Thursday, December 28, 2023

When it comes to arms trade with Poland, South Korea so far surprisingly fulfilled its obligation to contract

I am surprised about the quality/costs ratio offered to Poland as well as Korean professionalism involved in it - also speedy deliveries. It would be insane from Polish side to play with Korean services rather than to expend its existing cooperation onto the next level as China Pakistan did or France and India have done it via Rafale. Korea always aimed at the top and it is indifferent with arms trade. Incredibly reliable and impossible to match quality cost ratio.

If changing contract, I hope Koreans will punish Poland financially as severely as possible. You don't go and play with such stuff without paying provision for extra bullshit.

Pollacks dreamed to me during MK Ultra about cooperation with Swedes that would give free estimate about Korean products(fighter jets) and I consider it as a theft. Scum beggary.

I don't like scum beggary. I hate scumbags burning dreams of hard working people for the fuck of it. Swedes didn't build their fighter jets for those that aren't familiar with Gripen, but have flown Gripens to USA where those received special consideration AGAIN AT AMERICAN TAXPAYERS's expense. New Gripens are a theft of American intellectual property as well as of American taxpayers' money which was used to design/measure etc. whole improvement part.

Contract is contract and one hand in hand with work. South Korean jets while comparable to Gripen are far cheaper than Gripen with special offers to Pollacks about mutual cooperation included. As for the rest if it comes from Polish side, its bullshit. I was shocked that Koreans welcomes Poles in a such a open way and were willing to share with them aerospace future and now this...

I initially promoted Gripens wherever and whenever I could(in every country in the world) - but never ever would I consider promoting scum beggary against anyone specially if on the same side of the history in this case would should have been NATO. I admire Korean quality and commitment to fulfill its obligations toward partners and recommend one to any party out there in search of potential high quality military partnership.

FA50 go for about 50% less than Gripens and are simply incredible jets easy to maintain and extremely fuel cost efficient. 2 for the cost of 1.

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