Monday, December 31, 2018

1.5 hour of radiation

Just as on other occasions whenever radiated like this, roommate who sleeps under me wouldn't sleep but instead walk back and forth...once I get up, he goes to sleep like a baby.

When Americans evaluated the MKultra situation(my future Kaczynski's ordeal) in Poland, they ALL came to the same conclusion as I did...Polish nation will not be allowed to be independent, but will be instead just a Russian puppet.

Since am part of this nation now, the only tool left is a prayer. I will undoubtedly invest in the future into the war against Putin by learning Russian very well(first good Polish language skills and then improvement of Russian) and this way reach out to Russian people with truth...perhaps I can save Polish nation and all others like and hardwork equal prosperity(human hope) and its what Russia needs the most.

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