Sunday, January 8, 2023

I do classify Brussels London Washington DC CRIME they applied against me into three categories

 #1 - When you have no ability to prove existing crime and one is used for you to open mouths and be wasted via psychiatric institution - its when I was rated ridiculed by illuminatis as insane for no less than 17 years...

#2 Stage is when applied psychiatric gag on my mouths for stating how MK Ultra case existed and for pointing out crime - took them another 5 years to realize that I will not shut up about their crime and this regardless psychotic violence degree involved against me...

#3 Once they no longer can deny MK Ultra genocide, preconditions set in part 1 are changed to will be admitted if you next to proofs about crime can service broken spine, cancer, thrombosis and others issues they built parallel to "help" as they referred themselves to torture this stage of their sincerity which has nothing to do with initial stage(has nothing to do with proofs, but is all about ability to survive denial of the right to basic health services), the saw/see hear know nothing is maintained - 6 additional years of was wasted 

All this, however, is nothing new in Europe. New in Europe is proof(MY CASE) that some things never change regardless of one's devotion to continent and its people - instead past of those who inflicted in history of the continent most of the harm to fellow Europeans tends to mutate THROUGH issues involving other non native European ethnicities/races brought to continent to undermine new principles(murder and/or expel from their homelands those whom historically they have failed) IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM/DEMOCRACIES based on which continent was AGAIN freshly founded since 80 years ago....European Union have had clearly formed itself into NEONAZI FASCIST SUPERSTATE which representatives are not shying away from and what rather means a unavoidable possibility of 3rd WW.

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