Monday, September 19, 2016


I Need Your Urgent Help Due to Forced Hospitalization - I Have No Rights Whatsoever Already Since 2012

I have no right to police records(am told that I will be again thrown behind walls of mental institution upon submitting the request for information that have involved forced psychiatric hospitalization in July of 2012 at the local police station in Novo mesto), I have no right to hospital records where I was hospitalized(there was no reason to keep me in there the very first day or upon my arrival as psychological evaluations were conducted and I have passed them immaculately), I have no right to second opinion from independent psychiatrists, I have no right to courts(free legal aid was denied to me), I have no right to help of any kind(the court processes/procedures against me were fixed at the psychiatric institution's convenience - lawyers are selected by the state and I have no say on court of law - whatsoever...I was told repeatedly by this by state selected "lawyers" that it would take too much time for them to pay attention to my case since it is pro bono). I am repeatedly threatened against freedom of speech which I exercise via internet. And I never ever was officially diagnosed with symptoms of the disease for which psychiatrists in Slovenia claim that I have(they claim that I have schizophrenia). However, they have never ever suggested what could be wrong with me(no symptoms ever), but do demand that I accept their schizophrenia diagnosis. 

When hospitalized, I was twice overdosed with psychiatric drugs to the point when I almost died.

Please see video titled as "Political Asylum Against Member EU State Slovenia and USA" !!!

I am American and Slovenian citizen(have double citizenship, but was born in Slovenia) and am political activist - heavily involved participant in politics already since 2006(on youtube alone since 2010) !!! In 2007, I was independent presidential candidate in Slovenia(at this opportunity, I was also heavily humiliated as the local bank wouldn't issue me even a proper presidential bank account ID - as seen on the picture and was never mentioned or seen anywhere in the press during my candidacy)....
I have never life threatened or placed in dangerous situation anyone and that includes myself...I have never engaged in violence against anyone and that includes my parents who have initially submitted bogus claim against me at the local police station(they are willing to testify stated here) on behalf of the state of Slovenia to forcefully stop me from political activities....when in USA, my goal was to become police officer(I have passed all the requirements that included immaculate criminal background check, physical exam, written tests,  as well as polygraph examination on what my application was rejected in Miami at the local DADE county due to unknown reasons) or federal agent.

I have never had any of the next:

-- Hearing or seeing something that isn’t there(have never had any of paranoia of any sounds and no ghosts).

-- A constant feeling of being watched(have never had one).

-- Peculiar or nonsensical way of speaking or writing(I am expert at speaking and writing).

-- Strange body positioning(do not have one, I am athletically built and do exercise regularly).

-- Feeling indifferent to very important situations(do not feel any different in any given situations - I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul).

-- Deterioration of academic or work performance(my academic or work performance are epitome for society).

-- A change in personal hygiene and appearance(I am clean, well groomed, and well dressed)

-- A change in personality(have never changed my personality and one is extremely stable).

-- Increasing withdrawal from social situations(I am involved in social activities 24/ page have had already on regular bases over 200.000 views per week).

-- Irrational, angry or fearful response to loved ones(never had any of this as I am extremely rational and self controlled individual).

-- Inability to sleep or concentrate(never had this problems - I am writer and video recorder)

- Inappropriate or bizarre behavior(am not part of - I am normal, clean, well behaved/manner person as it only gets).

-- Extreme preoccupation with religion or the occult(never had).

Proofs of my political involvements include:

Daily report pages where I invest over 8 hours per day and 7 days a week:

My video channels:

My blogs:

Please apply your influence on human rights organizations to have them handle this case or do get involved personally in this situation. Thank you for your attention and help. I am impatiently awaiting your positive response to my plea.

Sincerely yours,
Bostjan Avsec(Bastian Auser)



ps. I was not and am not the only pro white activist who was persecuted against under Obama's administration(regime)....after 87 days in solitary confinement, political asylum seeker Henrik Holappa who have spent all together 328 days in USA was deported back to Finland.


Regarding my personal return to USA from Slovenia(I was already back then threatened by Slovenian government in Slovenia how they would simply place me in mental hospital if not leaving the country - I was forced to show them my American passport upon their visitation at home residence in Slovenia) in 2008, I was blacklisted from obtaining any kind of employment in Obama's America and abroad...I was life threatened so frequently by random people on behalf of US Government when in the states(in 2008/2009) that I have even managed to audio record voice threats and have them posted on internet for others to see in 2010 upon return to parents' house in Slovenia("you either leave America or we will kill" you was the name of the game...."we don't want you in America any more" - all audio recorded and available for you at your request)....I do not believe that anyone in modern history have endured government abuse as much as I did...

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