Saturday, September 3, 2016

THE KILLARY'S SHIT POLLS !!! How do you know when main stream or free press media is lying !!? When they open their filthy mouths or write is when you know that all they do is lying !!! Lying is what they are paid for !!! Lying is their job !!!

By prowhiteparty

Dishonest and Biased Liberal Media Polling
by James Buchanan

The latest Rasmussen poll gives Trump a one percent lead over Hillary and the latest L.A. Times-USC poll gives Trump a 2.6 percent lead. This comes after three weeks of liberal media polls claiming that Hillary had a large lead over Trump even though she can barely half-fill a high school auditorium while Trump has been filling up sports stadiums with his massive rallies.

If you’ve been following the polls this election, you’re probably wondering which polls can be believed and which polls are complete nonsense and propaganda.

During the GOP primaries, the Marist and NBC/WSJ polls were the most dishonestly anti-Trump, and it’s a wonder that anyone takes their polling results seriously. Reuters was recently caught red-handed over-sampling Democrats for their polls as noted here, so any results put out by Reuters this election should be subject to considerable doubt.

We will probably be seeing both intentional and unintentional bias in much of the polling. The liberal media is obviously hoping that Hillary will win, and it’s no surprise if they take polls that over-sample Democrats or minorities or Muslims to try to get better results for Hillary as Reuters has already been caught doing.

An article from Rasmussen notes “Some have suggested that Donald Trump has hidden support among voters who are unwilling to say publicly where they stand because they’re fearful of criticism….”

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 17% of Likely Republican Voters are less likely this year to let others know how they intend to vote compared to previous presidential campaigns…”

There are unintentional ways that polls can be biased against Trump. Almost every pollster is only counting the responses of people, who say they voted in 2008 or 2012. If you didn’t vote in either of those elections and you tell that to a pollster, they will consider you an “unlikely voter” and your choice for president will probably not be included in their poll. This is an enormous mistake that almost all the pollsters are making.

Why is it a mistake? Because the Republican primary in 2016, had a record voter turn out and Trump got more votes than any previous Republican candidate, ever. The Republican primary had four million more total voters than the Democrat primary, which is highly unusual for an open election (meaning no incumbent is running). The Democrats are typically much more organized and have traditionally had more people voting in their primary so this should be seen as the first big sign that things aren’t going well for Hillary.

There is a tremendous anti-System theme to the 2016 election. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were tapping into this, and Trump beat all the System candidates, and Bernie probably beat Hillary if the DNC hadn’t rigged the election for Clinton. This anti-System attitude means that a lot of new people will be voting, and any pollster, who closes his eyes to this phenomenon will have a badly flawed poll. The L.A. Times/USC poll by the way is attempting to include the new people, who are showing up for Trump in their poll, which is probably why they have shown Trump ahead much more often than the other polls.

Another unintentional way of biasing a poll is for a live operator to do the polling. It’s been discovered that computer/automated polls tend to give Trump several more percent than polls in which a live operator is asking questions. Why is there a bias? Some possible explanations include: 1).The live operator may be a young liberal college student, who may be fudging the poll for Hillary, 2).Many husbands may not be willing to say out loud that they’re voting for Trump if they have a liberal wife in the house versus pressing “1” for Trump, which they could do without giving themselves away, and 3).The hateful liberal reaction to Trump supporters has been so intense, that very few Trump supporters want to tell anyone that they’re pro-Trump. If they think the poll is actually a prank call, they won’t want to say they’re pro-Trump for fear of losing their jobs or social ostracism.

The liberal media has attacked Trump with an almost unbelievable shrill, often relentless barage of accusations. The liberal attacks on Ronald Reagan did not approach the level of hatred and hysteria that the liberals have conjured up against Trump. One source notes that Chris Cuomo recently said “we [CNN] could not help her [Hillary] any more than we have… she’s got just a free ride so far with the media.”

Hillary has gotten a pass on her failing health, on the fact that she stole the primary from Bernie Sanders, on her near-infinite personal corruption, on her lying to Congress and on her colossal personal slush fund known as the “Clinton Foundation” which is thinly masked as a “charity.” Hillary of course would give an Amnesty to the 34 million illegal aliens in the U.S. right now so that they could become future Democrat voters even though this would make the U.S. much more like a Third World country.

Millions of White Americans see this election as the last chance to slow down or even reverse the invasion of America by millions of low IQ Third World invaders like the Latinos, who have invaded California, putting a colossal financial burden the state while contributing very little in taxes, overloading its infrastructure and putting California on an inevitable road to bankruptcy just like two of its cities, Stockton and San Bernardino, which have already gone bankrupt.

White people will be voting for Trump in very large numbers. Anyone, who wants to hold onto his job, should also be voting for Trump since the System politicians seem determined to support international treaties and protocols that outsource our jobs, threaten jobs with illegal alien labor or which replace American workers with foreigners with H1-B visas.

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