Tuesday, January 1, 2019

No sleep for me on new year's eve

Got instead one hour of radiation and Russian Chechen roommate to first smash in the bed at 0100am (wake me up totally) and then at 0130am to utterly reach into my backpack located next to me on a upper bunk where I tried to somehow fall back into sleep.

The "reason" for his attempt to get into my backpack was a telephone which he have first hidden on his lower bunk because it appeared that I have stolen one from him in my dreams(walked back and forth entire night and have smashed doors only God knows how many times and then come to conclusion that out is time to search for telephone in my backpack - no longer with lights off, but with lights on instead).

I have to recuperate first from radiation and then try to get some sleep. Studying ruined for tomorrow and so is exercise. No Muslim celebrated new year today or have even congratulated on one....its for other reasons they(Kadirovici Putanowici) are again awake.

Written at 0300(now 0330) am because Warsaw is SICKER THAN SICK.

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