Sunday, January 6, 2019

Submitted to various security agencies as well as to Democrat party

Dear MI5 Central Intelligence Agency and FBI,

See first video and news(make sure to compare time and date to get definite proof)  which I have released earlier today with clear intention to contact you with one, on what individual was cleared of espionage charges via US and Russian governments(both governments and today was Sunday and nobody knew even when his trial will take place earlier today).

I am contacting you in respect of Paul Whelan.

Individual who was detained in Russia on Espionage charges....about an individual whose case once detained dragged on for many days in Russia as if it was for Espionage charges, but whose charges were dropped same day or upon my releasing video today earlier.

Therefore about someone who became cleared of all Espionage charges by the Russian government as soon as I have released the video today(Russian government doesn't release people just like this) about this particular individual and President Donald.

My name is Bostjan Avsec and I am a journalist(owner of Auser Times journal) and would like to state that Donald Trump as well as this very individual were both involved in MK Ultra case against me right here in Poland.

My MKultra case is a proven case and in respect to the latest incident with mr. Paul Whelan(upon release of my video) one becomes even more credible - will use this just as an extra points to already proven case.

I'm not contacting you only because of Donald Trump's involvement in MK Ultra case against me(I am US citizen myself who also holds Slovenian citizenship - am same age as Melania Trump is and am from the same city - not a coincidence as we both know one another) but also because of the future problems which Donald Trump's relationship with Moscow my cause to other federal security employees as well as to the public whom they have to protect.

Please take all the necessary steps to protect souverenity of both countries as well as from our allies in Europe as US president has committed high treason.

Thank you for taking time to go over this complain(incident report) and do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,
Bostjan Avsec

Ustronie 29
95-073 Ustronie
Tel. 48 579 822 625

Scroll down to proofs about MKultra to see how much legitimate I am.

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