Saturday, September 3, 2016

White genocide supporter from Scottland and whose name is Nicola Sturgeon, would want you to vote against yourself for the sake of Coudenhove-Kalergi's plan..plan used to wipe you out....

Anti white(anti European, anti British, and anti Scottish) Marxist trash by the name Nicola Sturgeon who just can't take(accept) the free will of white British people to liberate United Kingdom from Marxist's Brussels, continues to publicly incite Scottish people into separation from United Kingdom after the Scottish referendum for Independence already have failed on 18 September 2014(56% decided to stay with UK permanently)....

Eurotrashers like Nicola Sturgeon are declining to accept that it is time for European nations to create new European order(UNION) which will be based on protection of the basic human rights for white Europeans unlike the case is with present European Union(Kalergi's extermination plan for EU whites)...the only way to form new European union as such is to break first the existing Marxists utopia(the utopia that have destroyed real EU) which is as I have stated located in Brussels...

Nicola Sturgeon's idea to play with our minds is off course supported by so called free press or main stream media(nothing more than anti white world of lies and dementia led from USA- Obama's media - and then redistributed throughout the world on behalf of Jews who own US media).
If anything, it would be just about time to vote Nicola Sturgeon out of anti British and anti Scottish politics...we don't want you and your communist/libetard palls in either Europe or America Nicola !!! This is the personal message to you Nicola and your copycats from European Union and USA citizen located outside of the UK !!!

Scotland’s leader announces fresh drive for independence following Brexit vote

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon has called for another push towards leaving the United Kingdom after she called on Scotland to control its own future.

Scots voted in September 2014 to remain a part of the United Kingdom by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent.

However a recent vote by the UK to leave the European Union has brought Scottish independence back on to the table as more than 62 percent of Scots voted in vain to stay a part of Europe.

Speaking Thursday, Sturgeon, who is Scotland's First Minister, said she was announcing a "political listening exercise" to see if independence was what Scots now wanted.

"The UK that existed before June 23 [Brexit vote] has fundamentally changed.

"I know that we are right to keep our third option on the table and that is to consider again in these very difficult circumstances if Scotland should be an independent country," she said in a press conference.

Scotland's economic prospects have darkened of late with the oil producing nation struggling to cope with a protracted slump in the commodity's price.

This was reflected in August when the country's deficit for 2015/16 widened to £15 billion ($19.9 bn), equivalent to 9.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) and a poorer performance than the wider U.K.

Sturgeon made clear that although a Brexit vote had occurred, Scottish independence may not naturally follow.

"Choosing independence would be a big decision just as in 2014. There are many issues for people to weigh up. I don't presume the case has yet been won although every single poll has shown independence support to be higher than 18th September 2014," she said.

The Scottish leader launched her "independence conversation" in Stirling, where Scots hero William Wallace won a historic battle against the English.

Scotland has been in political union with England since the early 18th century.


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