Monday, January 13, 2020

Because of this very case, Slovenian membership inside of European Union was postponed for several years. Because of this very case, opportunities in fields of private industry(self employment) were made the thing almost impossible for young Slovenian people in Slovenia

It was Milan Kucan, Borut Pahor, and entire opposition(obviously they allowed them to have it their way) which insisted on super high contributions into social service if self employed(impossible taxation for beginners) to block me from pursuing opportunities of any kind in home environment upon return from US which resulted via forced unemployment.

Thus cost I paid along with people from my country for this very case was astronomical.

You want to call this solidarity !!???? I call it criminality. NOT OKAY !!!


Slovenia entered to EU at the same time as Poland despite one being developed about ten times more than Poland(idiotic idea to make positive impression on me about one as if economic matters would be important to me as people alone whom I do embrace).

Politic of Borut Pahor(Janez Jansa is by far worse and even traitor) a disaster. 

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