Saturday, December 9, 2023

@Slovenian police who wanted to self invite itself via more caused damage as seen bellow

Yeah, you can come if you like but you will never ever be recognized as a police(nor you, nor your insane Slovenian courts - murderous Slovenian republic/state which you represented for 52 years against me) for as long as I am alive. I will give you a choice to involve international police which will investigate your blunders or will get one myself to investigate you. There is no third option

If you somehow pop up here, your names will be taken and reported inside of my complain to international authorities as per interruption of official complain with intent to cause further harm/assault(DESTROY COMPLAIN) during official investigation of genocide. REMEMBER - YOU WILL NEVER EVER INVESTIGATE GENOCIDE WHICH YOU ENFORCED AGAINST ME ON BEHALF OF YOUR DEAR/BELOVED LEADERS FROM LJUBLJANA, BELGRADE, AND MOSCOW. During investigation, you will solely assist international authorities as per whatever you will be required and its also where you fit at on this picture - nowhere(great many of you as it will show during investigation belong into the jail for the worst of the worst offenders).

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