Sunday, December 3, 2023

@Donald Trump - there is nothing American about you

You would make a better president in Russia than back home where you tutored and enforced destruction of public services(ALSO SO MUCH PRAISED MILITARY PERSONNEL WHICH MEMBERS TOTALLY DEPEND ON EDUCATION/ VA HEALTHCARE/ HOUSING, AND CAMARADERIE) via corruption. US came out in eyes of allies because of people like yourself as weak/wicket questionable

partner which advertises constitution and bill of rights without having any connection to one. Your criminal conduct placed in question even immigration laws used to protect native American workers' rights and have racially/ethnically divided nation like never before. You are catastrophe with golden toilet in center of New York, America will have to deal with for some time to come. Yours and Putin's war on democracy using this case of mine as seeing myself in one, will have to wait for some time 

I am a strong supporter of hopefully new American Mexican relations and industry/work. Supporter of whatever US was founded upon and not your turning its meaning on this planet into dust. Supporter of real job creation for your supporters rather than turning them into homeless forest/bridge lodgers food bank restaurant leftover dependents...strong American industry also in Ukraine where both workers will progress socioeconomic interactions just as across the US. 

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