Sunday, December 24, 2023

@Meloni - if you ITALIANS think they are not compatible which I find it strange, send Muslims back but remember you lured them and used them to degrade infront of the world Europeans like myself through the use of torture while positioning yourself to foreign participants as in perspective democratic part of global society

And when you trash with your fascist mouths about European, know there was and is nothing European about your beloved leader Benito Mussolini who with his dear comrade Hitler burned Europe to the ground 80 years ago - globally, over 70 million lives were lost. Muslims helped rebuild Europe after WW2 at large and their markets became extremely valuable for many European manufacturing companies.
Goes same to Pollack Morawiecki who learned during MK Ultra after war in Ukraine, West would be making sharp turn toward return of neonazism/COLONIALISM on broader scale together with Russia.

@Muslims - here in Europe is Europe(same in US), and what many of you have build in your heads as a part of reality by watching me being subjected to torture by your communities based either in Europe or on your Muslim's soil, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH REALITY. It was a trap that already cost you many of your countries/homelands, and it was designed for a takeover of entire world using you as a jumping desk. Respect and expect from your new environment in Europe/USA just as much as Christians/westerners respect/expect from one in your own Muslim countries if they arrive there to live. Anything more will lead into total annihilation - destruction of what world was build upon after WW2 and what Schwarezeneggers already have severely caused damage to across the Western hemisphere. Life/existence is not about DEESCALATING, BUT HARMONY WITH ONE ANOTHER. 

Friday, December 22, 2023 DEDICATED TO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BECAUSE LIES FELT AND STILL FEEL BETTER THAN TRUTH: 2 of 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Austrian birth town Thal's involvement in so called MK Ultra

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