Saturday, December 9, 2023

Investigator Metod Jerman practiced about 15 years GUN entry into our house during MK Ultra to repeatedly point revolver at me while his brother Ciril Jerman used instead a hunting rifle to terrorize with on public road

 Neighbor Metod Jerman did so infront of police investigators and/or neighbors, and so did his half insane brother till probably even gun was taken away from one. Its a good question if one is still enrolled in a hunting association as one became topic of close scrutiny of other participants who fell things aren't going right for anyone. MILAN KUČAN'S WORKERS.

Ciril had two rifles - one was a small caliber rifle and in 2001 as one became a member of hunting association, he obtained also heavier full size hunting gun. Small caliber(also type of hunting gun) was most likely illegal gun.

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