Saturday, September 3, 2016

Donald Trump's Mexico trip was a total 'diplomatic embarrassment' for American Commietards and libetards !!! He wiped the floor with them and they just can't get over of hurts beyond belief is what they admit !!!

Mr. Donald Trump NEVER stated one thing in Mexico and another one in doubt that he made himself very very clear and in Mexico and in Arizona where distanced himself from liberal/commietard lies that he, himself have become part of American treacherous liberal/commietard against American people...

A diplomatic embarrassment !!? Yes, but for libetards and commietards in United States of America and not us American majority !!!

From the photo  bellow, you can see Mexican President quite depressed about Donald Trump's wall conversation in for American libetards and commietards to claim that there is such thing as two Trumps is just beyond insane....disgusting....lies lies lies and more lies....vacuum world of lies and dementia = main stream media !!!

And yes...Mr. Donald Trump will continue to say whatever he deems is appropriate at whatever time - with permission and on behalf of American majority that is !!!

Mr. Trump is NOT accountable to American commietards and libetards...he is accountable to himself first(American people) !!!

While main stream media(vacuum world of lies and dementia) claims that there was no talk about the wall, they at the same time claim that Mexican president told Mr. Trump that Mexico will not pay for the wall...just watch the video to see how vacuum world of lies and dementia lies to the people in the face....


Also regarding the Jewhoo(aka "Yahoo")'s article bellow in respect to I cite, "This same speech has been given throughout our history against the Irish, against Italian-American immigrants, against Jews coming from Eastern Europe...."...

Please(Jewhoo and other main stream media out there) refrain yourself from stashing(placing) in the same category and Irish, Italian, and other white immigrants who have built United States of America from zero point nothing(from total wilderness into what it is today) with Jews and Latinos...please...we have already enough troubles with Jews who have parasitically enslaved American whites for the sake of their self destruction via their main stream media and corrupt politicians(selected via Washington's DC) very today and when it comes to Mexicans or other Latinos, they didn't contribute to America anything at was America who have contributed to them and continues to welfare them !!! It was America who gave them a bread on the table(jobs or labor work which they perform in 99.9 % of the cases) and not that they supplied America with new ideas(patents etc.)/inventions etc...categorizing Latinos and Europeans in the same category is like equaling engineers/doctors with non white laborers...HALLO !!!???? 

Nothing else than a communism !!! UTOPIA !!!

One thing is to build the country and another one is to be offered daily bread by those who have built and continue to build the economy !!! We whites have never ever needed non white assistance in anything and that includes labor, it is you nonwhites who have and continue to live of our mercy !!!

YOU SHOULD BE REALLY COMPLIANT AND SUPPORTIVE OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND OTHER WHITE COUNTRIES...YOU ONLY REPRESENT A LIABILITY.....EXTRA COSTS FOR ALL OF US...A REAL PROBLEM THAT IS(less bread for our people which is instead wasted on failure = you)  !!! YOU DIDN'T CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING TO US AND YOU SHOULD BE THEREFORE GRATEFUL !!! WE DON'T NEED YOU; YOU NEED US TO SURVIVE(look at your countries today in 2016 and compare them to Italy, Ireland etc if you dare...can you !!?) !!!

Tim Kaine: Donald Trump's Mexico trip was a 'diplomatic embarrassment'

Sen. Tim Kaine denied on Thursday that Donald Trump gained political capital from traveling to meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

In an interview on “Good Morning America,” Clinton’s running mate called Wednesday's trip a "diplomatic embarrassment,“ mocking Trump for his claim that he did not discuss with Peña Nieto whether Mexico would fund a wall along the US border.

For his part, Peña Nieto claimed that he actually told Trump in the meeting he was not going to pay for the border wall.

"He’s been talking for a year about we’re going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it,” Kaine said on MSNBC. “And then he goes eyeball to eyeball with the president of Mexico, and what, he forgets suddenly to bring it up, or he’s too afraid to bring it up, or he chokes in the meeting?”

Kaine also slammed Trump’s much-hyped immigration speech, saying that the Republican presidential nominee’s anti-immigrant sentiments and pledge to deport millions of immigrants were part of a long, dark history of American suspicion toward immigrants.

“This same speech has been given throughout our history against the Irish, against Italian-American immigrants, against Jews coming from Eastern Europe. It is deportation nation, and they’re all criminals, and they’re doing horrible things — that’s not going to make our country great,” Kaine said.

Despite the Trump campaign's flirtation with softening the real-estate magnate’s immigration-policy proposals, Wednesday’s appearance in Mexico and speech in Arizona affirmed Trump’s commitment to certain hardline policies. Trump vowed to deport millions of people living in the US illegally, and fight cities and states that grant minor privileges and occasional legal leniency to immigrants living in the US without permission.

“This election is our last chance to secure the border, stop illegal immigration, and reform our laws to make your life better,” Trump said. “This is it. We won’t get another opportunity — it will be too late.”

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