'Chest. freezer room body trays in wall Outside: two tracks on opposite sides of the building. super wonderboy in monsterland l just love this type of game. All that bounding about collecting fruit and kilting anything that moves! Luckily for me there was an old Wonderboy arcade machine were I went on my hols. Yes. a few quid went into that. I can tell you. Mark Steele has come up with this help for anyone who can't memorise the chatterings of the characters you meet in the game. Person 1: Hey brave man stei carefully Your country s fate depends on you and your rmss>on lo restore peace by destroying the vicious dragon, so take this revival medicine and good luck' Bartender 1: Beer Death hclds the key to the next town Cockt3il Jump at the last tree on the r«ght Bartender 2: Beer Th s town if? run by the red knight in the casle Cocktail The one who opposed the knight is In the cavern HE S BACK!! LUSTY NICKO'S NAUGHTY TIF UNEH 0898 555 086 Phone the number and listen to the latest playing tips from D. Nicko! 'HE CAN POKE MY SOFTWARE ANY TIME!!' Juicy Lucy * Calls cost 33p per minute during off-peak time and 44p per minute at all other times f you don't pay the phone bill ask the person who does! CRASH Hotlines are brought to you bv CRASH Ltd and Chatterbox Ltd CRASH NOVEMBERS 35 3 Midnight Resistance On the second level there's a part where you have to lie down. When the bad guys come, jump on the ladder and go up. When you go down again they'll have disappeared. In the first weapon store get a 3-way, bullets and a barrier in that order. In the second get an extra life, fire and bullets. {David Sconce) Little Puff In Dragon Land On the main menu screen hold down all the keys and when the game starts you'll become immune to all nasty monsters. (Keiron Darbyshim) Yogi's Great Escape Define your keys as I, C, E and SPACE to get Yogi infinite lives to carry on his adventures with. (Uncle Dave) Ruff n' Reddy When the title screen comes up type in DYLAN to get infinite lives for this great arcade action romp. (Mr Spoons) A M ® © a d H © g g l i s m m * ® <8 CD M*t i | j ^ _ J L 'm..i a a « k 3 GB j| | 1 i m r —»— — I S tf r—i A Mflff f — l i I L 1 f B 11 I-White 2-Yellow 3-Mag. 4-Cyan 5-Red TTT T \ m ® m i t n m ® m Ml ffl ® ffl Uil-ltlUn /Vvvyyv'vi L m it [mm.!"*1"?*' 0 3 ffl 5L I-Red 2-Cyan 3-White 4-Yellow 5-Mag. 1 } i s am'f ami ® fffl e JL B « « A 4 I m A a m a Us 1 -Red 2-White 3-Yellow 4-Mag. 5-Cyan» E5 1 -Mag. • 2-Red 3-Cyan - 4-Yellow 5-While; a ffloi Secret Door: If you're on your way to kill the dragon the heroes emblem may help you, my friend Catherine lives in the town of Barbaro. give this letter to her and she may help you Bartender 3: Beer — I think there's a shop that sells armour. Cocktail So you think you can beat the Red Knight? Bartender 4: Beer My sister Catherine lives upstairs. Cocktail — The dragon is said to have come here in an airship. Secret Door: If you're looking for the hero's emblem take this flute to the town of Barbaro where an old mysterious man in a mysterious mansion will show you how to obtain it. Bartender 5: Beer — The entrance to the Mam desert is in the Great Wall Well, what have we here? A fantastically drawn map of that spooky game from Ubf Soft, Night Hunter, that's what, drawn by none other than yours trulyl I spent hours putting In all Ihe knights and doors: it's a pity t can't draw really. To go along with this cartographic delight are a few tips on the game. Enemies to watc h out for 1 The vampire hunters are all armed with wooden stakes that are fatal by hitting you once 2. Archers are nasty fellows, they take out an arrow and shoot it at you rf you stay still too long — they can fire up as well as left and right so watch out! 3. Witches are invicible and a great annoyance it you're low on energy. 4 Vultures can't be killed and carry you off if you stand still too long 5 Priests throw holy water, not a 36 • CRASH NOVEMBER Vampire's favourite drink. 6 The policemen are very trigger happy with their silver bullets 7 The girlies hold up crosses which stun you for a while. 8, Professor Von Helsinq appears at the end of each level and throws stakes in an attempt to stop you completing it. Hint s and Tips t. The bat can only land on the ground so don't change back into Dracula on a top level or above water 2- If you've turned into either the bat or the werewolf and are wounded, you change back into Dracula. 3. The doors you discover bearing a crucifix cannot be entered. 4. Before setting out on a batty journey over water, land and boost up your energy 5 The only character who can pick up objects is Dracula. 9 r r GD iTD QL QD tin i3D uD w r7IMM WJ . l :: : ! ^! ! e M • • • • • 3 • • m m m A mmm mis m H lll l rrranj i l • • M • l l • • • * [ • This game has been causing a few people some problems. If you own a multiface they're all over because Davtd Brumby of Shorwell has delved into the code and come up with these POKEs to alter the wizard's data. The numbers in brackets show the maximum value you can have. First Wizard: 52970 — Mana level (0-255) 52971 — Wizard level (1 —5) Wizard Creatures: 52972 — Gold dragon 52973 — Green dragon 52974 — Red dragon 52975 — Pixie 52976 - Dwarf 52977 — Gobim 52978 — Trol 52979 — Gont 52980 — Centaur 52981 — Unicom 52982 — Pegasus 52983 — Gryphen 52984 — Elephant 52985 Gorilla 52986 — Lion 52987 Bear 52988 — Crocodile 52989 — Giant bat 52990 - Harpy 52991 — Giant spider 52992 — Zombie 52993 —Ghost 52994 — Vampire 52995 — Spectre 52996 Demon Other Spells: 52997 - Strength potion 52998 — Protection poll on 52999 — Invistbtlrty potion 53000 — Speed potion 53001 — Flying potion 53002 — Super potion 53003 — Healing potion 53004 — Magic lire 53005 — Gooey blob 53006 — Tangle vine 53007 — Flood 53008 — Enchant 53009 — Subversion 53010 — Curse 53011 — Magic attack 53012 — Magic bolt 53013 — Magic lightning 53014 — Teleport 53015 — Magic eye 53016 — Magic shield All spells increment in steps of 17 tor each level Eg level 1 you would POKE 17 into me address and tor level 5 you would poke 85 In hexdeomal these numbers convert to 11.22, 33 etc Remember that more expensive spells will use up lots of mana at higher levels Other Addresses: 53017 — Action points (0—100) 53018 — Allows wizard lo fly and uses level system as for creatures, but you should poke the same level or one higher than the wizard's current experience level 53019 — Stamina (0— 100) 53020 — Constitution (0—100) 53021 — Combat (0-100) 53022 - Defence (0-100) 53023 — Magical resistance (0—100) »8 Having a few probs with this little beauty, are we? Well not any more because Jason Smailwood from Leeds is here again to put your minds to rest with a few tips on the moves you can make, and the first three levels. Phoenix Back Flip: When no thugs are about lire and up diagonal will make you somersault left or right. In the process ot somersaulting you kick, Flying Neck Throw: When enemies are close, fire and up diagonal will make you do a cartwheel while throwing the closest buddies away. Hang Kick: When holding on to a CRASH NOVEMBER 137 f VjN 14. A < >X * - r M M 1? 1 1 * 1 i i 1 - A p w U 1 • | Bwjl Lj v 1 3 III n 1 1 9 V* 1 J START FLOOR GUN I m CALL DEFENDER DOOR 13 (Also 2 and 4) . EXTRA FIRE O POWER ^ WATER ©ENERG Y ® SHIELD SaS* OCTON MONGO R q Call Defender 3 MIN G Defenders Of The Earth SAM Coupe Version Yes it's the one and only Sam Coupe game Defenders Of The Earth. Mark Rickardaf Northallerton has been busy beavering away and has compiled this map of all the screens. 38 • CRASH NOVEMBER phone box and reveal the objeci underneath (if therqis one). On level two when the motorbikes are coming towards you, simply stand behind the crate and smash the bike when it's near enough, tump to avoid the debris and collect the object Level One Tips The baddies on this level are found throughout the game To kill Ihe nm {as use the triple blow combination or a hang kick To kill the men wear mg ice-hockey helmets use Ine triple blow combination, flying neck throw or the hang kick The men with masks can be disposed of using the TBC, FNT or HK. To kill the end of level guardian just use a few FNTs. Level Two Tips Mostly the gasne as level one To kill men with iree irunks use HKS or FNTs! To get past the cars jump on the first hook, press right, press up and fire when Jailing past Ihe next hook Carry on doing this until you've made it over the road The guardians can be destroyed by using FNTs, Level Three Tips Exactly the same as level two except for heavies These come in iwos and you need to use FNTs or HKs to get rid of (hem. The big robomen guardians need FNTs to kill them, but remember to move around all the time Yes. before you say. I know I forgot to include the Pokemania listing last month, and it wasn't in the big designer white box that mysteriously appeared on my pages, that was supposed to be a Rocktall diagram! But I've remembered this time so here it is... Chuckle Egg 2 Infinite Lives Gun Runner Infinite Lives Talking Hedz Cheat Delta Charge Infinite Lives (Speccy and Sam) Atom Ant Invincible Solaris Infinite Lives Does anybody want £40 of j luverly software to feed to their | prized Spectrum or Sam Coupe? Well, if you do then get going: write some tips or draw a map on that new game you bought the other week. I read every single letter I receive, so your masterpiece won't go unnoticed. Send all your handywork to: NEWSFIELD, NICK ROBERTS, PLAYING TIPS, CRASH, LUDLOW, SHROPSHIRE, SY8 1JW. If you don't, I'll just have to treat myself to £40 worth of CDs from the local record emporium! UNTIL ^ >111! r I • i - Hi WILLIAMS The hottest coin-op game in the past two years now comes storming on to your computer - with a vengeance! Controlling a Miami-Vice-style cop, you crusade through the criminal world of pushers and dealers, shooting, arresting and basically destroying everything in sight! Every level of tense and non-stop action introduces greater hazards, traps and firepower in • i—— - . m t cpcttdiim amqtdah what has been hailed as the greatest shoot'em-up coin-op 5 m SPECTRUM AMSTRAD COMMODORE ATARI ST CBM AMIGA gtame ever! O SoftwaK United 6Central Street Manchester M2 5NS Telephone 061 832 6633 Tetex:-669977OCEANS G l .ix 061 K34 0650 TRUST US — ALIPRI MAIL ORDER BUY YOUR SAM COUPl FROM CRASH! SAM COUPE PACK ONE The computer, the disk drive, the power pack, the manuals, the topes and Flash! - the art program! All for £199.95 SAM COUPE PACK TWO The computer, two disk drives, the power pock, the manuals, the tapes and Flash! • the ort program! All for £275.95 H i l Sam here. This is your chance to catch up wit h the latest and hottest uter around - the Coupe. You can no w b uy you r SAM Coupe compu! SAM C straight from IKA5 H - a guarantee of reliable an d efficient service. a M - . llillf(llf(IJIfj[|| I I I I M I I I I I I I i ' I I I I I I I I I 1 I I 1 I It DISCOUNT SAM COUPE SOFTWARE Famous Five on a Treasure Island, Som Multipock 1, Defenders of the Earth, Mind Games 1, Som Tape III. Topes £9.99 eoch, Discs £11.99 eoch jWM' i' i' i'.'i' i' i'F ».v«ni ITIt J AND THOSE OPTIONAL EXTRAS Coupe Disk Drive £89.95 256K Memory Pack £39.95 Communications Interface £29.95 External Disk Drive Interface £29.95 Scart Monitor Coble £9.95 Midi Cable £4.95 Advanced Technical Manual £15.99 T H E COMPLET E SA M COUP E PAC K ON E T—SHIRTS £4.99, SWEAT SHIRTS £7.99 CRASH SPORTS BAG £6.99 Get a whizzo CRASH sports bag with two carrying handles and a removaabl t e shoulder strap! CRASH DUST COVER £4.99 Don't let the dust dtock your spectrum, protect it with o CRASH computer cc Available for the Spectrum, Spccfrur 128 and 128+2 • cover1 jm + CRASH RED MOON T—Shirts only sizes M,XL CRASH BLACK T—Shirts sizes S,XL Sweat Shirts sizes S CRASH SURFER CRASH KING GRUB T—Shtrts only sizes T—Shirts only sizes M,Xl M - ' \ " CRASH WHITE T—Shirts only sizes M,Xl T.G.M. T—Shirts only sizes M,XL CRASH CAP £3.99 T.G.M. CAP £1.99 CRASH/ZZAP TRACKSUIT £7.99 small only LPRICES INCLUDE POSTAGE, PACKING AND VAT. NO HIDDEN EXTRAS Please note — all offers on this page are while stocks lost, order now as our policy is first come first serve! HOTLINI2 to 4 pm « 0584 875851 ^ POSTERS £3.99 Colossal A1 size posters, featuring the best of Oliver Prey's ortwork! Red Moon, Zombies of the Night, Kepler of Mors, Metro ro 1 .(not shown) rorce CRASH STICKS DYNAMICS COMPETITION PRO 5000 (NORMAU Features arcade quality tTucroiwrfches, dual fire buttons, robust steel shaft ond rubber return for smooth control OFFER £13.50 DYNAMICS COMPETITION PRO 5000 (CLEAR) Some as PRO 5000 NORMAL, but with see-thru body. OFFER £13.99 DYNAMICS COMPETITION PRO EXTRA Features rapid Fire, unique slow motion ond see-thru body. OFFER £14.99 POWERPLAY CRYSTAL STANDARD Cleor joystick with rod fire buttons ond pistol grip handle. OFFER £14.99 POWERPLAY CRYSTAL TURBO Same as CRYSTAL STANDARD, but includes fast Autofire action, OFFER £16.99 POWERPLAY CRUISER BLACK With dual lead for spectrum 48K) 128K/fWPlus2/Plus3. OFFER £9.99 POWERPLAY CRUISER CLEAR AUTOFIRE Simply by holding dawn either of the! ire buttons engoges Autofire, OFFER £12.99 THE CRASH HOT SIX SAINT DRAGON Storm £7.99/11.99 Save £2/£3 RICK DANGEROUS Microstyle £7.99/11.99 Save £2/£3 IRON MAN Virgin £8.99/11.99 Save £2/£3 SPY WHO LOVED ME Domark £7.99/11.99 Save £2/£3 TNT Domark £11.99/19.99 save £2/£3 EDITION ONE Virgin £10.99 Cass only SOFTWARE MEGADEAL If you wish to order any software that is currently available please use the following Special Offer discount table to caiculote your Offe r price using the reccommended retail price as quoted on the software houses odverts RRP OFFER SAVE 4.99 3.99 1.00 5.95 4.74 1.20 7.95 6.40 1.55 799 644 1.55 8.95 7 20 1.75 8.99 724 1,75 9.95 7.95 2.00 999 7 99 2.00 11 99 999 2.00 12.95 10.40 2.55 12 99 10.44 2.55 14 95 11.95 3.00 14.99 11.99 3.00 19.95 15.95 4,00 19.99 15.99 4.00 23.00 18.40 460 24.95 19.95 5.00 28 95 23.15 5.80 29 95 2395 6.00 34.95 27.95 7.00 FRE E GAMES! Furthermore, order any three £2.99 games and we will give ^ou one £2.99 game absolutely ~ i n Please phone 0584 875851 now between 9 and 5pm and ask for Discount hotfine and we will give you availability and release for your software order. BACK ISSUES LIMITED NUMBERS AVAILABLE! The following limited slock standard issues are avoilable for a measly £1.75 eoch. 17 lo 37, 39k> 53, 55 lo 57, 61 to 64 The following COVERMOUNTED issues ore at a premium and going like hot cakes! They ore available at a mere pittance for £2.35 each 54, 58 to 60, 65 lo 68, 70 to 80 HOW TO ORDER Please fill in the coupon below and remember, if you ore orderin software moke sure you have specified which computer it is intend® and whether you require cassette, disk or cartridge format. Similarity, dont forget to indicate garment size for cloathwear. Alternativi' our hot line ordering service between 2 ond 4 pm for Fast service (credit card For Overseas ordering service between l ona 4 pm tor tost effective it card payment only).Prices valid for UK/Eire/Europe only. ! orders please odd £2.00 per item for Air Mail delivery. CRASH MAIL ORDER ISSUE 82 Name Address Postcode Tel no Mithod of payment (please circle) Access I Visa l Cheque I PO Description Format/Size Price T O W ORDER Ciedit Card No Expiry Date Please make cheques and postal orders payoble to CRASH ltd. SEND THIS FORM TO: CRASH Mail Order, PO Box 10, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1JW only play with » SJROmAj k j WIN - WIN - WIN - OVER £30 0 WORTH OF JOYSTICKS TO GIVE AWAY" Name Address Posi Code How Many Microswitches give 8 way Directional Conlrol « • « • Which Euromax Slick has been Europe's Best Seller for 8 Years Pro 9000 Arcade Flashlire Tie Break Name Your Favourite Retailer and in no More Than 12 Words say why he is Best. Name Address Why''. Please tick if you require further information on the Joystick Range EUROMAX FREEPOST BRIDLINGTON j ] Closing Date 31st Dec 1990 HUMBERSIDE Y01 6 4BR Tel: 026 2 60254 1 'IRO N MAN ' SUPER OFF ROAD Virgin Games • £9.9 9 • £14.9 9 S uper Sprint style games have been around (or a long while, and the newest addition is certainly a corker. Super Off Road in the arcade is a three player no holds barred game where you race around eight barren and pot holed tracks trying to beat your mate$ to the finish line. On the computer the aim Is the same, but there can only be two human players (the other two are computer controlled). When you've set the game controls it's straight into the PRISON RIOT IKUCT H KfcV t Players Premier • £2.9 9 • | oe Blade is back! Back! BACK! Except he isn't. But he might as well be as Prison Riot is a typical Joe Blade style game. Not that it makes it bad. Not at all. because this natty flipscreen arcade adventure is one heap of fun! Chaos abounds in a security prison where, overnight, the inmates rioted and are now running around with hoods over their faces and causing no end of trouble! The only way to halt the riot, before a complete massacre occurs, is to recapture the seven ringleaders and chuck em off the prison roof (don't worry, a helicopter winches them away)!! While rampaging inmates are dangerous and touching one drains energy, you are armed with a rifle, but ammo is limited so keep an eye out for top-ups. When ammo runs dry, knock off opponents by kicking their heads in! Other top-ups include keys to open security doors and food to replenish energy. Capturing the ring leaders isn't easy — first you have to find them, one by one, and then correctly solve a puzzle before leading them away. Graphically it's a bit on the mega side — all the characters are animated well and are dumpy and cartoonlike. Backdrops are varied and well designed so as not to be cluttered. Prison Riot is an excellent arcade adventure and the only hang up is that you have only one life. CRASH t-shirt to the first infinite lives Poke!! RICHARD RATING first race, with all participants, both human and computer, beginning the season on equal par (ie with no dosh). The idea is to complete each race in as high a position as possible and thus earn loadsadosfc, — Each race consists of four laps, and il jostling with three rival drivers isn't bad enough the state ot the tracks is terrible. Huge mounds ot earth, pot holes and watery obstacles stand in the way, but you do have some help. You start the game with 25 nitros: press the lirebutton and hold onto your crash helmet — and keep your eyes peeled because extras can be collected from the track. At the end of each race the prize money is distributed Uipi f This Is a racing game with a difference. You view mOl l the proceedings from high up in the air, and the animation used on all the cars is out of this world! As each car goes over bumps and ramps on the track It tilts up and down and jumps very realistically. Each track is packed full of seemingly impossible obstacles for you to get around. Grills, water pits, domes In the road, they're all there to try and slop you finishing first. Racing against another three computer players gives the game a feeling ol excitement as you attempt to get over the line first. Super Otl Road Racer Is a great game, full of road wrecking fun. 88% and you're sent to the spare parts shop to improve your 4x4. It s then onto the next race to win the fame and glory that you deserve, plus a lot of money on the way. All the coin-op's addictive gameplay has certainly been transferred to the Speccy conversion, and as always the best way to play is against a friend. Graphically the game is greal with small but nicely detailed and last moving car sprites. The backgrounds are also detailed and certainly cause headaches, especially when an opponant is on your tail and you end up al the bottom of a water filled hole! Full marks to programming team Graftgold for producing such a frustratingly playable game. RATING Wild ro«-'em-up with more ortion than o bog lull o' ferrets! PRESENTATION ]88 % GRAPHICS | 90 % SOUN D | 80 % PLAYABIMTY 186% ADDICTIVIT Y |88 % CRASH NOVEMBERS 43 f j ik FIVE 0NATR8ASURB ISLAND Enigma Variations • C 11,9 9 • C14.9 9 S a m Coup e G oshl Aren t adventures lun! Yes! Th«y certainly are If you Hi a fan of Enid Btytofi Bated an her tiouhs the Coupfes first adventure follows the antics ol Julian. Dick Anne. George Ishort lor Georgina) and fimmy the dog (give me strength!) on their boh in the seaside village of Kirrin You start off the game as Julian Ihe eldest, on a train waiting to be greeted by Aunt fanny at the slalion It % programmed in Worlristape which allows many character; and lets them Interact with each other You can change the control ot the adventure to any ol Ihe Famous Five mob. except lor Timmy. because he's a dog. The ability to change character makes the game far more complex rlitlerent people can see tllllerenl things when Ihey "famine objects II you don I use the correct character you could miss a vitally Important clue The screen Is divided into two windows the top one r)ives the descriptions of web location (in fltyton speak) along with graphics if (here are any. and the bottom is your Input window The thought of adventuring around an island as the adventure game fan. good fun to be involved in (he Famous Five's adventures. This is set just on the right side of bow the do I gel out of Ibis situation? ' Graphics though beir series of static pictures, are colourful and very visual ciues can be spotted on Ihe screen. Do pop out and buy jolty piece ol software now! Famous Five may not be very appealing to all you butch shoot em-up wizards out there, but I really enioyed the game and I'm no siltyl II look a bit ol play lo get into because the vocabulary is limited However, you do gel somewhere eventually and (hen you just can't put it down! The adveMure is set at just Ihe right difficulty and should suit players ol all ages,, as long as they can read Accompanying graphics lo some ol the locations aire really quite good, although Ihey don t use the Coup>f: s graphical capabilities Ho the lull Fin On A Treasurw Island makes an exceltlent introduction lo computer adventures lor Ihe youmger playors and will also pirovid' Ihe more experienced with a challenging task or two NICK 76 RATING Join the Famous Five as they prove adventures are flun. PRESENTATION 7 5 % GRAPHICS 7 3 % SOUND N / A PLAYABIUTY ADDICTIVITY 80*/. Enigma Variations • £11.9 9 • £14.9 9 Sam Coupe F our games that will test your brain rather than your trigger finger: In Nuclear Waste you try to save Earth by disposing of dangerous cannisters of waste in a giant spaceship. The objective is to launch the ship before the cannisters become volatile. A series ot conveyor belts are set up for the cannisters to travel along and all you have to do is switch on the correct lift to move them up. The game only becomes challenging on the later levels when the conveyors speed up and more cannisters arrive. The simplistic graphics definitely don't do the Coup6 justice, and Nuclear Waste soon gets tiresome. Graphics are even worse than Nuclear Waste in Magic Caves. Playing the part ot a ball (!) you roll around each level using the sliding platforms and lifts to collect a potion. Keys open doors and reveal secret passages. Magic Caves looks very simitar to a game I once wrote in Spectrum basic! It took me half an hour and I didn't bother saving it. There's nothing here to make you want to come back for more. The besl ot the lot is Blokade. It's well programmed and simple to tackle. Played against the clock, you have to change all Ihe blocks on screen to the target colour by sliding the panels. When a block is surrounded with the correct colour you can change it and goon to the next. Playing Blokade soon puts a great strain on your eyes and the monotonous gameplay will only keep you going for a tew games. M ARIf ' d h 0Pe d on e 01 lh e ,ou r games would be IvIrtn W mildly playable, but no, they're all dull. Graphics on each are very simplistic albeit colourful. Even at a budget price I would consider them all poor value for money. 21% Bombed Out is graphically similar to Blokade with its neatly drawn sliding platforms and a timer to beat. You have to collect ail the bonus Hags and get to a bomb before it explodes. The playing area has skulls to avoid (they're deadly) and watch out tor disappearing blocks! Mind Games I is a collection ot below average games lhat look cheap when you can see what the Sam Coup6 can really do. The better ones are Blokade and Bombed Out, but even these leave a lotto be desired. NICK 22% RATING Four bask gomes with little to offer, especially at the asking pried PRESENTATION 2 2 % GRAPHICS 2 1 % SOUND 1 7 % PLAYABIUTY 1 6 % | APDICnVITY M'lMH i CRASH NOVEMBER SAM MULTIPACK1 H f 1 f t > Roi.. * }ox: m |©oh i \p4 n 4 ° 2 * OZ E 2 E B - " ••" • y : flflMC ' ' m i ^ wllSJUUlSUtlU : •ijjj j iij j SCORE Enigma Variations • £11.9 9 • C 14.9 9 T he Sam Coupe software collection is definitely underway now: no more moaning about only being able to play Spectrum games, especially when the software is as good as this. Sam Multipack 1 includes two arcade games that show ott the Coupe s best features. Each one has sixteen colour graphics and six channel I stereo sound! Futureball is a spoils simulation set in the year 2090. Games have changed over the century and here, instead ot handballing Argentinians you now have lasers, killer robots and deadly traps to play against As a new recruit to the game you must pass through the training sessions bmfore you can become a member ot the tirst team. It s this training that torms the game The graphics are simple with not much evidence ot the sixteen colours the inlay boasts All tour training events you have to pass through have a basic blue square background with obstacles such as sliding squares and blue spheres here and there They all vary in difficulty from completely impossible to ridiculously easy, guess which ones M A12I f ThlS 13 lh e secon d 93 m e 1 v e see n o n ^ m IVIMfl W Coupe and I must admit to quite liking Sam Strikes Out with its culsie graphics and bouncy, catchy tune. But the second game Futureball reminded me loo much of an interior Speedball with its birdseye view ot a futuristic football style game Although I might moan about payability (or lack at| in the latter, the technical side is up lo scratch with colourful, fast moving sprites. 69°b completed! I>futureball has no lasting appeal. After a couple of attempts at conquering the annoying gameplay you soon give up and go onto the better game. Sam Strikes Out!. This stars a character all Coupe owners will recognise, the tittle chap himself. Sam the robot. The game is played in a basic platforms and ladders style with the added complication of having to collect and use icons to move about You have to gather up energy pods so thai Sam can escape from this crazy world he has landed in. A world inhabited by weird and wonderful creatures, all excellently animated and coloured Graphics are brilliant colourtul and cheerful. The cartoon style ot the sprites wilt appeal to everyone, especially fans ot cutesey graphics like me. Icons dotted around the multitude ol screens allow Sam to progress further, cushions let him fall large distances, big jumps give him twait for it!) bigger jumps, shields surround htm with deadly fireballs and keys open the doors. I found the game quite challenging the restricted head room you have on most screens makes liming a necessity when lumping the creatures The totly tune playing throughout the game and the hunger to see more will keep you coming back tor more, and more! Sam Multipack 1 is a must tor all Sam Coupe owners Sam Strikes Out' is definitely the best of the two games with Futureball jusl a bonus lor buying the pack. I can t wait to play the next Multipack from Enigma Variations. RATING llllll I llllll'Hill I M OLYMPIC CHALLENGE The Hit Squad • £2.99 • re-release I I there was ever a game to wear down your lingers or joystick micro switches this is it. You have to compete in ten gruelling events as well as having to endure a training session complete with sit ups, squat thrusts and weight lifting. As an added annoyance you also have the choice of lour pairs ol trainers to wear. If you choose the wrong ones your performance will be seriously impaired. Events include 100m, high jump, discus, pole vault, 100m hurdles and long jump. Each event needs tots of practice to get right. The pole vault is probably the worst as you have to judge exactly when to start moving the pole down, get it wrong and Daley could have a nasty accident.t> The graphics are very goo'd* throughout, especially the training section which has a couple of clever touches. It's a real simulation because all that continuous waggling Irom lett to right is as exhausting as the real thing! NICK RATING y*TOM ANT g j 70 % 1 7 3 % 7 5 % 66% 66% Hi-tec Software • £2.99 • U p and at 'em Atom Ant! You're the only one who can save the city Irom being blown into tiny pieces by Mad Dog Jackson . He's the big boss ot the meanest gang ever and has planted bombs all over the city's most treasured buildings and demanded one million pounds lo disarm them. Can the city be saved from total destruction? You're the only one who can answer that question armed with nothing but your trusty atomiser. Atom Ant, like other games in Hi-tec's Hanna-Barbera series, has superbly drawn and animated sprites and highly detailed scenery. The graphics on the buildings and enemies are nothing short of brilliant and Atom Anl zips around them with ease. I just wish there had been a little more colour. The objective is to collect all the bombs and chuck em in the atomiser, the higher the level olplay the more bombs have to be defused. Icons, when picked up, are helpful: an alarm clock gives you a minute of extra lime, a helmet protects your head and loaves of bread are nice to munch on. Atom An/is another excellent conversion ol a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. All fans of the character will love it and will be addicted trom the word go. NICK RATING m ipiiiuii l HZE SAINT DRAGON ^^^ ^ I pure evil they are attacking ^ ^ ^ / and destroying Ihe peaceful V f / races one by one. Soon there » . / will be no one left and the CbA^ n / cyborg monsters ultimate L I dream will have come true: ^ , z J' Y the galaxy will be theirs. But Alf 1 i W '^ere 's t1°Pe' 0ne 0> ,he •"•^l flK^. 1 / cyborgs rebels —a dragon. V fl/ pari animal part machine. \ / Dubbed Saint Dragon, he begins the battle to return the • r a QQ • galaxy to normal, btcr m • E9.9 9 • saml Dragon is a reverse £14.9 9 olthe Saint George and the A force of terrorising dragon legend. Instead of a monster machines galant knight on a white has risen to conquer horse we now have a great the Galaxy. Made of dragon with an armoured Stc. m • £9.9 9 • £14.9 9 A force of terrorising monster machines has risen to conquer the Galaxy. Made of A tail! As this dragon you must battle through five horizontally scrolling levels of the most hideous monsters you've ever seen, including armoured pumas, mechanical cobras and a gianl cyborg bull. The idea is to blast everything in sight — your only worry being to protect the dragon's head. A hit there and he blows up into space debris. This is where the armoured tail comes into play. It can be used as a protective shield around the sensitive head. What would a shoot-'Iemup be without the option of building up your weapons into bigger and brighter things? You start ofl with a basic plasma bolt launcher and fireball, and can increase it to bouncing balls, turrets and a maximum of five plasmas, all the better to bash them with! There's only one way to describe Saint Oragorr. hot! You're addicted from the second it loads. Of course, moaners will say It's only another shool-'em-up', but this one wilh a difference. The dragon with il s long swishing lail makes a refreshing change from Ihe endless space ships lhat have cluttered up other games. As well as being great to look at as it lollows you around the screen it also acts as an etlective barrier trom the barrage ot enemy fire. Saint Dragon has great graphics. Backgrounds, sprites and scenery are excellently drawn and animated with plenly of colour, a feature that makes the game stand out I found the game agonizingly difficult to begin with, but once you memorise the patterns the enemies come in you can soon be on your way to higher levels. As a truly magnificent conversion of the Jaleco arcade machine Saint Dragon is a well deserved CRASH Smash. NICK 92 % ] a 8% 1 3 9 % 9 8 5 % 9 1 % 9 0 % OVERALL ^ CodeMaster s • £2.99 • Downtown Manhattan has never been worse. Thugs lurk in every doorway ready to attack, gangs stalk the streets armed with iron bars, flick knives, baseball bats and even chain saws! Evil maniac Ricky Death Star' Chang makes surprise visits in his kamikaze forWitt truck! You're the Guardian Angel, your job is to wipe out the scum!. Like mosl beat-'em-ups, this has impressive graphics. The scrolling levels all have detailed junk strewn about them and the backdrop is a view of the Manhattan w - t - w - 1 i i i b vuniiviiu i mivid u see k ^ • • • ^ a * - I skyline. The sprites are alf animated well and the thugs vary enough to keep the best of gamers on their toes — in fact it may be a bit difficult for the average player. An energy bar shows your health, this goes down with every punch you take but can be increased by resting. Guardian Angel is a tough beat-'em-up that will present a challenge to the best of players! Soflies need not apply. NICK RATING m 46 CRASH NOVEMBER THE 199 0 ST PRODUCT GUIDE PERIPERALS & ACCESSORIES JOYSTICKS PRINTERS wmI ROBOTICS THE UK's No 1 GUIDE TO THE ATARI SOFTWARE & BOOKS [AN D f D jrm . its rii i J PLUS MUCH MORE! SEND FCR YOUR FREE PRODUCT GUIDE> If you are interested In buying an Atari ST (or if you already own one), then you will not want to miss the FREE Atari ST Product Guide from Silica Shop, This 48 page, full colour guide is packed with details of peripherals, accessories, books and software for the Atari ST range of computers. In fact, the 1990 Atari ST Product Guide is the most comprehensive product handbook available for the Atari ST. Not only does the Product Guide provide an invaluable source of information on the UK's largest range of ST products, it is available absolutely FREE OF CHARGE! Just complete and return the coupon below for your FREE COPY! In addition to ALL Atari hardware, the range of products featured In the catalogue includes: PERIPHERALS: Robotics Hard Disk Drives MIDI/MusiC Monitors Printers Sound Digitisers Clocks Emulators Modems Mouse controllers Scanners Sound Samplers Floppy Disk Drives Graphic Tablets Modulators Plotters Scientific Equip Video Enhancers ACCESSORIES: Disks Joysticks Power Supplies Printer Ribbons Cables Cleaning Kits Disk Boxes Dust Covers Monitor Access Mouse Access Printer Labels Printer Paper Stands Upgrades BOOKS: ST Dedicated 68000 Processor General Computing SOFTWARE - ENTERTAINMENT: Arcade Games Compilations Advanced Sims Sport Sims Adventures Board & Strategy SOFTWARE - PRODUCTIVITY: Art & Graphics Accounts CAD Communications Databases Desktop Publishing Education/Childs Music Programming Spreadsheets Utilities Word Processors L - - M l H W MUSIC & STILL MORE! RETURN THE COUPON NOW' ^ i COMPLETE & RETURN THE COUPON FOR YOUR FREE COPY • OF THE 1990 ATARI ST 48PAIGE PRODUCT GUIDE FROM SILICA SHOP • THE ATARI SPECIALISTS SILICA SHOP MAIL ORDER: O W Un«_OMf LONDON SHOP: Opw g Houft LONDON SHOP: OpOAmg Hovt SIDCUP SHOP Opanng Huuw M The Mews. Hattisrley Rd, Sideup. Kent »OOtiTwftOJJ5 Wo LH» Ocmig si Tottenham Court Road, London, W1P DBA Tel- (77lW 4000 Uof S* »JO«r*^OP. m La» MijgM TTsj.usrjj,™ »e_ir_ Fn No 0T1-»J OV DA14 4DX Tel: 0t1-309 1111 • Ft. Ho WI-3M MM •Si: Setfffltfi« Tel. 071-629 12S4 .r« tl III' - • 'fil l -tin I! ©'" * Co'umtiu PxlU'M uutulim tnc A> NiqPM C AMIGA ATARI ST F Z tU I COPVAfiHTCllW* Ot l 110 ll Fl I iKlftK ReunrU TU*£|l*i>IOCC«fflUltl4 AMSTRA D i 1 SPECTRUM COMMODOR E OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 6 CENTRAL STREET MANCHESTER M 2 5NS TEL: 061 832 663 3 FAX: 061 834 065 0 REVIEWS Domar k • £9.9 9 £14.9 9 RASTAN The Hit Squad • £2.99 • re-release T he world of Maranna has been ravaged by evil wizard Karg by opening the portals ol hell and letting demons and monsters escape. Only one man can rescue the world Irom certain destruction, Rastan (that's you, matey!)! Rastan Is so very playable, you can't put it down! All levels are packed with impressive demons and scenery and every sprile is well animated. It has plenty ol the neat touches thai keep players coming back lor more. The beating heart that represents your health is a w ... — • -v1-* yr.rc.TT. nr^T- rr.TT >T y-f •m- ' ^ ^ ^ W TT* y • • good idea and there's also a continue option, so no more kicking your computer when you have to start all over again! The 48K game is slightly different to the 128K version In that each level has to be loaded in separately and you lose the music. It's one of the better re-releases this month, so if you have a bit ol spare cash lying about send It lo me (oil —Ed)ll Erm. I mean go and get this... NICK n every Bond movie I there s an evil megalomaniac who attempts to take over the world —here it s Karl Stromberg. a bit of a fruit cake. who. from his underwater base Atlantis, has hatched a cunning plan! He steals two nuclear submarines, one British, the Other Russian, and with them plans to destroy New York and's up to Bond and beautiful Russian spy Major Anya Amasova to save the world (again). The game is split into six parts, each a scene from the movie. The first has Bond and Anya driving along the open road to meet Q. Bond s white Lotus is viewed from above (in true Spy Hunter style), and the idea is to collect 3s many ol the Q tokens as you can whilst avoiding the obstacles. The Lotus is armoured but repeated knocks and crashes result in a loss of a life By visiting a dock hallway through this scene the Lotus transforms into a speedboat and you race it up the river avoiding jettys. mooring posts and trigger-happy Stromberg goons. In scene two various vehicles hinder progress but 0 s van is at hand Board it and you can buy additional weapons with your collected Q tokens. Make sure you get the jobbie to convert the Lotus into a submarine because you re underwater in level three where Bond and Anya are attacked by a variety ol underwater vehicles as they head lor Atlantis. The tinal three levels see Bond blowing the doors to the control room where the nuclear subs are being directed Bond is perched atop a surveillance camera whilst you. as Anya. must shoot the soldiers trying to stop Bond. Scene live sees Bond and his jetski heading lor Atlantis to save Anya who has been kidnapped by Stromberg. whilst the sixth and final scene has Bond shooting it out with Stromberg and his sinister henchman Jaws The movie is one of my favourite Bond romps, and so I had high hopes lor the game. The verdict... well it does have ils good points, the attention to detail is one. Both the moving and static sprites are nicely detailed, though scrolling is a little on the juddery side. The gameplay is tough which may put some people off. Also the sound is a bit of a letdown, the decent tune at the start makes way lor a lew bog standard blasting effects during play, li s a good Bond adaption, but doesnt lop Licence To Kill for action!. MARK 78% RATING RATING 11101/ The Spy Who Loved Me follows in the tradition ot lllll W other James Bond games it has slick presentation, neat graphics but is incredibly short on gameplay. The first sections are very similar in look to the age old Spy Hunter but. sadly, not as playable The most annoying thing about Ihe game is that changing direction as you are driving along makes the car slide Ihe opposite way. almost always into Ihe ditch or oft a bridge! Another feature that lets it down is the way you have to memorize the layout oleach level before you can complete II. Learning by your mistakes is the only way to succeed. The Spy Who Loved Me won't keep me playing lor long. 78°o 7 » % 7 5 % m CRASH NOVEMBER I 49 8 ®°< 75°/, FED-UP PLAYING WITH YOURSELF? THEN READ ON... Do you think you could conquer the world or survive the pitfalls of being a Troll? Are you a potential Captain Kirk or even Mastermind material? Now you can FIND OUT! Enter the exciting world of Play by Mail, send NOW for a FREE Start-Up in any of our games. • -s CRISIS! is a fast-paced wargame for twenty players set on Earth in the near futu re. You send your troops out to invade the countries of the world while your factories produce the income required to fund your campaigns, and your nuclear missiles obliterate vast tracts of enemy land! TURNS PROCESSED FORTNIGHTLY £1.50/turn TROLLS BOTTOM is a strange island of magic and mayhem where seventy players play the part of enormous Trolls. They fight, hunt, make things, eat, and fight again until only one remains. Perhaps that one will be you? TURNS PROCESSED EVERY TEN DAYS £1.SO/turn ^ STAR CLUSTER is a game of interstellar conquest for fifteen players. Each race seeks ultimate control of the cluster, but first they must explore and conquer it. CoUid you lead your race to stellar domination? TURNS PROCESSED FORTNIGHTLY £1.SO/turn TRIVIA is a postal trivia league for one hundred players. You answer a selection of twenty 'trivia' questions and set two of your own for the other players to answer. Each league contains ten divisions often players, could you gain promotion to the top of the first division? TURNS PROCESSED UPON RECEIPT £1 .SO/turn Games by Mail 5 TOWN LANE, UTTIE NESTON, S. WIRRAl, L64 4DE TEL: 051-336 1412 FAX: 051-336 8156 I I I I I I TICK START-UP REQUIRED • CRISIS! • TROLLS BOTTOM • STAR CLUSTER • TRIVIA NAME START-UP AND FIRST TWO TURNS FREE!! •i W • ':; T > ' ' I | I | | i I Games by Mail ! Town Lane, Little Neston, S. Wirral, L64 40E. J ADDRESS A GOOD DEAL FROM k id* 1 \ > w*:' t A 0 vMiVifirr- + OK ' & w Fw Spvcirum - J Same leatures as MF 3: just push a MAGIC button MFl works in 48k mode, ft has a joystick interface Saves to tape, mkxodnve, wafadrive and Beta drive. C39.95 £29.95! M£128 is f or 48/ \ 28 mode. Save to tape, microdrive, + D & Disciple. Miracle! £4*9 5 £34.95 ! A VIDE O + ~ Spec f rum+ 3 ^•"ySpeefcun, ,Wf n Sanies from ^ primed 0l.t altered, animaied, etc Menu driven, extra Fx £15 OFF' + 3 , SZ3S f ^ V ryfe r J * Soeeh ^ on W^ V dispia " ^ see it man^^^an d -'•n^J'^Pon ICS mjJLi £}o Off , I roo MOST NOT IM «ny o! ir» uxm« product! lo copy, Mpradou or inhlnga in any way arty coeyrtgni mawtwi HhoJ tha emu paimimoft ot mm copy^ht ow * • lo Ho 101» ILLEGALt I enclose a Cheque/Postal Order/Cash plus P&P for £ or debit my Access/Visa No Name Card Exp. Address. £ 2.00 £6.95 n £29.95: ] £ 1.00 " : [P&P OVERSEAS MULTIFACE One £29.95. ] GENIE 1/t28 (NOT 3/ MULTIFACE 128 £34.95 T V1DEOFACE Digitizer MULTIFACE 3 £34.95 C M3 wi'.h through port £39.95 [~l MULTIPRINT £29.95 • Multiprint + thrown port £34.95 H LIFEGUARD £ 6.95 Spectrum + 3 Disks £ 2-95 • MUSIC Typewriter £ 5 95 • • m 54 Deanscroft Ave. London NW9 8EN ffi 24 hrs arum +3 Tape Lead £ 2 95 I 081-200 8870 REVIEWS •I1 -.'jL^^^f l NEW YORK WARRIOR Virgin Games S • £9.9 9 • El4.9 9 T wentytour years into the future and New York is plagued by organised crime. The Church of the Third Coming (C3C for short) has discovered an evil drug that turns the quietest of citizens into mad. violent people and now most of the city is under tls effect. Except lor a small group of people immune to sfsgsai >1 founti ii v»ry Ci> .iflur i vni7 ;ho inlwi. inn 1 far 0 the drugs: The Warriors As a Warrior you battle through the cily using the devastating' weapons found I around the streets No one | can be trusted and most of the people you meet are armed and only too ready to | blow you away! The object of the game is to make it to the World Trade Centre and eliminate the ! controller of a C3C bomb which is set to destroy the building. The slightesl indication ot your presence could set the bomb off. so you must be very careful where you tread New York Warriors is very I poor, and the worst aspect is j the terrible multi-load system: it takes ages tor the I computer to load in the separate parts of e ch level and if you don't suceed on level one you have o load ii all in again to restfl! The game has bally defined graphics wth monochrome eolou You can't tell what is gong on halt the time and I would wager you gel killei in the first few seconds ofplay by one of the hidden gjn happy idiots! A definite thimbs down Irom me. NICK 42 % RATING 4 3 % 4 2 % 3 9 % 3 8 % 3 7 % r 1 Accolade • £14.9 9 £9.9 9 H ere's your chance to sit behind the wheel of one of three turbo powered mean machines, and drive em! There are plenty of options to get you going. Pick to race in Practice. Single Race or Championship mode and at what skill level. Choose from three cars: a Ferrari, a McLaren or a Williams —a list of technical specs for each car is shown to help decisions. Grand Prix Circuit features eight tracks (Brazil. Monaco, Canada. Detroit. Britain, Germany. Italy and Japan) and. unless you're in championship mode, you can pick which one lo race on. The first race is the qualifying round: no opponents, but you're racing against the clock and your finishing time determines your placemen! on the starting grid. Most of the tracks consist of tight turns, and all of Ihese can be taken at fairly high speeds, but pranging the car pushes up (he damage meter. Don't panic if Ihe damage meter hits the red because when the pit is reached you 1||P| / This is simply The Cycles, another Accolade IIIOIV game, with slightly changed graphics! Ttie racing tracks are uninteresting, undetailed and even tally w ith pixels being left behind as Ihe track scrolls towards you. Tlhe sound eltects (there is no tune) are awful, A grinding noise is heard throughout each race as the car accelerates. Grand Prix Circuit is not impressive, A mediocre racing simulaltion Irom Accolada — the kings of 1G-hit sims, not 8-bil. 4 6 % can pull in and get the old bodywork repaired. I had a terrible feeling ot deja-vu when playing Grand Prix Circuit, change the main sprites to motor cycles and you have... yep. The Cycles. Graphics are pretty DRKRGE r> M-ryM 1 simplistic, the best toeing the opposing cars, though they appear to drive straight through my vehicle! iSound is just a grating engine1 roar. Grand Prix Circuit \s;a disappointment afterr Ihe enjoyable The Cycless. MARtK 60 % RATING Wf/ H r.ttA |l[A4UAM | ' J t I I MlJPndfn » cunning joker, in Oceans top sailing tine based on the btoekbuSlaf 6a ! mar''~ Naw Zealand Story - high quality cpnvumon ol the leading arcad e game: interceptor Sogfjght with two F-I61 in this Isedmg I'.ght simulator. Dahlia Paint II . ion quality Amiga graphic ! packag e wti^h mi Die standard tar other* to follow RetPm me coupon (or further details PACK INCLUDES: A500 Computer & Mouse £399.99 AS 20 TV Modulator £24.99 Batman The Movie £24.95 New Zealand Story £24.95 Interceptor £24.95 Deluxe Paint tl £49.95 TOTAL flflP: £549.78 Less Pack Saving. £ ISO 78 PACK PRICE: UM4 0 AMIGA 2000 Fot ihe more sellout or proleawmai appliesItona user, Commodore have a selection ol iyaams Based around me exoancseble Amga 1000. »: prices troro fi295-VAT T M A2000 lealu-os a Ml 1Mb RAM {expandable in 9Mb). 9 syssam expansion slots. plus IBM compatibility with lh« use of PCXT or PC-AT Dndgeboards Complete and reium (he coupon, putting a Dck in We A2000 box, lor det»iaofA2000com. pul»r sysiems .VAT- C14M« ^BIB 3MU IVIU"! UM £1295 FLIGHT OF FANTASY Flight of Fantaay is the very Latest Amiga 600 pack (torn Commodore, teaiunng BRAND NEW software releases, to make ihn the moel spectacular ASOO pack ever! The pac> features tne Amiga 500 compter with mouse conlioliei end TV modulator, as well as (our top soil warn l.llea These Include ihe fcHlpwng DELUXE PAINT II The qusaty Bdpr*cs program ffur m a * rmn w tor artier » ' n Oeu w Remi 11 i^cludei IXWH-'JI euyleuMIMiSme l bring OA Ihe artir m you Cw k mutergnmgnnuwl O eriwueoodi* ESC HP t 1 RQ8Q1 MONSTERS « < " » MmeBmng corrpetMy inden t • * tcvio e Sella* itory comc boo> lif e uraprwi O * iwoe * je u •no Oute sr* on tne Pienei x rescu •10 Huewni wftp neve Me n tsp>jr«j OK We Aebo) Utwmen eno taxed to arm tn ev» Ftaoa Anr* to OESTfWl' £AHTH' Jew tndOuae figtii D w »ev itvojgh rwrOM c fleboo » neie me Mumem etc*?* RAINBOW ISLANDS. Slip on jour megic inoes pw m m-cw^g n wnba r end yovre-eatfT MW « tru lormkMKe beng i ul ieje« ) »no kAky e r-** r t w tfa •orkl dttvkneu tm) >» innabiuna F29 Ht TALlATOH The uemeie n v . „ . ..... . ft ma •ircred imtf tout Otttla «nin>Dr.*»rt« WIIJI na»n * of Wk M secacai miw i AeifccomOM A'Mepc bomoinje. iniaieeevegreunoMeedDifflM M»J«I>S ;«.iiert lhe bti o< fHhre i » «» « RMI comen trntiien irua nt* •nhence Ht* rtnn^ c I K I ol n>,« HufinB have en annuel lurnovar of tt3 million Wlin our unrmiled experience and expertise we tr*" to meet our customers requirements with an utvaemsnaing 11 eeoana 10 none But don't •»'» our word lor a Complete and return me coupon now lor our na Free inerelure and befpn lo e> penenoe me 1 &ne.» Sh»P Service' MAIL ORDER: 1'iJhe Mew, Hathertey Rd. Stdoio Kent. DA14 40X TW: 061-3091111" orde. Line. Open MprvSer SOb^.^CQp^ HoU . N,Bk Oper^g F.. no oe^atoSt UJNOON SHOP: 52 Mcnhjm Coon ftoad. London. WtP OfiA Til: 071-5M 4000 OMrwjHeur ^ _Men-Se< ajOen^flOpB! Uss Nigm Tnuntde, ^t, i ( pw fi x Z 071-»ji?37 SI0CUP SHOP: HTIM Mews Hitheriey Rd. Sidcup, Kent. 0A14 4DX 081402 8811 iXii-.i&v-. r-oer unnt Fe. 5T oTjoJoot? i^WWws. Wh^ra : gdcup. KM. 4® Tal: 081-304 0868 «oer un«e open wonJri >OQ»m400pni Clunl en Swuraeyi r„ no 08- 3Ce Oece H : Silica Systems Ltd. Oept CRASH-1190-32, l-4Ti»M^s, HathtrieTRd, DW4 m l " PLEAS E SEN D INFORMATIO N O N TH E AMIG A | Mr/Mrs/Ms • Address Initials' Surname SILICA SHOP Positcode mKj^ : ^ Tel t i ch computerfs). if any, do you own? A2000 n j »lfU * * - _ trmng* ZCMMM IM* rt coupon «D> %mmm (N&mmom RETURN THE COUPON NOW FOR ^ FREE BROCHURES P • r Jfc r i • , U Hfid S i r r s TfV/'/i f M The Year 2014 - New York is lost to organised crime. Only a valiant few remain loyal to law and order | -They are THE WARRIORS. You, as 'THE WARRIOR' have to fight your way through ith e streets to save New York using an awesome array of devastating weapons. If you fail, New York will be destroyed by a nuclear / ^ k device planted in the World Trade Centre. SpECh Jfc -M P , T ENGLISH FRANCAIS DEUTSCH ITALIANO I S P I I © 1990 ARCADIA SYSTEMS INC © VIRGIN MASTERTRONIC LIMITED 16 PORTLAND ROAD. LONDON, W11 4LA ill 13 • ••••••<>«iajj ( • J • • « •••»••«»••••-•»»**»«• • mwA • F • • • mm ...... . * * • * .y.-.y.v.-Av.v,- ^v.y.'.y.v/.v •.y.v.-.-.'.j j Player s Premie r • £2.9 9 • C hampionship sports car racing is what Turbo Cup's all about, so here's another (not another!) —Ed) opportunity to drive a Porsche. Let's see how it measures up to the driving game formula, shall we? Okay then.roads. Yes, it's got four of them; real European racetracks too! Curving and twisting all over the place — distinct lack of hills though. Cars? Oh yeah — plenty! Well, in the main competition anyway — you get the road to yourself in the practice round and your finishing time in this round determines your grid position in the race. What's next, erm... Speed! Lots of that too. You can drive at around 120 mph but the car spins out of control on sharp corners at this speed, keeping between 60 and 80 is okay. Next — controls: accelerate, decelerate, left and right. It's simple tbut it takes a few goes to geet used to the sensitivity. Do (the vehicles look like earss or squashed dustbins? Nlol a squashed dustbin in slight, the car graphics are gtood but not animated very mutch — turn left and the graphitic suddenly switches fronm straight ahead to 45 degrees, not bad really. There ss scenery along the roaodside and just the right amoount too! It doesn't look cluttereed but going off road is hazar rdous. Graphics are black anod while so it's clear but lookss so very dull. And finally — is i it any good? Hummmm. it's c okay, just not very exciting. RICRHARD CRASH NOVEMBEFR • 55 k l lit i n > ntjliort C '.ou l J. rjir f V Siir i,W5.J>tif'3 't Rwa n TeOM v jjovi'jiemout h v Bur y v c)it'Sier Cii s I'oili i i Jion U v Crew e n>ex 4 r o ITfcStOJ I H. *J. i lo/ i O r j v-ti V Kxt'te r Cit' j v I' u i Karo v Grinr;h y Tow n Uuddf ) j (-)t t v Trftnuer u Rvr E Con t i <1 D&H Games • £9.99 • G et hold ot three friends and they can help you play the new D&H game Mulli Player Soccer Manager, if not you can play on your own against the computer. As the manager of a struggling fourth division team you must lead your men to Ihe top ol the first division and try to win the FA Cup. But to stari with Wembley is far away. You control the game with a set of ten icons — they include facilities to train players, buy and sell players, view the league tables and perhaps most importantly of all. check the bank balance. Your first consideration is to train your players, with this underway you can choose what type of talent scout, physio and coach you want. These go from useless to excellent (depending on price): go for average at first, you can always change later. Hi*Tec Software • £2.9 9 T he planet Poseidon is having temperature problems. With a population of 7900 million people to protect from certain death you must venture down into the planet's bowels and collect eight crystals which, used together, will save the planet from destruction. Poseidon - Planel Eleven is a very straight forward game. You search all the locations lor the crystals and l - i 4 ' - v - -I ' -i ' V V '< ^ • A * T , * • Q P f v : j" A *» « | -k I SCOR E eeee&e e I c. l^ i I B 4 4 j 4 - T J T J i W \ * fri l Hff l •« ! t + h lllpl / Multi-Player Soccer Manager is yet another lllOI V football managemen t game . With so many released each month, all looking and playing almost identical. I sometimes wonder what the point is. The inlay boast features like crowd violence' and weekly balance , bul these don't get me very excited. 40% 5 0 % 2 5 % N / A 5 5 % 60% take them to the centre core where they can react and cool the planet down. The sectors you travel through include grass and mud, molecules and radiation and each have their own breed of mutants ready to stop you in your tracks. The screens are simple with nothing new and exciting to spur you on. but the animation on the hero of the game is out ot this world! Or would be if the locations didn't have a roof to them. When you jump the character shoots up the screen at a hellish rate. It's Impossible to judge successfully where he's going to land, you just have to hope for the best. Poseidon - Planel Eleven is nothing new but it's a reasonable arcade adventure. NICK RATING When your lads are fit to play clicking on the Match icon brings up the results of the day's play. Gate receipts are then tallied and wages can be paid. Be.carelul, if the board think you're spending all their cash without results you'll be kicked out of the club. Ten quid for a soccer manager game is expensive, especially with many similar games available on budget labels. So this is really for keen manager types. Don t expect much in the way of action, but a lot ol text screens: this is after all'that style ot game. Still, despite the plethora ol very similar product available, soccer management does seem popular, and this version compares favourably. MARK 50% RATING SOLAR EMPIRE Players Premier • £2.9 9 • W ith a plot lo enslave the entire galaxy, the evil Dargons must be stopped as they invade ours! Dargon Ringworlds (like a planet on a spaceship) are sent in to conquer populated worlds and then use them as a base to conquer other worlds. You have to stop em quick before they take over every ruddy planet! Ringworlds are destroyed with a photon torpedo. Then, to liberate an occupied planet you have to capture a shooting star and steer or tow it towards the planet. Release the star onto the planet and it destroys the Dargons and liberates that world. Oh, and there are loads of alien thingies all over the place to shoot too. Gameplay is essentially an eight-way scrolling shoiotem-up but with a yucty intellectual aspect' thrrown in. There are billions {quite a few —Ed) of dials to keiep an eye on and to succeed imust be followed correctly, tfte status panels (on the left and right hand sides) are continually blasting you with information which takes away most of the fun you might have in carelessly blasting everything! Solar Empire is a funny mix of gameplay— you want to play It fast and furiously, when you should be playing it a bit strategically. Except you can't play it at all on the +2A, because it's not compatible. RICHARD RATING m Players Premier • £2.9 9 • F our outlaws are on the loose and must be caught. Seeing the huge rewards you take up the challenge to track 'em down and give em a showdown at high noon. Outlaw is played in a very similar fashion to the cowboy shoot-'em-ups that used to proliferate in the arcades. The playing area scrolls towards you and you're free lo run your gunslinger around the area pumping lead into the seemingly neverending army of opponents. Obstacles also litter the route and crashing into one loses you one of your lives. But do look out for helpful objects: there are extra lives, exlra speed, weaponry, ammo and more. Outlaw is a difficult game to master: the main problem is that the ground is speckled so it's almost impossible to see enemy fire, or your own bullets for that mailer! There have been a few games of this type before and none have worked especially well on the Speccy. Outlaw is pretty much the same as the rest. A good looking game but when it comes to payability it's a greenhorn (ie: not much cop). RICHARD RATING OVERALL [J^ j 7 * 'rtJft : r. - . 255f f!S<* ' HOT SHOTS FROM THE HIT SQUID s r * * v.- f m 7 k f 1 o 1 f llll III III! II availabl e how for: spectrum • commodoIRmstrad THE HIT SQUAD • PO BOX 350 • MANCHESTER • M60 2LX BUST YOUR BRAINS! • WIN A HI-FI SYSTEM!! • US GOLD SHIRTS!! • HUGE UN SQUADRON POSTERS!!! US Gold is offering a real Iblast in this compo — blast your tear drums with a skillo Sony Cormpact 22 hi-fi system! It's the first jprize and includes a turntable, twiin cassette decks, 5-band graphic equaliser with surround soujnd, a 3-band radio with 12 presets, 20W RMS sound power fronm the 3-way speakers, and it's all remote control! You won't hiave to touch it!!! Yippeee! That's not all: there's a US Gold t-shirt and huge UN Squadron poster tor the winner too! There are also p)rizes for 15 runners-up: a US Golid tshirt and poster, and there are five consolation prizes of a UN Squadron poster! It's a set of prizes that'll make your day if you're a winner! To be in with a chance of winning one of the fabbo prizes on offer get on the phone and ring the CRASH Compo Hotline! Dial 0898 555 084 and listen to the questions being read out over the phone. When you have your answers, write them down on a postcard or the back of a sealed envelope and send il to: NEWSFIELD. UN SQUADRON BLASTER COMPO. CRASH, Ludlow. Shropshire SY8 1JW. And make sure your entries arrive by November 15!! DIAL AWAY 0898 555 084 W I N A COMPACT 22 HI-FI!! ! Calls cost 33p per minute during off-peak time and 44p per minute at all other times. If you don't pay the phone bill ask the person who does! CRASH Hotlines are brought to you by CRASH Ltd and Chatterbox Ltd. 0! US Gold's latest arcade blaster is Capcom's hectic shoot-'em-up UN Squadron — a game that'll have you flying by the seat of your pants (this could get messy! -Ed)! Set In the future, the elite UN Squadron is called in to devastate bases created by corrupt arms dealers who are holding the world to ransom! The action takes you through ten horizontally scrolling levels as you take control of a UN Squadron fighter plane, the ultimate In aerial firepower! Every level is packed with deadly opponents attacking from above and below; so make sure your plane is well equipped with the latest defence systems. Destroying an attack swarm provides power-up pods, collect 'em and you can bolt on such lethal weaponry as laser streaks, homing missiles, ground attack bombs, search and destroy missiles and even nuclear warheads!! With that lot onboard there'll be no stopping the blasting!! NEXT MONTH JOIN CRASH AS WE GO CHRISTMAS CRACKERS!!! The CRASH Christmas Plus hits the streets in November and it's pocked with festive surprises including: * A very special CRASH Christmas Powertape with four games, Pokemania PLUS 2 — yes TWO playable demos! Try out the fab CRASH Smash St.Dragon AND Ocean's Christmas corker coin-op conversion SCI!!! < Another free CRASH book featuring, erm something. Howabouto book packed with CRASH Christmas compos?! With, heyl, maybe $5000 — five grand's — worth of skillo prizes?! Can it oe possibk? Ifs winner takes all! * Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles mania hits CRASH! The game's here and there's a very special compo from Image Works wim 100 bundl of Turtle collectable;, up for grabs!!! * All the great Christmas mega-hits reviewed and previewed!! * A power preview of the new Gazza soccer game!! : A JETMAN TWO-PAGE SPECIAL'! ANYTHING COULD HAPfEN IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS!!! BE PREPARED! CRASH CHRISTMAS SPECIAL — OHSALE NOVEMBE R 15! ! Secouse if j such a crazy, crazy world, contents are subject to change! 58 • CRASH NOVEMBER \ \ V ' V '•.v H 'u I f / I -A EVEN IN THE FUTURE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT, THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. The future is a rough place, Detroit is a bankrupt city... torn apart by the decadent forces of the Old Man and his corrupt corporation. If you want to die - then walk the streets, if you want to live - then pray for the return of Robocop! can deliver! Take on Detroit's evil mastermind and his Robocop 2 has justice in mind... o kind of justice only he mega-corporation in some of the most action-packed scenes ever devised for maximum entertainment value. Detroit is falling apart - ifs time to put it all back together! SPECTRUM AMSTRAD COMMODORE ATARI ST CBM AMIGA If fill HWIi L „.m\ 

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