Thursday, December 7, 2023

Realistically - Ukraine needs about 2000 M1Abrams tanks and some 500 F16 jets so those can stay operational(cover one another while operating 24/7) and make difference as such - not in installments, but at once

I have no clue how much that costs in Dollars, but I know what difference Ukraine will make as

sovereign nation. 500 of those M1Abrams should remain in Ukraine even after war with US and EU maintaining large fleet of fighter jets as well on this most eastern part of European Union/NATO border which guarantees security and prosperity for the world. Russia is a dangerous deadly neighbor. With boots on the ground next to and with Ukrainian soldiers. Then we can talk about military assistance and liberation

operation. Ukrainians did exceptionally well against sole Soviet wealthiest in the world inheritor - Russia - Russia which didn't know what to do with its wealth other than to burn one on death of their Ukrainian brothers.

Off course other equipment as well, but am just giving comparasing to what we have seen so far and what is needed the least to make difference on the battlefield in favor of Ukrainian existence.

Vladimir Putin is an old Joseph Stalin with new Hitler makeover and whole world knows it.

It will probably not go as smooth as 14 day war in Iraq, but with such arsenal and military, it shouldn't take longer than three to six months either. Russian army is already semi dead. Ukraine became a giant Russian military graveyard. Its where you go to die if recruited not on a honeymoon(Afghanistan or Syria). And while much of the Vietnamese population refused American assistance - fought against one, no Ukrainian sides with Russia against Ukraine.

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