Monday, September 12, 2016

CIA(Facebook) wants me dead now. They cover up all the US Government crimes from the public against targeted US citizen(myself)...Facebook is dangerous and even deadly CIA's tool !!!

CIA(Facebook) doing everything possible to destroy me...

After watching this video, please ask yourself if I can be blamed for to live in constant fear for my life which I do !!!

CIA(Facebook) is now hiding even my own posts in my own groups which I have created, so they can indefinitely destroy me infront of public - they are destroying my name and everything that pertains to credibility/dignity of human being...from what was 1300 participants in a Facebook group created just 20 days ago, there are only 993 left..learn why...this is yet the biggest crime created against me by Facebook so far...

I would love for Facebook to stop immediately restraining account from features that are accessible to other users. I am specifically referring to blocking my email(I am not allowed to send links to my friends or others), blocking me from the right to download account history, blocking me from the right to open public pages(see my time-line what exactly I am talking about - all rerecorded for legal purposes), and all that other stuff that they do(including limiting my audience at to 40.000/80.000 views per week(now 2000 only) for already month and half now - heavily reduced from what used to be regular 150.000 to over 200.000 per week for years...Facebook blocks me from participating in Facebook's help forums and doesn't respond on my claims when I report them via personal page.

Facebook have intimated in the past my Facebook friends with the idea how I was using Facebook to disseminate spam related to porn material to which virus was also attached(I have whole blog documented on subject - idea was not only to embarrass me infront of others, but to also have others leave), CIA(Facebook) harassed with the same issue just a month and half ago when my account was suspended for 7 days(this Facebook criminals have actually suggested me during account suspension that I am spamming Facebook pages with suspicious links which is needles for me to say it was impossible since they have even suspended my account - I have video recorded the incident and plan on using one against Facebook on court of law), I was blocked from posting in groups/pages where I participate numerous times without any reasonable or legals grounds(or explanations), Facebook have banned me on numerous occasions from posting on external sites where facebook widgets were/are used to post comments and have even manipulated remotely my computer(browsers - I have recorded proofs)...I could go and on and will, but on court of law because violations were recorded and are too many to count....IF YOU ARE ATTORNEY AND WOULD LIKE TO EARN 100 X OF WHAT YOU HAVE EARNED THROUGHOUT YOUR ENTIRE ATTORNEY CAREER, PLEASE CONTACT ME !!! Facebook is knowingly violating own rules, international treaties or regulations if you like, state rules, human rights...lets take every dime from Facebook...lets prove to the state that state can't even regulate the penalty on facebook since one is complaint with Facebook's violations(crimes) and that Facebook should be penalized based on its capital value since its capital value is determined on violations of the basic human rights of the individual...ATTORNEYS, CONTACT ME !!!

Why Facebook is engaging in a crime against me !!?

Because they are covering up from public this =

Related to WHITES ARE NOT WELCOME IN AMERICA ANY LONGER !!! OBAMA'S HEALTH CARE RECORDED LIVE IN 2009 !!! EXILING WHITES(US citizens) WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE AND IMPORTING NON WHITES IMMIGRATION REQUIREMENTS FREE !!! WHY TO ACCEPT LIABILITIES FOR CRIMES COMMITTED WHEN WE CAN SIMPLY ASSASSINATE OUR VICTIMS(YOU) THANKS TO HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS AND FREE PRESS/MEDIA(most severe CENSORSHIP OF WHITE GENOCIDE in entire history of human kind) !!! this is what the black domestic terrorist Obama have done to me personally(US Government have life threatened me when in USA if not leaving one on so many occasions that have actually managed to even audio record scum as I have anticipated continuous abuse that went on against me for years) !!!

And this is what the communist have done to me afterwords in Slovenia with Obama's approval(they both have collaborated and collaborate on  highest level possible) against persecuted individuals !!! I was not the only one as you are about to learn...other pro white people were treated similarly under Obama's regime and God only knows how many of them were killed in the process...real assassination attempts have taken place against me and much more...

MY ORIGINAL YOUTUBE ACCOUNT UNDER USER'S NAME AVSEC BOSTJAN(Bastian Auser) WAS SHUT DOWN (since March 2012, I was not allowed to log in for period of 6 months on what one was shut down. Self elected terrorist ZIONIST US Government, have used one with copyrights to all of my 77 videos for entire 6 months anticipating how someone will give them info on me because they couldn't believe that I have uncovered them all alone.... yes, this are gangsters who are talking about copyrights or NSA spying scandal issues while violating people's right like this !!!) TOGETHER WITH PRIMARY E-MAIL & BLOGS FOR THE SAKE OF CENSORSHIP REGARDING ABDUCTIONS(extra ordinary renditions)/ MK-ULTRA/ FORCED BRAIN IMPLANTS(incitement in paranoia)/ HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION(from experimentation of psychotropic drugs to psychiatric hospitals)/ BLACKLISTING(from lodging to other necessities)/ FORCEFUL UNEMPLOYMENT(30.000 + job applications denied over 4 year period on two continents and in 8 countries... of this 25.000 were in USA alone !!!) AND ASSASSINATIONS(as described on my blogs ) !! ALL AGAINST WHITES (I was targeted with everything mentioned here under "NAZI" lie before denouncing them to the world for what they truly were/are - nothing but bunch of violent criminal thugs)...

NOT HUMAN RIGHTS COURTS, BUT ORGANIZERS OF GENOCIDE AGAINST WHITES AND SPONSORS OF BOGUS "MULTICULTURALISM" $$$ CLAIMS AT EXPENSE OF PERSECUTED WHITES(while minorities are awarded for and instructed by governments in bogus human rights claims, whites are simply killed if not perverted in multiculturalism garbage)  !!! Above seen video have had about 23.000 views within just 7 months(in 2012) and I have lost about 700 subscribers when they did to me as described above. Source

Sincerely Yours,

Bastian Auser

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