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Tropical Nicaragua island was a often MK Ultra destination - a shit place where torture would take place unubstraucted

Developed world demonstrated third world on how $$$ its done. Dangerous location to become a house owner with a possibility of just about anyone stopping bye at any time. They do have a police who takes care nothing but as is seen here in area, but uninvited guests visit regardless. Island is far from private with local fishermen visiting one frequently to what no one ever dared to object. In area of this nearest city where police is located is where also so called British "royals" loved to sunbath and pimp women. London garbage visited this island to my knowledge only on dozen occasions over the course of 25 years. Problems with drugs and mafia persist on coast and what can be at times even deadly. Nicaraguan police worked on every royal visitation with what I was told two months ahead purge of area to ensure their safety. Male police director was involved in genocide since 1995. Probably replaced in 1998 or so...London criminals as I stated just as everywhere else, have used Slovenian police to enforce torture as well as their youtube Hollywood influences and natives. I am not here to gossip about gangsters that are fit accordingly to society rules for nothing other than rope, but hand in there due to some state titles which grant them privilege to piss on laws and constitutions. I am disgusted with myself when considering memories on William and Kate who begun to visit crime location after their aunts/uncles abandoned one. I found these London people in particular pathetic and financing their world of affairs/existence by causing own population and even foreign ongoing a harm - inflicting injuries to which they CONTINUE TO propose with "answers" of their kind till victims are pushed into graves...its not a rat race, but upgraded version of wear and tear with totally privatized often times via MI5/MI6 main stream media. Those who dare not to "obey"(go along even for cost of personal losses) in their world, have a very little to look forward to even in most unlikely locations abroad.

30 Mar 2023 — The U.S. government successfully argued in Quebec Superior Court last August that the country couldn't be sued for the project known as MK-ULTRA ...
CIA program on Mind Control. - Started during WWII with research on hypnosis for interrogation, secure courier duties, and reducing fatigue. Also research into ...
21 Oct 2020 — During the Cold War, the CIA secretly funded mind control experiments on unwitting Canadians in a program codenamed MK Ultra.
13 Apr 2017 — On this day in 1953, the then-Director of Central Intelligence officially approved project MKUltra. The project, which continued for more ...
The experiments include the exposure of humans to many chemical and biological weapons (including infections with deadly or debilitating diseases), human ...

The families of victims of brainwashing experiments in Montreal are fighting for justice and compensation in a case involving the CIA that the U.S. government wants dismissed.

“When my father would come home on weekends, he didn't even know who my sister and I were,” Lana Mills Sowchuck told CTV News on Wednesday at a protest in front of a Montreal courthouse. “They wiped his brain.”

Sowchuck’s father was first admitted to McGill University’s Allan Memorial Institute in 1952. Allegedly told they would cure his asthma, he was instead experimented on, forced into electroshock therapy and drug-induced sleeps.

“He was put into an insulin coma for 36 days asleep with his recording saying, 'your mother hates you,'” Sowchuck said.

Sowchuk’s father was one of hundreds of patients of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, whose mind-control experiments were secretly backed by the CIA as part of a larger human experimentation program known as MK-Ultra. The Canadian government also provided funding.

“There’s a lot of people in our case that we think should have intervened either by not helping or cutting it off,” Jeff Orenstein, a lawyer for the victims’ families said.

Those families are trying to seek compensation through a class-action lawsuit, but hurdles remain. A lawyer for the U.S. Attorney General is currently in Montreal arguing for the case against the CIA to be dismissed.

“It's a matter of being accountable for allowing these atrocities to happen,” said Marlene Levenson, the aunt of a victim. “Experiments (were) done on innocent victims that never gave consent.”

With files from CTV Montreal

The families of victims of brainwashing experiments in Montreal are fighting for justice and compensation in a case that involves the CIA. (CTV National News/CTV News Montreal)

The families of victims of brainwashing experiments in Montreal are fighting for justice and compensation in a case that involves the CIA. (CTV National News/CTV News Montreal)

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