Friday, January 4, 2019

VIDEO - Russian food poisoning is more than real

Russian poisoning in my case extremelly severe. Here are facts for physicians(DOCTORS) on how was done.

Video part 1 can be also seen at

Video part 2 can be also seen at

Electromganetic/microwawing(and very likely beyond) radiation combination with chlorine/E. coli posioning...symptops included cooking pressure effect in the head(felt like it will blow one up), constant high blood pressure hypertensia alike noice in the head, constant gass, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue, fever, first white and then bloody diarrhea, pale skin, extremne weakness and so on...
Valerio(ex police officer and MKultra specialist) from Belarus with whom I have spent two/three weeks in the same room has hepatytis(he had one already in 2004/2005 - here is yet another fact about MKultra), so I sincerely hope(if hepatytis A) that one was not transmitted on read this Polish state !!????

Never mind how poisonous(from destroying one daily personal belongings and all the way to bullying - many other torture methods were used as well) is to subject individual to treatments which I have experienced paralel to here stated. Related to

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