Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Omid Scobie was to be used by British royals to demonstrate Irani regime as and example of democracy

Omid Scobie will be found guilty of whatever - will recognize his whatever fold and be pardoned by British almighty king Charles alone...Charles insisted too many obvious mistakes with what already proved as one at the beginning of media trach related to Netherlands - the beginning of new main stream media blah blah as to where we are at at this time - all to get royal "story" going...endgame according to Chales was/is abut proving them being righteous non discriminatory non racist people all along. Its what is known as controlled opposition.

Entire family of Omid Scobie involved with father as the longest involved individual - way before Scobie came to this world and what makes one as one of the longest involved.

World of royals if full of conspiracies which, however, they most of the time finance. The crazier conspiracy theories, the more likely heavy abuse against someone is taking place behind curtain. Wild conspiracy theories add to royal credibility and are used to acknowledge realistic opponents as crazy who as a result won't even dare to point in the right direction. That much about "endgame"...

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