Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger hired in his Austrian Thal three males in 1995 to cause me as much damage as possible whenever delivered burnout/terror/threats

As soon as I touched US soil with my foot in 1995, Arnold Schwarzenegger had three assassins on his paylist at his birth town Thail in Austria. And whatever these three thugs

couldn't accomplish in terms of physical violence against me, it was Austrian government officials who arrived even from Vienna to give them hand at. These bruts were fired finally in 2012 when everybody involved in MK Ultra knew it was just a matter of time Slovenian Government will threw me into psychiatric hospital for a final murder chapter. One of these thugs was a total drunk, second one was individual who took initiative in causing harm according to one, and the third one played a nice guy in my head during bestialities performed and have even refused to directly torture - he eventually depicted himself as a protester against violence. That, however, didn't stop Arnold Schwarzenegger who kept looking searching over the years for more and more prospects who would assist one in a honest way as he explained himself as to me. The problem with three guys above is, they were hired by Arnold Schwarzenegger at my age 8 and not to help, but to get me killed via torture/burnout. Arnold Schwarzenegger when he lied to me in 1995 meant REHIRED - HAD HIS CONTRACT EXTENDED, but what was/is to expect from lying German psychopath other than lies. Neighbors from this village got to laugh in my face in his village while calling me mentally ill on streets of Austrian Thal.

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